How To View Blurred Text On Websites

If you are thinking about how to view blurred text on websites or how to unblur text, the article is for you. By following some simple steps you can easily unblur text and your problem will be solved at once.

The first question that comes to our mind is why have the websites blurred text? Some websites deliberately hide their important contents so that they can be viewed after buying their subscription plan.

What Is Blur Text

Blur text is the text that is not clearly visible as the words are slightly dimmed. It is used so that the users cannot view the text.

Why Do The Websites Blur Text

Some websites especially educational websites such as TutorBin, and Coursehero purposefully hide their premium texts so that the students can not access them. When the students visit the website to solve the questions they only see blurred text. The texts are blurred for business purposes only. If the students buy their subscription plan they can easily blur out text.

How To View Blurred Text On Websites

There are many ways by which you can blur out text on a website very easily. The ways are described below.

Google Translate- An Alternative To View Blurred Text:

Google translate is a very reliable means to blur out the text on a website. The steps to view a blurred text through google translator are:

First, you have to open the web page with the text that you wish to blur out.

Then you have to copy the page URL.

After that, you have to pay a visit to Google translate and the URL should be pasted in the left-hand box.

Then click on the URL that appears in the right-hand box. You can translate the text into any language by choosing the language.

Finally, you will be directed to a new tab with the unblurred translation of the webpage.

Internet Archive- An Alternative To View A Snapshot:

TheInternet Archive is a means to save and view the different versions of web pages. It is free for all. The steps to blur out a text on a website through an internet archive are:

To unblur the text you have to first copy the URL of the page with the blurred text that you want to unblur.

Then go to the internet archive and paste the URL into the way back machine search bar to check whether the page was archived.

Next, choose the page version that you want to view.

Finally, after choosing the archived version you will be directed to that version where you can view the blurred text.

Use Google Search To Open The Page

A few websites allow the non-paid members to view their exclusive content through google search. With this method, you can only view the content of the page URL. If you want to visit the website better you need to be a paid member of that particular website. The steps to unblur a text on a website through google search are:

First, you have to copy the page with the blurred text that you want to blur out. Then paste the copied content into the Google search. If you are not able to copy the title of the page you can type it by hand. For the best result, you should type the name of the website at the advent or verge of your search.

Then you have to click on the result which comes up with the same page URL that you want to blur out.

Finally, the whole page is near you that you can view.

Use Inspect Element To Blur Out A Text On A Website

You can see Inspect Element or inspect in all the browsers of desktops. With the Inspect Element, you can not only view the blurred text but also view and modify the source code, CSS, HTML, Media files, and JavaScript of a website. The steps to blur out a text on a website through Inspect Element are:

First, you have to right-click anywhere on the page that you want to blur out. Then you have to select the Inspect Element and the inspect section will instantly pop out at the right or the bottom of your browser window.

On the right-hand side is the source code of the hidden page. Search <p>…</p> and this line will be repeated two to three times.

And beneath it, you can find script starting code. The code helps to blur the text or page.

You have to replace the code by typing none. Then press the enter key button and the blurred content will be visible to you immediately.

Activate The Reader Mode

Several advanced browser provide a reader mode to avoid advertisements or any disruptions. With this mode you can easily blur out the text on websites. It is an optional feature. So you have to activate it before using it to blur out a text. The steps to unblur a text through the reader mode are:

At first, you have to switch the reader mode on. To activate the reader mode you have to open a tab and type chrome://flags in the address bar.

You will find an experiment section and search for enabling the reader mode option. After activating it you will find the reader mode icon in the address bar.

Now you should visit the webpage containing the blurred text that you wish to unblur and click on the reader mode.

Finally, the blur-out page will be shown.

How To Blurred Text From Websites

If you visit a website and find that the contents are blurred there is no such irritating thing as this. To get rid of this you have to follow some simple methods.

  • First, be sure that your browser is updated and the newest version you are using. If you use an older version you may face the problem of blurry text.
  • You can adjust your zoom level. Zooming can help to view a blurry image or text better.
  • If all these methods go in vain you may disable anti-aliasing on your computer. This change in the setting can make the text view clearly.


Everyone frequently asks some common questions. The questions are:

Is it legal to unblur text on a website?

Yes, it is legal to blur out text on a website if you follow the above-mentioned ways to unblur the text. Otherwise, it is offensive. After unblurring, you can blur the text again by refreshing the page.

How to get rid of blurred text easily?

To get rid of blurred text you can buy a membership plan on the website and sign in.

Can I make the text blurred again after blurring out it?

Yes, you can do so simply. The text will be blurred again if you refresh the page or website.

How to view blurred text on a website?

You have to select the particular text that you want to blur out. Then press the right-click button and tap in inspect button. After adjusting the ‘div’ tag you can easily view the blurred tex

Do you know how to unblur an image on a website?

Once an image is blurred, it remains blurred. We cannot request the blur to be removed. If the website mistakenly blurred the image they can unblur it in a future update.


You have definitely got an idea about how to view blurred text on websites by following very simple steps through this article. The article will help students who can’t afford the subscription plan of these websites. To copyright it on any website is a punishable act. The blurred text makes the website more friendly and approachable. So if you are browsing a website and find it blurry don’t get worried. You do not have to buy a subscription plan or do anything. You can easily blur out the text on that particular website choosing any of the above-mentioned alternatives and following the said steps. The students can easily view the exclusive contents and get their answers if they follow these methods. So do not get tensed or confused, blur out the text and enjoy browsing happily.

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