Best IB Mathematics Resources & Websites for Good Results

If you’re looking for tools and resources to help you master the IB mathematics curriculum, you’re in luck. There is a wealth of tips, tools, and other information on the internet. Here, we’ll cover a few of our favorites.

Best IB Mathematics Websites

We checked dozens of websites that are stand-alone resources for IB Mathematics students. These websites each contain a library of content and we evaluated each based on the quality of content, accessibility (cost) of content, and website design.

1. Revision Village

2. OSC Study

3. Khan Academy

Revision Village is a long-standing favorite. More than two-thirds of all IB maths teachers and students rely on this resource for high-quality material. With its tiered access model, there is a good amount of free material that is IB-aligned.

OSC Study is an IB-aligned, subscription-based resource that provides flashcards, notes, videos, and revision guides. It’s run by the same person behind the leading Physics resource, StudyNova.

Khan Academy is not specifically IB-aligned, but it is a well-known, high-quality mathematics resource that is popular in many different academic settings. We particularly like the large selection of quality videos done with an entertaining teaching style.

Best IB Mathematics Blogs

There are a few other online resources that are free and well worth checking out. These sites are set up like personal blogs run by IB mathematics teachers. We looked at the variety and quality of content, and here are our favorites:

1. Mr. Mac Maths

2. IB Maths Resource

3. Christos Nikolaidis

Mr. Mac Maths is another fan-favorite resource with completely free IB-aligned notes that are well-organized and easy to read. There are a few videos on his blog, but the main draw is his notes.

IB Maths Resource is another aligned blog that has a decent collection of links to IB resources. It’s a great place to find other resources but is a bit lacking in any original content. There is another free blog run by a mathematics teacher, Christos Nikolaidis, that is also worth a mention. It’s IB-aligned and includes high-quality lecture notes.

Best IB Mathematics YouTube Channels

YouTube is a great place to find tutorials and instructional videos. We looked at the channels available on the leading blogging platform and evaluated each based on the quality of instruction and range of content.

1. Radford Mathematics

2. 3Blue1Brown

Radford Mathematics is a great free resource with high-quality, clear teaching videos. The only downside is that this YouTube channel isn’t organized by IB subjects and it’s restricted to videos only with no practice problems.

Although not specifically IB-aligned, we thought that 3Blue1Brown was a terrific mathematics YouTube channel. If you’re looking for videos that break down difficult concepts in an easy format, this YouTube channel has what you’re looking for.

The Bottom Line

There are plenty of high-quality resources to be found online and most of them are free or offer free access to some content. You don’t have to stick to IB-aligned resources, but you should check the quality of the information before betting your academic future on it. Generally, blogs and YouTube channels run by legitimate mathematics teachers are a safe bet as well as anything that has the IB seal of approval.

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