New Types of Smartphones and How They Are Changing the World

With millions of apps present on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, smartphones are for things way ahead of texting and calling. The mini-computers in our pockets can help you explore some hidden treasures of the world. Smartphone users can now do everything, from gambling online at casinos like to remotely controlling your car. Let’s dig deep into the article to understand the different types of smartphones in the market and what they can help us with.

Types of Smartphones

Types of Smartphones

With technological advancements on the rise, new types of smartphones are becoming available daily. But let’s explore the top types of smartphones in the market.

● Android

The technological market has various Android smartphones powered by Google. They work with Google products like Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Search. Even though Android phones can be run without Google, they function the best with it. Popular brands for Android phones in the market include Samsung, OnePlus and Google’s very own, Nexus.

● iOS

iPhone from Apple sells like hot cake all over the world. They run on Apple’s iOS and offer features like FaceTime and Safari. Siri, a personal digital assistant on every iPhone, remains one of the best applications of artificial intelligence in the whole world. Siri can remind you of various appointments, and you can play music hands-free by simply whispering a song title to your iPhone.

● Windows

Windows phones are a product of Microsoft and provide access to OneDrive. Windows phones have the Live Tiles feature that provides real-time updates related to weather, news, TV shows and more. They also come with a personal assistant called Cortana, which provides birthday reminders, helps you avoid heavy traffic and more. Nokia is the leading manufacturer of Windows phones, and popular models include Nokia Lumia 1520 and Nokia Lumia 1020.

Exceptional Uses of a Smartphone

The uses of a smartphone in the modern world are regularly expanding. Our article will focus on its most exceptional applications in recent times.

Online Gaming

The mobile gaming arena is growing rapidly, thanks to the latest smartphones in the market. The number of people joining mobile games exhibits no chance of going down. The concept of playing on the go is not exclusively restricted to smartphones, thanks to the Nintendo Switch and other hand-held devices. But only smartphones are beginner friendly and versatile due to the fact that you already have one.

There are tons of games created specifically for phones, and a lot of games have been adapted from PC and various consoles.

Work From Anywhere

As we have seen in the last two years, there is a high demand to be able to work from different locations successfully. Therefore, nowadays, there are a lot of applications that are developed for office workers. And even whole working “eco-systems” like Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 and Onlyoffice. These allow you to do your job in the cloud, so your progress is always saved online. Plus, most of these spaces are made for teamwork, so you can have a team schedule, video calls, task planning apps, progress boards and mind maps.

Locate and Control Your Vehicle from Anywhere

You are probably acquainted with the use of GPS-enabled smartphones to locate where your vehicle is. But can you imagine locking and unlocking your car using a smartphone? Well, the far-fetched dream has turned into a reality now. And, guess what? You can even start your vehicle’s engine with a single tap on your smartphone.

An extraordinary app called Viper SmartStart is available for Android and iOS. The app converts your smartphone into a remote control for your car. The app also lets you enable a text feature. It alerts when you are speeding, or your car is on low battery.

Measure Blood Alcohol Level

Are you planning to head home after a night at the club and can’t decide whether you are too drunk to drive? Now, you can use your smartphone to measure the alcohol level in your blood. Before getting inside the car, you will be sure whether you are sober enough to drive. If not, you can always book a cab using your phone.

Drive with Augmented Reality

Do you think staring at your GPS while driving compromises your safety? Thanks to smartphone apps, you will never have to choose between smooth navigation and safety. Available for both Android and iOS, augmented reality apps can directly project on a screen mounted on your vehicle’s dashboard. It will make it easier for you to focus on the road and reach your destination without hitting a tree or another car.

Closing Thoughts

The hardware acceleration of smartphones has made them valuable in a wide range of industries. We can expect to notice our multitasking smartphones perform impossible jobs with ease in the near future.

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