The Redragon M602 RGB Wired Gaming Mouse: Review

How good is the Redragon M602?

the Redragon M602 review: You should know that keyboards, mice, and headsets from Redragon are frequently good value for the money. Although they may not always be as good as more expensive ones, they can provide excellent value for money. Therefore, it is good to know about their product categories and see what quality you can expect. For example, the Redragon m602 is among the best-selling varieties.

Redragon Keyboards have Redragon m602 software installed in themRedragon is most known for its low-cost mechanical keyboards. In the Redragon m602 review, people usually include that it is for a low price and value for money. Most other brands would also offer a “mechanical-feel” or membrane-style keyboard at Redragon’s low cost, but Redragon instead delivers actual mechanical switches. Getting a real mechanical keyboard for such a low price allows folks who desire the mechanical feel without spending a fortune to do so. Keep in mind, however, that there are inevitable trade-offs.

How can you save money with Redragon products?

How can you save money with Redragon products?

Redragon saves money on their boards by adopting a less expensive clone switch. Instead of using a well-known switch manufacturer like Cherry MX or Gateron, Redragon uses Outemu switches. Know the difference between Redragon m601 vs. m602. Outemu switches, often marketed as having a “Redragon m602 Nemean lion, “are okay for the price, but they don’t last as long as Cherry MX switches. The quality can also be a little unpredictable from the controller to the switch. They can work well if you want a mechanical keyboard on a budget, but they will never be as good as better switch brands. 

Do you know about the unique lighting of Redragon m602?

Do you know about the unique lighting of reddragon m602?

The RGB lighting experience is typically greatly desired by folks who are new to mechanical keyboards. With bright per-key illumination and a gratifying number of various lighting settings, Redragon meets this expectation. As a result, the Redragon m602 gaming mouse is in great demand. Investing in a full mechanical keyboard with RGB lighting provides you with the features and experience that a well-known brand would charge up to twice as much for That is true; expect to pay twice as much for the same elements from a major brand. 

Redragon keyboards will employ less expensive parts and won’t have as much software support as others. Read the Redragon m602 nemeanlion review for better knowledge. In other areas with a lower level of quality and the changes, Redragon saves money in different ways. What you may expect from one of their mechanical keyboards is as follows: Keycaps made of ABS are typically thinner and less robust. In addition, they will become gleaming and oily with time. Learn more about the differences between ABS and PBT keycaps and why you should select the Redragon m602 wired gaming mouse.

The non-detachable power wire is favored on higher-end keyboards. It makes the keyboard more portable, and the cable is easily replaceable if it breaks. Unfortunately, you cannot expect excellent stabilizers on a budget keyboard. The larger keys are likely to rattle and wobble a little.

How can you choose that is Redragon keyboard right choice for you?

Redragon keyboard

Redragon mechanical keyboards are a great option if your budget is set less and cannot go any higher. It is fantastic that you can get all of the functionality of a more expensive board. The Redragon K582 and K552 are currently the favorite Redragon keyboards. The Redragon m602 RGB wired gaming mouse is available online and offline at a very reasonable price. Alternatively, you can visit the Redragon website to buy one. You should not expect the same level of quality or performance. Redragon’s mouse is another popular product offered by Redragon. Their mouse comes equipped with macro keys, RGB illumination, and customizable DPI settings, making them well worth the money.

Know about the M913 Impact Elite and were blown away by its quality and performance. The Redragon m602 RGB wired gaming mouse is the favorite of many people. Keep in mind that the features will vary depending on the product. Redragon Mouse is not nearly as cost-effective as their keyboards, but they still add a lot of value to the table.

 You may usually expect the construction quality to be a little flimsier and less robust. When you twist the mouse, it will feel lighter and creakier. Redragon, on the other hand, offers the features of a more expensive product at a somewhat reduced price. This is what makes Redragon m602 RGB wired gaming mouse different from other products.

Are Redragon Headsets worth buying?

Redragon Headsets

The Redragon Zeus H510 is a budget-friendly option. This headset is one of the best under the lowest-priced headsets because of the amount of comfort and durability it provides. In addition, this headset can blow you away with its excellent sound quality and sturdy construction. While you have not tried the Redragon headsets that are less expensive Just like the Redragon m602, the Zeus and the Redragon m602 is a fantastic choice worth the money.

