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Learn How To Delete a Discord Server Quick

Learn How To Delete a Discord Server Quick

Discord has made everybodys’ life a little more entertaining since the pandemic began and has almost been a saver from boredom. However, if you are now looking to remove or delete a discord server to get back to your work life, here are two quick ways to delete a discord server from your phone and desktop computer. Let’s get right into it!

Deleting a Discord Server from your iPhone and Android

Firstly, click on the discord application from your phone to launch it.

Now, right swipe or click on those three bars to open the sidebar

Choose and click on the server that you wish to delete.

There will then appear a pop-up screen click on those three dots

You have to choose Settings

Click on the three dots upper right corner

Now click on delete server

In the new pop-up window and click on ‘Delete’, you might also have to enter a code if you have enabled two-factor

authentication on your account.

Deleting a Discord server on Windows Desktop

Click on the Discord app on your desktop.

Then, double click to select the server you want to delete.

Drop-down menu
Server Settings

In the drop-down menu you then have to choose- Server Settings

Delete Server (in the pop-up window)

Now enter your server name in the box then Delete the server


What happens when you delete a Discord server?

When you delete a discord server, the server as well as all the shared content also gets permanently deleted and all members get removed.

How to delete Discord server with 2FA?

To delete a Discord server with 2FA (two-factor authentication) after you have clicked on delete server, the window will ask for 2FA. You then have to put a 6 digit code that you would receive in your linked authentication app.

What is the Discord Delete Server Auth code?

The delete server auth code is a 6 digit code that you have to enter if you want to confirm the deletion of a server

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