A Comparison of Paid Vs. Free DVD Ripping Software

The good DVD ripper that you choose must offer you all the necessary tools that are required for changing the format that you need. It helps for backing up the copy of the data DVD that will create the way for recovering the contents when the DVD gets damaged. In the market, there are free as well as paid DVD Ripping Software.

It does not mean that all the time you have to make use of the paid version there is free DVD ripping software available on the market. The cost of the program will differ slightly but generally, you can get it within $50.

Ripping is well-known as digital extraction which is the process that is used for copying the video or audio right from the CD/DVD. This program can be used for encoding and compressing the source for reducing the file size and then stored it on the hard disk. 

What are the key differences between paid and free DVD ripping software?

The DVD ripping software is effectively used by many people for simplifying their ripping process. There will be no expense associated with the execution process. In the case of a paid subscription, users can access more functionalities, and you can quickly begin customizing plans to suit your needs and flexibility.

Software Cleanliness

As a user, you will get the chance for finding the different sets of free and paid ripping software. But the main factor is that not all free ripping software is safe to use. Sometimes while you are making use of the free version there are chances are there for the virus to attack your device.

The paid version is safe for access and you don’t want to worry whether the data will get hacked or stolen by someone and worry. While choosing the paid or free check for the legal terms and conditions to stay in the safer zone. 

The Ripping Speed

The efficiency and fastness of the free ripping software will be slower when compared to the paid version. This is because the paid rippers are optimizing with the hardware acceleration that usually does not exist in the free tools like Format Factory and MakeMKV.

Dealing with Copyright Protected DVDs

With the free tools, you can find lots of chances are there you cannot get to rip the commercial or encrypted DVDs. To deal with those discs, you must buy the premium version of DVD rippers like WinX DVD Ripper Platinum or Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro.

The Output Quality and Format

If you are using free DVD rippers, the output quality that you have expected might drop which results in poor video quality. Also, many different file formats will not get supported.

On the other hand, the paid rippers can deliver lossless video quality and also support almost all the audio and video file formats.


This is very obvious and many people prefer to use the free tools rather than pay for them. But if you have lots of DVD collections to rip, then better to use the paid tools as it’s more efficient and faster.

You can use the upgraded version if you want to get the program updated and enjoy better customer service. There are some additional features and options that can be enabled for the users only when they are going to make use of the paid version. 

All these issues with the free DVD ripper will create a hectic problem that might sometimes worry you a lot. At the same time, you will not face any type of the difficulties in case of the paid version.

Quick tips you need to know before using it

You might use the free or paid version before going to start installing the software few things that you have to check.

  • Go through the terms and conditions.
  • For paid tools, always download the free trial version to test the program before paying.
  • Check for the program features on their official sites.
  • Prefer a user-friendly interface program.
  • Check for the real customer reviews and ratings on the online sites.
  • Buy the paid version for professional use. Check for its license. 

You also can get more guidelines and reviews on different multimedia software applications on this site.


With free DVD ripping software, you don’t have to invest any money but the program functions that you get will be less. But if you are going to do it for a single time at that place instead of the paid method you can get the free ripper. 

The requirements and needs of using the DVD ripping software depend based on the type of purpose that you are going to make use of it. Instead of using the software without knowing about its features, you can check for its trial version before committing to buy the software.

The amount that you are going to spare to utilize the paid version is higher but the functionalities that you are going to create while ripping are worthier.

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