What is Coursera? Everything You Need to Know about Coursera

Everything You Need to Know about Coursera.

Coursera is the best online learning platform recognized around the globe. It is a group of professionals and certified instructors who collaborate to deliver the best educational tutorials and informative lessons.

It is also an accredited degree learning station, including a bachelor’s and a master’s. It is believed that one should never stop learning, whatever his age. Coursera believes this and allows you to learn and explore technical knowledge in the comfort of your home. Getting access to reputed college instructors and a platform to think, analyze, and share your content is possible because of Coursera.

Coursera made it possible to pursue overseas education by communicating with different universities, colleges, institutes, schools, and libraries. It has become one of the huge communities where a person can learn, grasp, share, communicate, and explore his mind.

Coursera was established in 2012 by Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller, computer science professors at Standford University. It has its headquarters in Mountain View, California, US. For 8 years, the platform has served education in 14 different languages worldwide and has become successful in establishing a unique formula for learning. Jeff Maggioncalda Current.

Everything You Need to Know About Coursera
Everything You Need to Know about Coursera

CEO of Coursera, along with his 1792 employee count (June 2020), has found gifted education in domains like medicine, biology, social science, business, engineering, data science, machine learning, mathematics, humanities, digital marketing, and computer science.

Let us understand more about the leading online educational platform, Coursera, by tackling a few questions. These questions will clarify all the doubts about registration, fees, content quality, course duration, certification, and much more.

What is Coursera?

As read earlier, Coursera is a leading and versatile online learning platform accessible both via website and application. Here, a budding learner could access the certified courses instructed by the top reputed professionals and certified instructors across the globe in 14 different languages.

Coursera is a community where one can communicate with learners from different corners of the world and explore knowledge in the educational field one chooses.

How does Coursera work?

Coursera comes up with courses in different domains like engineering, science, mathematics, humanities, biology, and social studies. Accessing the video sessions from the experienced staff, completing the quizzes and assignments, discussing the doubts and ideas, implementing a real-time project, and a final test is the process of Coursera to achieve extreme expertise in the subject. (Everything You Need to Know about Coursera).

Certified courses do provide a certificate of recognition and knowledge to the learner. This certificate is valid globally and doesn’t have an expiration date.

How to Use Coursera?

Coursera needs either an application downloaded from the Play Store, App Store, or Mac Store; otherwise, the browser opens the website. The learner first needs to register on Coursera with their name, phone number, and email address.

How to Use Coursera
Everything You Need to Know about Coursera

The verification is achieved using an OTP or a confirmation link through the mail. Once the learner completes registration, he can access a full list of courses on his screen. He can choose the route depending on the domain of interest domain in the field of study.

How to get a certificate from Coursera Learning?

Coursera offers a globally recognized certificate after the completion of the course. This certificate has enormous value and is free from the expiration date. Learners can achieve the certification by enrolling themselves in their preferred courses.

Coursera doesn’t entertain any cheating or skipping of quizzes and homework. Genuine learners are always honored with knowledge, wisdom, and certificates.

How to submit assignments on Coursera?

The steps to submit an assignment for Coursera are as follows:

  1. Select the course you want to send a job to.
  2. Open the assignment page.
  3. Read the instructions for uploading and make sure your upload file is on the same platform
  4. In the choose file option, browse your data from the computer 
  5. Hit upload.
  6. Your assignment is now ready for review by experts.

Make sure you complete your assignment to avoid re-completion and submission.

How to download Coursera videos for free?

When one enrolls in the course, he will have access to a range of video lessons. With every video, the lesson learner has the option of live streaming over the internet or downloading.

Below the video, learners can find an option for downloading.

Learners could access the downloaded video and stream it using the video player on their device. In this way, a learner could earn free access to the video lessons and watch them with no internet connection.

How to search for your specified course?

Once the learner completes his registration on Coursera, he will have a dashboard from which he can track his progress in enrolled courses. His badges, his score, and every other record will be available on the learner homepage dashboard.

How to get a Coursera certificate for free?

Coursera offers 50+ free certification courses. From beginner to expert course guidance and encourages learners by providing free certificates to beginners. So one could access the certification for free. And if considered for paid certified courses.

Everything You Need to Know about Coursera

Coursera doesn’t change much from the learners if it comes to the quality of education and the weight of the certificate they provide. It is the most affordable learning platform on the globe.

Which one is the best Coursera or Udemy?

Every online educational platform is specifically targeted and designed to consider its norms and principles. Udemy mostly concentrates on individual learning. A personal and informal style is preferred by Udemy for learning. Still, Coursera provides structured and professional learning courses. If one wants to revise things or go through overall concepts and schemes, Udemy is preferred.

 If a learner aspires to learn from the beginning making every idea through and achieving expertise in the domain of interest Coursera is preferred. Coursera provides a structured, planned, and professional way of learning, which also involves interaction with a community of interested people in the same domain.

This access over the course makes it special and stands unique in other learning platforms like Udemy, EdX, and many more.

The Best Coursera Course
Everything You Need to Know about Coursera

Learners review the course throughout their lives.

The learners’ reviews and suggestions are always taken into consideration and worked upon for the betterment of understanding. Coursera provides an affordable, economically feasible course for the learner.

The Coursera Dashboard becomes a learner’s report card that traces every progress in the course, manages badges, gives rewards, suggestions, and reviews, and also mentions the score of assignments to the learner individually.

Coursera is, therefore, considered to be the best online learning platform for every learner and believes that learning is indeed worship and wisdom.

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