Why can’t I follow People on Instagram?

Social media platforms like Instagram have become crucial parts of our daily lives because they enable users to connect, share, and engage with others worldwide. One of the basic features of Instagram is the ability to follow other users, allowing people to stay updated on their content. 

However, users sometimes encounter restrictions when trying to follow others, leading to frustration and confusion. In this article, we will discuss why can’t I follow people on Instagram?

Understanding Instagram’s Follower Limits:

Instagram sets certain restrictions on users’ activities to maintain a safe and positive environment for its community. These limitations are designed to prevent spam, abuse, and other undesirable behaviours that could compromise the user experience. One such restriction relates to the number of accounts a user can follow within a specific timeframe. While Instagram does not publicly disclose the exact thresholds, surpassing these limits can trigger momentary restrictions on following other accounts.

Factors Influencing Follower Restrictions:

Several factors can contribute to Instagram’s follower restrictions, affecting users’ capacity to follow others:

Spam and Bot Activity: Instagram utilizes algorithms and automated systems to detect and prevent spammy behaviour on the platform. Users who engage in excessive following, unfollowing, or other spam-like activities may trigger these systems, leading to temporary follow restrictions. Besides, accounts identified as bots or fake profiles are often subject to stricter restrictions to mitigate their effect on the platform’s probity.

User Engagement Patterns: Instagram’s algorithms analyze user engagement patterns to specify pessimistic or unnatural behaviour. If a user unexpectedly starts following a large number of accounts within a short period, it may raise red flags and result in following restrictions. Likewise, rapid instabilities in following activity, such as frequently following and unfollowing the same accounts, can trigger restrictions.

New Account Behavior: Newly created Instagram accounts are subject to heightened scrutiny to prevent abuse and misuse. As a result, users with newly established accounts may experience stricter follower restrictions until they set up a history of genuine engagement and activity on the platform. This measure enables deters the expansion of spam accounts and fraudulent behaviour.

Previous Violations: Users who have violated Instagram’s community guidelines or terms of service in the past may face lingering repercussions, including follower constraints. Repeat lawbreakers or accounts with a history of abusive behaviour are usually subject to more rigorous constraints to prevent further misdeeds and safeguard other users from harm.

Your account is being used on multiple devices and locations: It is normal to operate your Instagram on more than one device – like from your phone, iPad, or a PC web browser. But, if Instagram catches that your account is being constantly logged into on multiple devices with distinct locations, it will restrict your account.

Technical Glitches and Bugs: In some cases, follower restrictions may occur due to technical glitches or bugs within Instagram’s systems. These issues can inadvertently affect users’ ability to follow others, even if they have not infringed on any platform guidelines. Instagram generally addresses such problems promptly once they are determined and rectifies any associated constraints.

The Person You Want to Follow Might Have Blocked You: 

Did the person you want to follow block you on Instagram? You can try following a different account to see if the problem persists. If everything works as usual, the other person might have blocked you on Instagram.

Even if the app does not send a notification when this occurs, you can still find ways to check if someone blocked you on Instagram.

Your Network Connection Is Faulty

There is a possibility that Instagram is working as usual, but you are dealing with an unstable internet connection. In this case, you will see more difficulties, such as the incapability to reload the feed, send messages, or add new posts.

Until you spot your connectivity problems, there is not much you can do to follow new accounts. You could try to reset your router or switch to a different network.

You’ve Reached the Follow Limit on Instagram

In a try to combat bots and spam messages, Instagram has set a limit on how many people you can follow.

According to Instagram’s Help Center, you are not allowed to follow more than 7,500 people. If you try to follow one more account, Instagram will show you an error message. So, you will have to unfollow someone on Instagram before you can follow a new account.

Even if you have not reached the limit of 7,500 followed accounts, there is one more constraint you have to pay attention to. You are unable to perform more than 60 actions (follow or unfollow) per hour.

So, you need to take a break from Instagram to resolve the problem.

You Are Using a VPN

If you have set up a VPN connection, Instagram might notice different IP addresses and flag your account for unusual activity. This will prohibit several features on your account, including the ability to follow other Instagram accounts.

The same goes for using Instagram at the same time on mobile and desktop.

Reauthenticate Your Account

Another chance is that there is a problem with your account credentials. For instance, maybe you recently changed your password on another device or had a problem with two-factor authentication.

Whatever the reason, you can log out and log back into your account.

To reauthenticate your Instagram account credentials, you need to follow the steps that are mentioned below: 

  • First, you need to launch Instagram on your mobile device.
  • Then you need to tap your profile icon and tap the menu button in the top right corner.
  • After that, you need to select Settings and Privacy from the menu that appears.
  • Then you need to scroll down to the Login section and tap the Logout button.
  • Once logged out, you need to tap the Login button and enter your 2FA code if prompted.

Mitigating Follower Restrictions:

While experiencing follower constraints can be discouraging, there are several steps users can take to mitigate these restrictions and maintain a positive experience on Instagram:

Engage Authentically: Focus on building genuine connections and engaging with content that appeals to you rather than engaging in mass following or other spam-like behaviour. Genuine engagement not only fosters meaningful interactions but also lessens the probability of triggering Instagram’s follower constraints.

Pace Your Activity: Avoid excessively quick or unstable following and unfollowing habits, as these actions can raise flags within Instagram’s algorithms. Instead, pace your activity on the platform and retain a consistent level of engagement to evade triggering limitations.

Verify Account Authenticity: You need to make sure that your Instagram account is real and complies with the platform’s community guidelines. Avoid using automation tools, purchasing followers, or engaging in other activities that infringe Instagram’s terms of service, as these methods can result in severe repercussions, including permanent account suspension.

