How To Login to JoinPD | How To Use JoinPD Code

For the teachers who want to produce interesting presentations and the students who want to take part in fun sessions, Pear Deck is supposed to be the best platform for them. You want to join a Pear Deck session from JoinPD, which has a 5-digit code or link. There is a microsite or sub-domain on named Joinpd. It helps the students join interactive presentations that have been created by their teachers with a code or link. The teachers will share the code or link via text or email.

The students, too, must have an account on Pear Deck if they want to join the presentation. They can do it with a Google or Microsoft account. The students can join anonymously if the teachers allow them to do so. In this article, you are going to learn how to join a Pear Deck session with the joinPD code. So let’s get to the main point without wasting time. You will get a step-by-step guide for PEAR deck login at joinPD.

A Short Description of JoinPD

Pear Deck Educational Technology Company has developed an educational platform named Pear Deck that will be beneficial for schools and their faculty members from K–12. This presentation tool was first introduced in the United States in 2014 to help students learn. This platform allows teachers to create live presentations. They can also add video, gifs, and audio to the presentation to enrich the knowledge of the students.  You will be able to enjoy learning with your teacher if you have a Microsoft Office 365 or Google account. The idea of individual as well as social learning is integrated into this web-based learning platform. As per the reports, this strategy helps the students learn more effectively. The visual presentation increases their interest level. So they never lose interest in their studies.

The Features of JoinPD

We all know that Pear Deck is an educational platform. So like every educational platform, Pear Deck also comes up with a lot of unique features and benefits for the teachers as well as the students. The features of Pear Deck are completely different from those of any other platform. They are as follows:

  • Before doing anything, the first thing that peeps into our minds is the expenditure. So before using the pear deck, users usually think of the cost of using it first. This is to inform you that there are several features in Pear Deck that come free of charge. The users can also buy a subscription for the premium membership account if they wish. Otherwise, the service is free for students and teachers to join the live presentation.
  • The students who have an interest in studying find this application more useful, and they are inspired to achieve their goals.
  • The teachers can create the presentations and then share the links or code with the students via text or email.
  • A positive attitude towards learning develops in the students.
  • The students can ask any question about the presentation instantly, and they can also submit their answers related to the presentation. The teacher gets the option to block the students from modifying the answers that have been submitted. The teachers can assess the understanding level of the students through this application.

How Can I Create a Teacher Login Account on JoinPD?

How Can I Create A Teacher Login Account On JoinPD?

Having a Google account or Microsoft 365 account is mandatory for using Pear Deck.  You have to follow the steps that are mentioned below if you want to create a new account on Pear Deck:

Step 1

How Can I Create A Teacher Login Account On JoinPD

First, you have to go to the official webpage of Pear Deck.

Step 2

How Can I Create A Teacher Login Account On JoinPD

Then you have to sign in using your Google or Microsoft account.

Step 3

How Can I Create A Teacher Login Account On JoinPD

Then you will find a teacher login option over there. You have to select it.

Step 4

Then you have to choose what type of account you want to access from the menu.

Step 5

Then Pear Deck will ask for your permission to get access to your Google Drive. You may call it if required.

Step 6

Then you will be asked a few questions that you have to answer.

Step 7

Then you need to enter the pin code of your area and the name of your school. You may 5-digit code in place of your PIN code or the name of your school if you find that the name of the code is not referred to on the list.

Step 8

Then you have to install JoinPD.

How Can You Make Your Teaching Session Effective Through JoinPD?

Technology has made us think that we can study well through the internet besides books. When the teachers give any lecture on any subject in a classroom, the topic is bound to a book as there is no internet connectivity. So the students can only know what is in the books. However, with a Pear Deck session, the teachers can add videos, photos, audio, and gifs to their presentations to make the presentation more lively so that the students will understand the topic easily. The students have to enter the 5-digit code on the webpage that their teachers have already shared with them for joining a Pear Deck presentation or session. The students have to visit the website in a browser like Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc., and submit the code there if they want to join a Pear Deck session or presentation created by their teachers.

