How to extract text from an image with the help of OCR technology?

Are you scrolling on the web to know is it possible to extract text from an image? Well! Many blogs, articles, and tutorials will tell you that OCR Technology will help you to get this job done on the go. Yet, they won’t tell you about the basics of this technology and the ways to conduct it. Today, many people in official settings wish to do their work without breaking the bank. In other words, if they have saved a screenshot in their gallery and want the text present in that Image, they wish to do it in one click.

Of course, no one has enough time to handle this sphere by putting themselves in manual things. So, if this sounds relevant to your situation, you should read on. Here in this post, we will share the answers you need to know and some perks that will amaze you a lot. Let’s get straight into it!

What is OCR Technology?

So, before you jump into the details of how to convert pictures to text, you should know what Optical character recognition (OCR) is. In general! This technology leads to a model identification AI-Powered technique to recognize writing inside a picture and convert it into an editable online word document. Many people who have to deal with tons of files and manage the official details can use this technology.

Besides, if you ever require digital data to be easy to edit like letters, bills, or sequence statements, OCR software can aid you. If you want to know how you could use this technology in your daily routines, you can use tools. Yes, luckily, many online OCR Converter tools allow you to use OCR technology for extracting text from images.

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How does OCR Technology Work?

It is time to dig deeper into the process of how an OCR technology can extract text from images online. We want you to know that it is a system that works behind the tools. Yes, you read that right. Online tools can provide you with the OCR features and can help you to convert images to text. These are image text editors that make the picture editable without any hassles.

So, whether you want to switch the photo to text on a computer, laptop, smartphone, you can use tools for it. Here, in this post, we will highlight multiple top-notch tools that will help you extract writing from pictures on any device. So, stay tuned and read on to the bottom line.

How To Extract Text from an Image Using OCR Converter?

Now, at last, we have reached the point where we will talk about the tools and the ways to convert images to text using OCR converter. You can also say that this section is all about answering the question you asked at the beginning. Online picture to text converter works on steps and processes that you have to learn. After digging deeper, we have gathered some points of using OCR technology that will help you extract text from an image on the go. The image-to-text converter can make your life easy as it holds the talent to do everything accurately.

These kinds of tools possess AI (Artificial Intelligence) and multi-stream technology that will help to extract the text word by word. Another best thing about online ocr converters is they are simple to access and utilize. All you need to do is drop your picture by dragging and dropping the option via Google Drive or Local Storage. After that, hit the convert button, and the tool will handle the rest. Within less than a minute, the text will be ready for download on your browser.

Perks of extracting text from an image with the help of the OCR!

Now, this section will lead to the benefits that you will gain while using the image-to-text converter. So, without further ado. Let’s have a look!

Save Time & Efforts

As we have discussed above, OCR technology is reducing the hassles and saving you from manual things. So, it is clear! You will save more time when you use any above OCR converters to extract text from images.

Versatile Features

OCR Tools is not only a go-to choice for converting only pictures to text. It offers a set of features that will help you in getting various projects done. For example, users can convert scanned PDF files to document or word format. This OCR converter online will let you pull out text from photos on any device. Users need to access their favorite browser. Also, they will require a stable internet connection to kickstart using this tool. The best thing about this place is it is 100% free of cost, and you can use it on any device (on both PC & mobile).

High Accuracy

Another thing that people usually crave is the quality and accuracy stuff. So, if you want to extract words by word without missing anything, you can rely on an image text converter. It holds a user-friendly, safe, clean, and reliable interface with versatile features. It is a free compact tool that enables you swiftly OCR a part of the cover utilizing a keyboard alternative. The best thing about these tools is they can work with 90+ languages, including English. With one click, you can get the job done without any hassles.

Edit Documents Quickly

It is another fantastic feature that you can have by using an online image-to-text converter. Once you drop your image and you have the text, you can edit your docs on the go. We all know that editing scanned documents can be a tiresome job. OCR makes it easy to do that. It will instantly transform them and let you make any modifications in the format you desire. So, in short, it is a handy and reliable thing to use OCR for Image Text Conversion.


In the end, we want to assure you again that picture to text converters are the best way to extract text from an image. So, follow the tips and basics and access any of your favorite tools. Now, drop your image and fetch the text without any hassles!

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