How to Grow Your WordPress Blog on a Budget

Now that you’ve gotten your WordPress Blog off the ground, you’re ready to start applying some tried and true strategies to grow it. Welcome to the most informative and comprehensive guide on how to grow your WordPress blog on a budget you’ll find online.

Create Engagement

WordPress Blog
WordPress Blog

The email engagement list is an essential factor in your WordPress Blog’s success. You might have readers, but if you don’t take the time to gather their emails, growing the blog over the long haul won’t be easy.

The email list is the most crucial market tool next to your blog if you have an online business. It can help grow traffic and revenue.​

The main reason to have an email list is that it will be all yours. You don’t have to worry that Instagram or Google will establish new algorithms, and you’ll suddenly find yourself without readers.

Optimize SEO

Any blogger who wants sustainable work today should have a grasp of how to optimize their post for search engines in today’s dynamic environment. Before writing, do keyword research to see which ones to target. You can use free keyword research sites like Google Keyword Planner, SEMRush, and more.

All you need to do after that is stick to best practices for optimization. These include keywords in image file names, URLs, and headings. You can begin to explore more advanced SEO once you have the basics.

Harness the power of guest blogging

You can find guest bloggers and blogs on other sites yourself. These are two of the best ways to grow your blog quickly. Guest blogging’s most significant advantage is that people can share their experience with a reader community and establish authority among a target group simultaneously.

Guest posts are like samples for deeper blog content. By regularly publishing high-quality posts on your site, you will draw the attention of your target group and have them asking for more.

Make Your Content Sharable

People are visual by nature, so shareable images and videos will attract more attention than blocks of text. Tools like Canva and Visme can help you create social network-ready pictures of your blog content.

Network With Experts

Connect with experts and influencers to grow your blog by simultaneously improving your expertise and credibility. A smart way to achieve this is by publishing expert roundup posts. You’re basically crowdsourcing an article from several experts in your industry. You’re showing you have similar expertise levels by linking your name with other authorities and experts in your niche.

When creating an expert roundup post, you could send cold emails to leading experts for fresh advice that hasn’t been published elsewhere.

You can grow your blog by getting these experts to share it once published. That would also lend your blog additional credibility.

Let your experts know you’d be happy to participate in their roundups.

Mention Experts and Brands in Your Blog

Mention experts and authorities in your content as tastefully as possible. It won’t require much effort, but it’ll be highly effective. It could include using an influencer’s story as a case study, a quote by an expert, or a backlink to one of their articles. The goal here is to create a meaningful relationship by offering value.

After mentioning the expert, you can send them an email asking if they would share your article with their network. Make it easy for the expert to share.

It would be an excellent opportunity to network with influencers, even if they don’t end up sharing your article. It will get you noticed and prepare the ground for what could become a meaningful relationship over time.

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