Your Quick Guide to Software Composition Analysis (SCA)

Your Quick Guide to Software Composition Analysis (SCA)

SCA, or software composition analysis, is a kind of testing that aims to discover third-party components inside your software that are vulnerable to known vulnerabilities. SCA addresses supply chain risk. SCA scanners also offer a report on the licensing for each third-party component, which may help you manage your company’s licensing policy. This article will … Read more

Why was the 911 Proxy Permanently Closed?

911 proxy

911 Proxy service or is supposed to be one of the few original residential proxy networks. It has suddenly been announced to shut down its systems as soon as it suffered from a data infringement. A lot of Microsoft Windows computers got access to this service in 2015. Suddenly it displayed a message on … Read more

YouTube Tags: What Are They and How Do They Work?

YouTube Tags

Uploading a video to YouTube isn’t enough to make it visible to people. If you started a blog on YouTube, learning the basics of YouTube SEO is obligatory. Adding a catchy title with keywords and tags is important for video optimization. If you do everything right, your high-quality content will be seen by more people. … Read more

How To Find Someone’s IP Address On Omegle

How To Find Someone's IP Address On Omegle

Omegle is a platform that allows talking to strangers for fun. The website has become so much popular because it is a fast-paced, random website and it introduces something new. Omegle was indeed active on the internet but Covid-19 brought an unexpected change for Omegle. During the lockdown, people had nothing to do. That is … Read more

Mangakakalot: Safe for Manga online? Site still up?

Mangakakalot: Safe for Manga online? Site still up?

The manga was not available in English translations to a global audience for a long time. Fan translation made everything available. All things have been improved as a lot of free manga sites have been introduced recently. Reading manga can be difficult to conserve, especially in some parts of this beautiful world. While manga is … Read more

Why is MP3 Juice not working?

How to uninstall Mp3 juice?

Many users are using mp3 juice to download and listen to their favourite music. Still, many people do not even know about mp3 juice and its features. The article is going to tell you everything that you need to know about mp3 juice. Mp3 juice is a software that permits users to download songs in … Read more

Best 123Movies Alternative Sites for 2023


123Movies is a famous online video streaming site that allows you to watch movies and tv shows completely free of cost. An extensive record of films and series in different genres is available on this site. Moreover, 123movies provides a list of the latest released free movies. Not only that it offers a comprehensive review … Read more

Zippyshare: How to use Safely, Is it legal

Zippyshare: How to use Safely, Is it legal

Can you use Zippyshare safely? Zippyshare enables users to upload, share and download files. It was first introduced in 2006. It has an uncountable number of users all across the world. It has a lot of unique features. The most alluring features of this service are that it can be used completely free of cost … Read more