Streaming For Dummies: Tips, Tricks, and All The In-Betweens

In 2022, anyone can get famous. All it takes is a viral hit and bam! You’ve made it. But it takes staying power, stamina, smarts, and clever marketing to stay at the top. And it’s cutthroat out there, with new trends eclipsing what happened just last week, plus the next person is just that little bit hungrier or better bankrolled. So, how can you become a streamer in 2022? We’re here to help you get started. We can’t guarantee you’ll be a hit, but you’ll have the basics down.

Are you really ready?

So you’ve decided to venture into the world of streaming? As exciting and liberating as it may be to create your own content, have your own fan base, and, yes, potentially be your own boss – you need to understand the ins and outs of how streaming works. It’s not just a matter of choosing a good platform, but also knowing how it works and how you’ll want to maximize your activity.

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The Gear

These days, all you really need as a streamer is a smartphone and a stable internet connection – depending on what platform you want to use and what exactly it is that you want to stream yourself. For instance, Booyah is a platform that’s mainly focused on the Garena Free Fire game, Tango streamers just go about their lives on their smartphones, interacting with you.

For pros (or for platforms that require it), it’s a good idea to get a mid-range laptop, microphone, and headphones – plus some ergo-friendly equipment if you intend to be sitting down for many hours a day.

The most important gear is actually your internet connection. Make sure that you have a fast download and upload speed. Beware that streaming can chew a lot of data so a plan with a lot of it – or, preferably, unlimited – is a must.

The Time

The more regularly you stream, the more potential you have to grab an audience. While it’s obvious you can’t stream 24/7 (or maybe you can if you want people to watch you sleep?), setting aside a sizeable amount of time a day can help build a fanbase. Setting a schedule, so that you’re online at the same times every day is the bare minimum. You can of course go online ad hoc, whenever you feel, but people will be expecting to be able to tune into you at the same time.

If the platform allows, you can upload previous live streams for your viewers to check out when you’re not online. You might also like to have a schedule that’s filled with slightly different streams at different times. For instance, a ‘get ready with me’ versus a storytelling stream, or one game versus another game if you’re a gaming streamer.

Plan before going live

Just like any type of professional work, you need a plan going into your stream. Set an agenda, set of tasks or activities to complete, a timeframe or schedule, and a rough idea of what you’re going to talk about as you stream. Going live unprepared usually leads to saying something you wish you hadn’t – oreven worse – just being boring.

You can use project management apps such as ClickUp and Notion to get yourself organized, or just a good old fashioned day-to-a-page day planner to plot everything out. Whatever works for you best!

Add your tags and keywords

How will your audience find you? The easiest way is through search. But they’re not going to search for your name or online name if they don’t know you. Instead, you’ll need to add tags, keywords, hashtags, and @’s if they’re applicable to the platform. This can be in the topics you’re talking about, for instance ‘PUBG’, ‘eGirl’, or ‘self-improvement.’ The more specific you can be, the more likely it is that people will be able to find you.

Act like a pro from the get-go

Fake it till you make it! Even if you have an audience of two, if you can keep those people coming back it’s better than losing them. That’s why it’s important to act like a pro from the get go. Have good lighting, present yourself well, and put on your best game face.

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