Best Software To Boost The Performance Of PC(Personal computer)

Personal computer are things to be taken care of. In the case that you want to become a responsible owner of a computing system, you need to

  • Ensure the cleanliness of data that you do not want
  • Protect your computing system from viruses that may very well harm it
  • Facilitate the functioning of connected hardware such as printers and keyboards
  • Make sure all software that needs updating is updated.

Fortunately, there are tools that can help you do all of the above. We might as well call them performance-boosting tools. Below, we have listed the most useful types of these tools. Notably, all of these tools need the internet, at the very least, to get installed and, at most, to function. If you do not have reliable internet that facilitates their functioning, we would recommend Xfinity internet. Xfinity ensures the provision of a quick connection.

Personal Computer Cleaning Tools

These kinds of software are used to clean all files, including but not limited to logs, fragments, cache, and temporary files on your personal computer. What this does is that it enables your system to remove any junk from itself. Notably, some of the junk takes up a lot of time so not getting it cleaned regularly can result in not only the system pacing down but also errors in software.

When it comes to examples of software that are personal computer cleaning tools, we cannot finish this article without mentioning CCleaner. The software not only does amazing work in the cleaning of junk but also is highly customizable. Besides the renowned CCleaner, other software that is highly useful in this niche is FileCleaner and BleachBit.

Defragmentation Tools

Ever wondered why a solid-state drive (SSD) is known to enable a faster performance than a hard drive, even if the hard drive is massive? Well, the answer lies in how the hard drive stores information. In it, information is stored in random fragments scattered throughout the whole drive. The access arm is responsible for picking up the fragments to give you access to them. The more the fragmentation, the longer it takes for the access arm to pick up the data. As storage plays a crucial part in all computer operations, slow storage means a slow personal computer overall. On the other hand, the good news is that if you defragment this storage, the performance of your entire computer system will be boosted.

As defragmentation is so essential in the running of a personal computer, computer program manufacturers like Microsoft have built the defragmentation software inside their respective computer programs. In fact, if you are using a Windows personal computer right now, you are probably benefitting from a defragmentation tool currently. However, in the case that your computer does not have a built-in defragmentation tool, you can also benefit from defragmentation tools from a third party. One example would be Defraggler. This amazing software allows you to pick and choose the programs, folders, and files you want to be defragmented. Alongside, it also allows for the defragmentation of empty space so that no fragmentation occurs in that space in the future. Other defragmentation tools include Auslogics Disk and Smart Defrag.

Automatic Driver Updaters

Having the drivers for your hardware updates is crucial in maintaining the proper functioning of your personal computer. Needless to say, listing down all your hardware and tracking which of them you have updated drivers for and for which of them you have not is very hard. This is all why automatic driver update software is considered some of the most important software out there. These programs automatically lookout for the ideal drivers for your computer system not only keeping it updated but also safe from drivers that are harmful.

Many quality automatic driver update programs are available in the market. However, if we were forced to choose one over all others, we would go for DriverPack. It does the same job as all other software of its kind – updating the system’s drivers – but, in our opinion, it just does it better. Other strong contenders for the top slot in the automatic driver updater world include Driver Talent and IObit’s Driver Booster.

Uninstaller Apps

Once a program is installed in your system, it not only makes a place for itself in the main directory but also in other parts of your personal computer’s storage infrastructure. When you do not need a program anymore, it makes all the sense in the world to uninstall it as quickly as possible as it will only take up unnecessary space and slow down your computer eventually. However, unfortunately, the built-in Windows uninstaller only gets the program removed from the main directory. To get it removed from the other parts of your personal computer’s storage infrastructure, it is important to take the help of uninstaller apps. In the case of uninstaller apps, we would say our favorite is the IObit Uninstaller. It just does such a good job of removing all the data that you want to be removed! Notably, it allows the bulk uninstallation of programs saving you valuable time.

GPU & CPU Temperature Monitoring Tools

As an owner of a personal computer, you must know that the overheating of your device is a very serious problem. Not only will it slow the computer down at the time but it may also cause damage to the computer permanently. The use of GPU and CPU temperature monitoring tools helps you know as soon as the computer is getting overheated. This way, you will be able to cool your computing device in time not only boosting its performance but also preventing the occurrence of costly damage to it. One example of a GPU & CPU temperature monitoring tool is HWMonitor.

Antivirus and Malware Removal Programs

We would, indeed, be very surprised if you own a personal computer but have not heard of antivirus software. This software help in two main ways:

  • They fight viruses currently in your personal computer.
  • They prompt you to keep away from potential sources of any future virus.

As viruses are very prevalent, the installation and utilization of antivirus software have become extremely crucial. Fortunately, you can find quality antivirus software for free! Avast is one such program.

Wrapping Up

We wish you the best of luck with making use of the aforementioned software. We hope your computer brings a lot of joy and productivity to your life.

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