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Top 10 Educational Apps to Download

Top 10 Educational Apps to Download

Top 10 Educational Apps to Download

Top 10 Educational Apps to Download

Education is important to grow, to make career, to change the rules, and to achieve dreams.

You have to learn everything in which you are interested in, right? But the coronavirus pandemic is going to stay for a long time in our lives. Our way to go to school or colleges has been blocked, and we are not allowed to visit there.

This cannot refrain us from improving our skills or learning new things.

You can start to do self-learning. This can be done by using the different types of educational apps on your phone.

The educational apps include different mock tests rounds, and lessons from where you can keep on learning, and all of these apps are free of cost until and unless you don’t opt for doing a paid course.

Some of the application is only available as the learning apps, but from some applications, you can also get a certificate.

So, if you are willing to do a certified course, then find out which are the top 10 best educational apps that are helpful to you.

Top 10 Educational Apps to Download:

1. BYJU’S – The Learning App:

Having 42 million registered users, BYJU’S is owned by Byju Raveendran. It is the top educational learning application that includes multiple types of learning programs in the two major subject’s science, and Maths.

 All of those students who are studying in class 4th up to 12th can use the application for the learning purpose.

Not only the app includes Maths, and Science subject but also provide materials related to competitive exams like NEET, JEE, and IAS through which they can do the preparations easily.

The application can be easily downloaded for Google Play Store, and App Stores and has been given 4.5 ratings. Let us see at some of the features of world’s largest application:


2. Toppr – Learning App for Class 5 – 12:The Topp app

The Toppr is the second most popular educational apps that has downloaded by millions of students. Owned by Zishaan Hayath, the Toppr application provides online learning materials specially designed by the CBSE students.

Starting from CBSE board, to State Boards, a wide range of syllabus has been covered in the application, and those students who are willing to appear in the competitive examinations can do preparations for IIT JEE Main, NEET AIIMS by giving mock tests.

The application is available at the Google Play Store and App Store, and has been rated 4.2 out of 5. Moving ahead, let us see at the features:


3. Math Tricks

Math is a subject that is considered the worst enemy of students, but the Math Tricks application by Antoni Ion has proved that maths is only the game of calculations, and is very easy to gasp.

The application offers multiple, and smart tricks that students can learn, and become faster in solving the mathematical problems. If you have a small kid who have just started learning, you can teach them the basic maths from the app like addition, subtraction, multiplication, counting, and more.

To download the application, visit the Play Store, and App Store, and simply type the name of the app. 4.5 out of 5 ratings has been given to the application. Features of the app are as follows:


4. General Knowledge Quiz: World GK Quiz App

Education is incomplete if a student lacks in general knowledge. General knowledge covers all the basic knowledge of the entire world, and to make general knowledge strong of students is very important specially if they are willing to do government jobs.

The General Knowledge Quiz application is developed by Nithra – an application development company. The application is free to use, and includes quiz questions that you can attempt to gain knowledge.

 Brilliant features of the application because of which the application has been rated 4.4 on Google Play Store. You can also download it from App Store too.


5. Online Video Courses & Classes. Learn with UDEMY

Udemy is one of the top online learning platforms that includes free as well as paid courses, and also gives you certification at the end of your course duration.

The makers of the Udemy application are Erne Bali, and the platform was launched on 11th May 2010, and since them millions of students have done course from the platform, and have certified themselves by improving their skills.

Starting from IT courses to Business Administrators, you will find any course easily, from different teachers. You can even download from Play Store, and App Store.


6. Coursera

Coursera, after Udemy is the second most popular educational app that is used by endless students. The Coursera platform includes courses from various universities from where you can complete the course, and get a certificate.

The Coursera platform is owned by Andrew NG, and the application is available on Google Play Store as well as on App Store with a rating of 4.2.

To get the best, and engaging learning experience, you can join Coursera. The platform offers courses on various domains like robotics, machine learning, mobile, and web development, and more.


7. The Teacher App

TheTeacherApp is owned by Vinod Karate, who has come up with this brilliant innovation of developing an application specifically for the age group of 6-14 years old. Those children who cannot afford a school life, but have an access to smartphones, can easily download the app because for using the application, they do not have to pay any amount.

The application is free to use, and gives educational resources to students.


8. Solar System Scope

If you are highly interested in science, and want to understand how the solar system works, then you can download the Solar System Scope application developed by INOVE.

The application includes everything related to the solar system, and you can learn about the simple space model.

The application is easily available on the Google Play Store, and App Store with the rating of 4.6 out of 5, which is quite a good rating.


9. Science Facts collection app

Do you know about scientific facts? Whether it is about astronomy, chemistry, geography, and more, do you want to go through real facts? If yes, then download the science facts collection app. This is having been downloaded by more than 10 million students.


10. Learn Languages

If you are looking for a language learning application for your kids, then you can download the “Learn Languages” application by FunEasyLearn. The application has received 4.4 ratings on the Google Play Store, and can be downloaded easily.


Importance of Education During Lockdown:

Yes, lockdown has stopped our lives, but it has given us a brilliant opportunity in which we can develop ourselves by learning new things.

Even if you are interested in drawings, sports or anything apart from your school life, you can learn. You can attend webinars, learn from YouTube channels, and do many more things.

To get a good and high paid job in future, and also make your more intelligent, education is considered as the door of success, and it can be gained in any form.

So, if you want to gain knowledge, start learning either from internet or from your books. Improve your skills, and prepare yourself to make the name in the market.


Education is the key to take the country ahead, but there are many villages in multiple countries that believes that education doesn’t matter.

Specially, when it comes to teaching girl child, they backout.

But those people who still want to educate themselves, and are ready to accept challenges can download the educational apps mentioned above.

If you want to know the best educational apps that you can use for yourselves or for your kids, then stay tuned with us as we will be back soon.

Keep learning, and keep sharing. Don’t forget to keep praying for corona to go away as soon as possible, so that our lives can get back on track, and we can get to travel.

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