How To Find Great PHP Developers: 7 Tricks To Avoid Mis-Hires

PHP developers have been very sought after. The WordPress platform is built on it, so it is hard to hire PHP programmers. But to find and hire a PHP developer, you should be well aware of some good practices; otherwise, you risk finding a “lemon” – someone who will not only cost you a fortune but be unable to deliver what they have been assigned.

This article will show you how to hire PHP coders and where to find PHP developers to get the best deal possible.

How to hire PHP programmer

But which are some of the best tips and tricks to get the best developers possible?

Knowledge base

Technical skill is a very individual thing. Because of this, it’s important to be able to communicate and work well with a developer before bringing them on to your team. It’s also best to hire developers who have experience with the framework you’re going to use. To check that, you should ask questions like “Why did you choose PHP over other programming languages?” and “How is your experience in PHP?

Communication skills

When your business is hiring PHP developers, they need to communicate clearly with their teammates. Without transparency, your new hire simply cannot do the job well — but with clarity in the process, you can create the best product possible. During our interview process, we ask candidates to go through a live coding challenge to test their communication skills as they work with our team.

Avoid asking routine questions

Employers shouldn’t be wasting their time asking candidates to tell them how many tennis balls can fit into a school bus — information that might seem easy but doesn’t actually reveal much about the candidate’s skills. Instead, employers should focus on practical questions like “What is your experience with PHP?” “How would you decrypt data that you previously encrypted?” or “Do you have experience building web services?”.

Check past projects

The best way to check out a developer’s past work is to speak with a former employer — or reach out to a developer who has worked on similar projects. Contacting potential employers directly also gives you a sense of how they communicate and how they solve problems. Reading through client testimonials can give you insight into how the developers work under pressure, what types of solutions they provide, and if they are familiar with complicated processes.

Attitude matters more than you think

Who you hire may make or break your business. If you don’t have the right team on board, your business will suffer — regardless of how amazing your product is. Don’t risk hiring people who are only willing to do the minimum. Look for a developer who’s willing to go beyond what’s expected of them and do whatever it takes to find the solution.

Hire PHP developer with various talents

One way to look for talent beyond the standard technology is to look for folks with a variety of skill sets. It’s important for developers to be able to code with languages other than PHP as well to continue learning and growing in their industry — but another great characteristic that developers can have is the ability to work well with different people, from customers, management, and programmers.

Speak about money

While the interview is a great chance to discuss the job specifics, it’s also important to touch on financial compensation. Don’t wait until the end of the interview process to discuss money — instead, bring it up as soon as you can. Don’t make the mistake of postponing money talks for the last possible moment. Find out your potential salary expectations and hash out other details early in the process — especially when working with a remote freelance developer with no formal contract.


If you hire a PHP developer, you will need to know many things in advance to predict who you are hiring. With the seven tips and tricks we mentioned above, you will not guarantee success — however, you will be not one but two steps closer to achieving it. With a methodological approach and following the guideline, you might be pretty delighted with the results.

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