Report Suspicious Accounts: If you find pessimistic or spammy accounts on Instagram, report them to the platform for review. By helping specify and remove fraudulent or abusive profiles, you contribute to retaining a safer and more trustworthy environment for all users.

Can People Follow Any Person On Instagram Without Their Knowing? 

No, when you follow someone on Instagram, they receive a notification that you have followed them. Instagram does not permit you to follow others without them being aware of it.

When Will Instagram Let Anyone Follow Again?

There is not a certain answer to this question. The time constraint can vary based on why it occurred and what you did. But it is temporary, and you will be back on track in no time!

If Anyone Was Following A Person On Instagram And Now It Says Unfollow. What Happened?

Suppose you were following someone on Instagram but unexpectedly discovered that Instagram had unfollowed them out of the blue. Why did Instagram do that?

  • Accidental Unfollow: You may have accidentally tapped the “Unfollow” button instead of “Follow.” So, double-check the person’s profile and tap “Follow” to start following them again.
  • Account Changes: The person might have changed their account settings, like going all private. So, you need to send a follow request again to reconnect with them.
  • Tech Troubles: Sometimes Instagram has glitches or technical issues that can make you unintentionally unfollow someone. Just try refreshing the app or logging out and back in to see if it fixes the problem.

And here is one more thing you need to consider: they may have blocked you, and now. That is why you should wait to be unblocked to follow them again.

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Why Do People Not Find A Person On Instagram Without Being Blocked?

You may have trouble finding people on Instagram. Here are a few probable reasons why:

  • Name Changes: They could have changed their username or display name recently, which might influence your search.
  • Spelling or Formatting: You need to make sure you have the right spelling and format of their username. Instagram is choosy about these things. 
  • Glitches Happen: Sometimes Instagram acts up, so give it some time and try again later.

How to Know If My Actions Are Being Limited By Instagram?

Guess you hit the “Follow” button on an account you like, and just for a second, it turns white but turns back to blue again, while automatically unfollowing them. You might also receive a message saying “Action Blocked” or “You’re Temporarily Blocked”.

This prohibition is usually temporary, and in the message, you will also likely be informed of the period for which your account will be prohibited.

If you are a marketer or are trying to promote something of your own – like a business or website – your chances of being hit with such a ban are higher. Also, note that Instagram levies a temporary ban for the over-use of any features – be it liking others’ posts, commenting, or following/ unfollowing. Further, while Instagram can block you from following only specific accounts, it can also prohibit you from following any account.

If Anyone Can Not Follow People On Instagram, How Does He Fix It?

If your account has been flagged for indulging in “inauthentic activities”, and you are wondering why you are unable to follow people on Instagram, there is nothing to worry about. Here are a few quick fixes you can try to get back the ability to follow others: 

  • Use a different internet network: At times, the block would be targeting your internet connection’s IP address. So, you may try logging into the Instagram app from a different internet connection. For example, if you have previously used your mobile data, log into Instagram from your WiFi network and check if you are now able to follow others.
  • Log in with another device: Now, provided your account has not been flagged for any unusual activity, logging into Instagram from another device can sometimes do the trick. So you may sign out of your account and log into it using a different device – like a PC or tablet.
  • Follow people through Facebook: Since Facebook owns Instagram, their platforms are deeply integrated. So, if you are not able to follow people on Instagram, you may follow them through your Facebook account (most Instagram users also have a Facebook account). To do this, you need to go to “Settings” > then “Follow and Invite Friends” > then “Follow contacts”. Then you need to tap on the “Suggested” tab > the. “Connect to Facebook”. You will now be able to see all your Facebook friends who have Instagram accounts.
  • Report the problem to Instagram support: You can request support within the “Action blocked” message when you obtain it, but you can also do it via the settings of the app. Here is how to do it:

Step 1. You need to go to “Settings” in the Instagram app. Step 2. Then you need to tap on “Help” > “Report a Problem” > “Report a Problem.”

Step 3. Finally, you need to follow the on-screen instructions to report the issue. 

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So, now you must know the answer of Why can’t I follow people on Instagram? However, Instagram’s follower restrictions serve an important role in protecting the platform’s integrity and promoting a favourable user experience. While experiencing restrictions on following others can be problematic, understanding the reasons behind these restrictions and adhering to Instagram’s guidelines can help mitigate such problems. By engaging authentically, pacing your activity, and avoiding spammy behaviour, you can navigate Instagram’s follower limitations effectively and enjoy meaningful interactions with fellow users. We have mentioned the possible reasons and the most effective ways to fix it. You may use them to get rid of this issue. 


What is the maximum number of people I can follow every day on Instagram?

While there is no official count, most experts advise that you shouldn’t follow more than 200-500 people per day on Instagram. Note that this number depends on the age of your Instagram account – if your account is new or just days old, follow no more than 50 people per day. If you’ve been on the platform for a long and regularly engage on it, you can do more.

How long does Instagram’s “Action blocked” ban last?

It depends on the extent of your violation. In most cases though, an Instagram account can be banned from 20 minutes to a few hours, or even a few days. In more serious cases, a month-long ban can also be levied, while for extreme cases, a ban can be permanent.

How to avoid being banned on Instagram?

Here are some of the best methods you can follow to avoid triggering Instagram’s moderation and being blocked:

Evade using automated bots or services for liking, commenting, following, etc.
Complete your bio and link your Instagram account to other social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This will help give Instagram proof that you are a real person.
Engage on the platform regularly, but not excessively. Do not leave your account idle for long, and then suddenly start mass-following people.
Do not begin executing mass actions soon after the ban is lifted.


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