A Short Overview About JoinPD

There is a website, especially a microsite or a subdomain named on This website takes users to The teachers have already sent a joining code to the students so that they can join a PEAR deck session or presentation very easily. The students need to submit the 5-digit code in the given box. The students have to visit this website in a browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc. Then they have to enter the given code. In this way, they will be able to join a pear deck session very easily.

How Can I Use the JoinPD Join Code?

The teachers share a join code so that the students can join a Pear Deck session easily. The students need to provide that code while joining a Pear Deck session. Whether they will need a Microsoft account or a Google account to join the session depends on the settings of the teachers. If you want to join a Pear Deck session or presentation with a join code you have to follow the simple steps that are mentioned below:

Step 1

Ask your teacher to send the join code for the session or presentation on Pear Deck. You may get in the class group. They usually send the code via messages or email.

Step 2

Then you have to visit a browser which is

Step 3

Then you will find a box where you have to put the 5-digit code.

Step 4

Then wait for a while, your Pear Deck Session will be loaded soon.

To Whom The Pear Deck Account or JoinPD Is accessible:

Pear Deck is accessible to anyone. Here is a list of the groups of people who can use Pear Deck:

  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Technology Administrator
  • Technology Integration
  • Librarians
  • District Administrators
  • Instructional Coach
  • Consultants and others
  • Media Specialists
  • Building Administration

What Are the Advantages of Using JoinPD?

The application is beneficial for students as well as teachers. The advantages of using the pear deck are as follows:

  • There is an add-on integration on the Pear deck.
  • The teachers or students can easily extend the lesson or class through online mode.
  • Synced roasters are allowed to access them, and they can easily manage them.
  • You need to sign in singly with your Gmail ID.
  • You can share a lot of files with your Google Drive.

How Can I Get Pear Deck JoinPD Join Code?

If you want to get Pear Deck join code you have to follow some simple steps that are given below. They are.

Step 1

First, you have to visit the official website of Pear Deck which is

Step 2

Then you have to enter the join presentation number with a  5-digit code. You should know that the joinPD code becomes invalid after 4 days.

Step 3

It also gives you an option to sign up with your email ID.

How Can I Join A Pear Deck JoinPD Session With Join Link?

It is very simple to join a Pear Deck session with a join link. For this, you do not require any code that is to be entered on to get access to a Pear Deck session. You can easily join it by clicking on a link. You have to follow the simple steps that are mentioned below if you want to take part in a Pear Deck session by using a link. They are:

  • You have to check whether your teacher has shared any email or message about the Pear Deck session.
  • To join the session or presentation you have to click on the link.
  • You will find the Pear Deck session to be opened in a browser.
  • It is the best way to view it using your Google Chrome. But you can also use other browsers.


Are there any free services that Lear Deck Offers?

If you have a free account you can post questions. You are allowed to post five presentations. There might be a maximum of 30 participants in each session.

Can we use Pear Deck free of cost?

Usually, Pear Deck is free for students as well as teachers. But if you want to have a premium account you will get access to this for 60 days free of cost.

What is the specialty of premium membership of Pear Deck?

The premium membership of Pear deck allows the teachers to view the dashboard. And ha can also review the performance of the students and sessions.

Final Words

So you have come to know that Pear Deck is supposed to be one of the best online education platforms in the United States. Audio and lecture/ online classes/ video presentations can be attended very easily through this application. It has come up as a blessing for the teachers as well as the students when they could not attend their classes physically during the Covid.

Pear Deck helped them to organize online classes to save study during that crucial period. It is the blessing of modern technology which has brought a lot of changes to human life. Life has become easy and comfortable with advanced technology. It has come about a revolution in various fields.

Such a field us education is highly benefitted by modern technology. It has played an important role during Covid in the field of education as well as other fields. The student can join online classes through it where everything was closed due to COVID-19. This not only helps them in studying but also helps to save time.

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