Why Kotlin is the Future of Android App Development

 We are all familiar with the most popular language, Java, as it is the primary language used for Android application development. But as time changes, technology-enhanced, and that’s why today we have Kotlin, not in the place of Java, but we can say a better option than Java due to its uses of immutability and being 100% interoperable with Java.

Since Google announced Kotlin as the official programming language for coding Android apps, many app developers starts adopting it and they are doing very great in it. Many Java projects have been re-coded in Kotlin to make the projects more powerful and futuristic.

This guide is all about the trending Kotlin programming language, and if you’re also looking to code your application with Kotlin, hire our Android app developers team and get the best results.

What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is a cross-platform open-source programming language that is statically typed and runs on the Java virtual machine. Kotlin is designed to interoperate with Java.  As we said, it mainly targets the JVM but also compiles JavaScript.  Kotlin is considered the best for Android application development as it combines both acquisitive and functional programming features.

Kotlin is included as an alternative to the standard Java compiler in Android Studio.

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Importance of Kotlin in Android App Development

We cannot ignore the advent of Java a few years back. It helped developers to develop some amazing applications, and now developers are well acquainted with the language.  But now technology has improved, it’s time to upgrade, and Kotlin is that upgrade.

We can have an argument, but we don’t, because we’re not defining something wrong, we are spreading the upgrade version everywhere. With the advent of Kotlin, not only companies but also developers, have benefited. Developers are always ready to do some creativity and innovation, and with the advent of Kotlin, they may find it helpful.

 Also, the interoperability of Kotlin, makes tasks easier for developers whenever Java and Kotlin exist in one place. It helps developers to be more efficient, and developers can simply build an Android application in two languages (Kotlin and Java) by using this function.

Additionally, in 2019, Google also revealed that Kotlin has become the most chosen language for Android app development.

Now that you know why Kotlin is important, let’s have a look at the stats of Kotlin to ensure its success.

What Do Statistics Say About the Future of Kotlin Programming?

According to data published on the official site of Jetbrains, it is said that in the last 12 months, there have been 4.86 million Kotlin developers globally.

The average number of monthly active users in 2021, is 373,000.

The professional audience estimated for Kotlin is 1-1.9 million developers.

In 2021, about 2 million professional developers will have used Kotlin at least once.

According to StackOverflow, in 2020, Kotlin was the 4th most chosen language, with 62.9 percent of votes.

Many developers chose Kotlin as one of their first three preferred languages.

Within 3 years, Kotlin showed immense growth and is now used by more than 7.8 percent of the industry’s experts.

Kotlin is expected to release its new version sometime after June 2022.

The most popular companies like Google, Netflix, Pinterest, Uber, Trello, and more used Kotlin.

Pinterest and Uber migrated their apps from Java to Kotlin.

What Are the Design Challenges Faced by Kotlin?

One of the challenges mobile app development programmers faced was that of the nullified in the system.  The Kotlin programmers came up with solutions, but it was too much trouble, and then, after several iterations, the Kotlin team came up with platform types.  This is the current version that Kotlin uses now.

Many things would have been clear by this part of the article. Now it’s time to move forward with the most important one-benefits of Kotlin.

Benefits of Choosing Kotlin for Android App Development

Benefits of Choosing Kotlin for Android App Development

Here are the following benefits of choosing Kotlin as your primary language for your application development.


JetBrains declared Kotlin as the open-source programming language that directly helps developers in the development process. Using open-source technology, developers can create pealing applications with robust quality and modify them with the Kotlin team’s support.


It is also a great benefit for companies who would like to interact with both Java and Kotlin languages. Kotlin is 100 percent interoperability with Java, which means that Java and Kotlin can easily share data with each other whenever they’re in touch. This property of Kotlin allows developers to use both languages in app development projects.

Less Coding Required

Kotlin is designed in such a way that minimizes the need for coding and helps developers to be more efficient and productive. In  Kotlin there is 20% less coding required compared to Java. This is possible because Kotlin reduces the amount of boilerplate coding, which was essential for developers to write. This makes the Kotlin the preferable choice for android app development.

Kotlin is More Simple than Java

In other languages like Java, you may find several issues like rigid issues. slow compilation time and others. But Kotlin is free from them, as it is simple and a robust programming language that needs fewer methods and a small library to develop an app.


The migration has benefited several companies, including Pinterest and Uber, which have migrated their apps from Java to Kotlin. With Kotlin, if you want to upgrade your apps, it is easy with Kotlin.


Kotlin is more secure and reliable than Java.  It helps developers in the development process by avoiding errors and bugs like NullPointException. It prevents developers from many other bugs and issues and makes your

Minimum App Development & Maintenance Cost with Kotlin

Kotlin comes with great features and high-quality results, but its cost is quite manageable.  As technology-enhanced, it helps you to save money on the development, as Kotlin does that.  Kotlin requires less app development and maintenance cost compared to Java, and this is one of the best benefits for businesses who want to invest in Kotlin.

Popular companies working with Kotlin

Let’s have a look at the list of popular companies that are using Kotlin.

  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Pinterest
  • Netflix
  • Trello
  • Capital One
  • Uber
  • Corda


We have included the most important stuff related to Kotlin in this article. We hope you find it helpful and are looking forward to developing your own Android app with the modern Kotlin programming language.

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