Check Out Upcoming Gaming Industry Trends

Check Out Upcoming Gaming Industry Trends: If there’s one thing that grew and flourished during the pandemic, it was the gaming industry. According to market research, video game sales in the U.S. hit a record $56.9 billion when COVID first came in 2020. That’s a lot! Since people were stuck at home, subscriptions to cable TV plans such as Spectrum TV and spectrum gold package also spiked. But the lucrative gaming industry remains to be one of the greatest beneficiaries during the pandemic!

The booming gaming industry is ever-evolving. Today, technologies like VR, AR, AI, and 3D graphics are all rage. Additionally, mobile gaming, cloud, and streaming trends are also transforming the gaming world. Let’s know more!

The Ever-Evolving Gaming World

As mentioned earlier, 2020 and 2021 were the years of rigorous growth for the gaming industry. The trends also changed. The large game studios slowed down. While the indie game studios were hyperactive. Futuristic trends have changed the gaming industry in these years. Whilst catapulting into 2022, the gaming industry is all set to embrace new and innovative trends.

While the gaming industry has surpassed every benchmark technically and commercially, it is all set for new developments. Seasoned gamers and hobbyists should be excited to witness cutting-edge gaming consoles, improved gesture control technologies, mobile gaming, voice and facial recognition, wearable tech, HD displays, and so much more!

More Diversity

Remember Chun-Li, Ibuki, and Cammy from the Street Fighter video game? That’s the only game we could remember that had female fighters. It’s no secret that most of the protagonists in video games are male. It’s weird because video games especially mobile games are fairly popular among women. Games like Animal Crossing are gaining more and more popularity among women and girls.

If we consider the worldwide statistics, the male and female split of video gamers is nearly 50/50. Still, the video gaming industry remains to be male-dominated. Furthermore, the representation of minorities is also less. Most protagonists in gaming are white males.

Finally, that is starting to change! The gaming world has begun to pay attention to representation. Women and minorities are becoming more prominent in the gaming worlds that the developers are creating. And that’s great!

AR and VR Gaming

Augmented reality and Virtual reality are becoming popular by the day. When it comes to an immersive experience, these technologies hardly have any alternatives. AR gaming became popular overnight when Pokemon Go was launched. Now, AR and VR gaming have emerged as a proper genre in video gaming.

VR headsets and hand controllers are also becoming popular. Their prices are expected to drop, which will make them more accessible for gamers. Integration of AR and VR solutions in wearable devices, as well as mobile games, will increase. This will fulfill people’s craving for immersive experiences and will further propel its growth.

While VR offers a fully immersive gaming experience, AR overlays sounds as well as digital objects to make the gaming world more real for the gamer. Developers are using these technologies to make the gaming format more accessible and engaging. And we will see AR and VR integrated games for smartphones too.

Cross-Platform Gaming

Cross-platform gaming is the next new defining trend in the gaming ecosystem. Developers are creating games, which can be played using multiple consoles and systems. However, it’s not the first time developers are trying to do this. In the past, cross-platform gaming has had its due share of road bumps. But now, technologies have evolved and advanced to support it effectively.

Soaring costs were another primary reason why gamers couldn’t play cross-platform games in the past. But now cross-platform gaming will become a reality as developers are rigorously experimenting with gaming codes to make it happen.

Blockchain-Based Gaming

Blockchain is a technology with tons of opportunities to explore. Therefore, in addition to several other sectors that this innovative technology is influencing, gaming is also going to be transformed. The potential of blockchain technology for the video game market is overwhelming.

The most known facts about blockchain are its powerful data encryption that keeps hackers at bay. The gaming industry can also take advantage of it. By incorporating blockchain technology, gaming companies can ensure safe online transactions and in-game purchases.

Blockchain will be a game-changer for creating and storing in-game assets. Additionally, developers will explore new and safe territories in gaming.

Cloud and Streaming Gaming

Cloud gaming or gaming as a service is going to be the new revolutionary trend in gaming. Also, cloud gaming conveniently bypasses the need for expensive and high-end hardware. By allowing remote access to the gaming world and gaming content, gamers will not have to purchase any games. Gamers will stream games in real-time.

This means no periodic downloads, large-scale multiplayer gaming, and no hardware to invest in. Isn’t it convenient!

So, gear up for these new trends and get ready to indulge in entertainment-rich games.

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