Top 12 Best Jira Test Management Tools

The demand for effective and efficient test management is on the rise. Wondering why? Well, it is because it is an excellent indicator of different test activities like test case design, plan, bug tracking, execution, and reporting.

It can significantly lower the cost of resources and ensure greater efficiency in the software development process. Moreover, it covers the different test scenarios and eliminates the chance of overlooking any potential bugs. Test management also allows the identification of specific areas of improvement for better satisfaction of the end users.

When it comes to test management, you must have heard of Jira Software. Did you know that more than 65,000 companies leverage Jira? This is mainly owing to its ability to offer a comprehensive package for conveniently managing the test suites.

However, there are various Jira test management tools available. So, choosing the right tool can be a little confusing. To simplify your task, we have come up with the top 12 Jira test management tools. Let’s dive in!

12 Best Jira Test Management Tools for Your Projects

1.Behave Pro

Behave Pro is a prominent behavior-driven development tool for Jira. It facilitates smooth management of the automated acceptance tests. Moreover, it allows you to keep track of the links and coverage for effective management of exploratory test sessions.

The two-way integration of this tool makes it easier for the users to work with Git repositories like Bitbucket and GitHub. Behave Pro comes with an intuitive scenario editor and supports Gherkin syntax. Also, this tool provides support for exploratory test sessions within Jira.


TestRay proves to be the ultimate solution for effective software testing with the Jira-only add-on. It simplified test case management in Jira. The best part is that you do not have to manage tests across different platforms. Moreover, you will not require any integrations.

TestRay facilitates simplified end-to-end traceability and release processes. It supports several interface languages like French, Chinese, and German. This test management tool proves to be beneficial when you want several team members to work at the same time.

3.Test Collab

Are you in search of a test management tool that allows you to easily plan, run, and save your tests? If yes, Test Collab is the perfect choice. This tool has several Jira integration features that allow linking test cases to Jira issues.

It enables you to view and even update the test cases within Jira. With Test Collab, assigning test cases to the QA team is simple and easy. It can help save a lot of time and effort.


Searching for a reliable tool that can easily track both automated and manual tests? If yes, then TestRail is an ideal option. It is a test management platform that allows the development and QA teams to plan and execute tests, manage test cases, and track results. The best thing about using this tool is that it enables the organization of the test cases in different sections and folders.

Moreover, you can even customize test cases with statuses, fields, and templates. It can easily integrate with Jira and allow better management of tests and results in one place. Additionally, the tool can integrate easily with GitHub, GitLab, Asana, and numerous other tools.


Xray is a popular Jira test management tool that allows planning, organizing, executing, and reporting the readiness for deployment and testing progress. This tool facilitates better collaboration among the testers and developers.

It lets managers use agile boards for effectual tracking of test execution progress as well as requirement status in real-time. Besides, it also offers robust reporting capabilities to conduct coverage and traceability analysis. Xray can easily integrate with test automation frameworks like JUnit, Cucumber, Robot Framework, NUnit, and more.


Another popular Jira management tool is QMetry. It has the potential to effectively manage standard Jira test scenarios, issues, and cases. This tool can enhance the capacity of Jira projects and ensure the smooth completion of entire test cycles. As a result, it helps minimize test efforts.

QMetry supports automation with several tools like Specflow and QAF. Also, it allows defect logging and exploratory test recording.

7.QAlity Plus

If you have small teams, the QAlity Plus is the right Jira test management tool for you. It can provide the testers with comprehensive insights into the previous test executions and test performances. Moreover, the tool makes it easy to browse through the potential bugs and enhance the testing efficiency.

QAlity Plus is an affordable Jira test management tool. Up to 10 users, it is completely free. However, after that, you will have to pay a minimal charge per user.


SpiraTest is yet another Jira test management tool that provides a single tool for managing your issues and requirements. You can leverage this tool to trace and report tests, your requirements, and potential bugs. Tracking test results and following test coverage is also simple and convenient with SpiraTest.

The tool allows direct linking of the bug reports to the specific test steps. Reusing templates for test cases is also easy with SpiraTest.

9.Zephyr Squad

Do you have small agile teams and are looking for the right Jira test management tool? In that case, Zephyr Squad is the best choice. It manages the test case design, reporting, execution, and coordination for Jira.

This tool is ideal for teams having simple testing requirements and occasional reporting needs. Zephyr Squad comes with all the features you would require to get started with basic test management. It can provide you with dashboard gadgets and project-specific reports.


Tricentis is an end-to-end test management tool that can easily integrate with Jira. It provides the teams with a unified and comprehensive view of the testing phase. It stores the test plans and reports within Jira to ensure proper sync among the developers and QA teams during the software development life cycle.

Tricentis comes with an intuitive user interface. So, the team can focus better on the delivery of quality work at every stage of the test and development cycle of products. It enables the teams to work in a coordinated manner and make the right decisions relating to testing with real-time data.


Next on the list is ReQtest. It allows efficient management of bug reports, requirements, and testing. This tool finds use in various types of IT projects. It offers two-way synchronization of data between Jira and ReQtest.

ReQtest allows the developers to view and generate reports of the testing activities. Moreover, it can also map fields between ReQtest and Jira for bug reports and potential issues.


PractiTest is a comprehensive Jira test management tool that offers automated and manual tests. It has an additional Jira add-on to ensure effective integration of Jira and PractiTest for software testing. This integration allows the synchronization of data between the two tools.

This tool provides a clear picture of the test results and testing efforts. PractiTest provides complete support for end-to-end testing. Moreover, it comes with several customization options to ensure more convenience for the users.

Key Features of Jira Test Management Tools

Want to leverage the top Jira test management tool? In that case, you must look for certain features. Read on to explore the features you must consider.

  • The right metrics
  • The tool’s usability
  • Test case generation
  • Simple and quick integration
  • The cost
  • Seamless workflow
  • Test automation
  • Easy collaboration

Winding Up

Jira is here to stay and will likely remain in demand in the years to come. It facilitates the effective integration of testing efforts of QA teams, software testers, DevOps team members, and other vital stakeholders. The software offers a simpler understanding of the test case environments.

Now that you have an idea of the top 12 Jira test management tools, you can choose the right one based on your unique requirements. Understand your goal and select the right test management tool to achieve optimal results.

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