It would be best if you also looked for other headsets that are even more budget-friendly. However, it is difficult to recommend anything that can be the best at the lowest price for headsets because the quality tends to suffer. Redragon offers a wide range of items, including speakers, webcams, and more, in addition to keyboards, mouse, and headsets. The webcam and speaker of Redragon seem to perform very well. The speakers can be attached to form a complete soundbar or removed to be placed in the corners of your desk. Overall, the sound quality is quite good. The webcam provides adequate video quality for Zoom meetings or streaming, but it won’t blow you away.

List of features of Redragon m602

List of features of Redragon m602

The wired gaming mouse Redragon m602 

Ergonomic Redragon M602-RGB “Griffin” RGB Backlit Gaming PC Mouse can be used up to 7200 DPI (user selectable 800/1200/1600/2400/7200 DPI), 10G acceleration. In addition, the Gaming Grade Micro Switches offer longevity, higher durability, and extraordinary responsiveness, giving you a more significant advantage over your rivals.

RGB backlit MMO programmable gaming mouse: 

The MMO has user-programmable buttons, and 5 Memory Profiles, each with a unique LED color choice for easy identification. There are seven different backlighting options to choose from. (The backlight can be turned off.) The Redragon M602-RGB Gaming Mouse allows you to customize your gaming experience completely.

Ergonomic gamer mouse: 

It provides an extraordinarily comfortable and precise gaming experience. The Redragon M602-RGB PC Gaming Mouse’s ergonomic shape is designed for comfort, and the buttons have been optimized to decrease click fatigue.

Advantages of using Redragon M602

The Redragon M602-RGB Mouse has the following features: 

  • Built-in weight tuning for the perfect balance, Anti-Skid Scroll Wheel, and long-lasting smooth Teflon footpads for optimal gaming control. There are seven programmable buttons. There are eight buttons in total. Redragon Gaming Mousepads and Keyboards are compatible with the mouse. It comes with a 6-foot, 3mm robust high-speed braided fiber cable and a gold-plated, corrosion-free USB connector for a reliable connection.
  • Compatible for gaming PC mouse: The Redragon products are compatible with Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, or Windows XP, with limited Mac OS support Compatible with all central gaming computer and laptop brands.
  • Surface Coating: The Redragon products have a surface coating of soft rubber skin. The 1.8 m long braided line can withstand up to 10,000 flexes, and a constant load of 10 k Gold-plated surface ensures a better connection and long-lasting quality.
  • A specially developed Teflon composition ensures excellent gliding. The mouse glides strictly horizontally thanks to the larger foot area, balanced foot height, and optimal placement. Two user-customizable thumb buttons allow the mouse to be tailored to the needs of the user. On the top side, there are two more buttons.
  • The fantastic optical sensor with high precision is there in Redragon products. Any mouse key can be used to change the cursor speed. There are four DPI levels to choose from, each of which can be tailored to your specific requirements. Extra buttons have different colored backlights.

The Redragon M602 has special features for gaming

The Redragon M602 has special features for gaming

The Excessive Precision Sensor ensures pinpoint accuracy, while the Gaming Grade Micro Switches ensure long-term durability, sturdiness, and responsiveness in the Redragon M602, giving you a significant advantage over your opponents. In addition, you are providing an exceptionally comfortable and precise experience for computer gaming. The Redragon M602-RGB PC Gaming Mouse has an ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hand and has buttons that have been optimized to reduce click fatigue.

The Redragon M602-RGB Mouse has weight tuning built-in for exact stability, an Anti-Skid Scroll Wheel, and Sturdy Easy Teflon ft pads for final gameplay management is also present in Redragon M602-RGB. There are seven programmable buttons. There are eight buttons in total. Redragon Gaming Mousepads and Keyboards are compatible with the mouse. 

How can you modify the sensitivity of your mouse?

How can you modify the sensitivity of your mouse

The number of DPIs (dots per linear inch) that a device can detect is the standard by which mouse sensitivity is measured. You can rapidly modify pointer speed for precision operations like in-game targeting or photo editing by altering the DPI. Some mouse models have specialized buttons (DPI On-the-Fly buttons) that you can use to modify the sensitivity of your mouse on the fly (DPI).

You can very quickly change the DPI (dots per inch) of your mouse. If your mouse has on-the-fly DPI buttons, hit one of them to change the DPI settings for each DPI button. The new DPI setting will be temporarily displayed on the mouse LCD.

The Redragon M602 mouse was designed to be a competitive gaming mouse. The Redragon M602 delivers an instant click reaction from the high-quality OMRON micro switches down its 6ft of braided, insulated fiber cable in a world where milliseconds matter. Some people opt to use six buttons because they only have five fingers (your thumb gets two). As a result, the Redragon M602 received buttons with a somewhat bigger surface area than the mice of competitors. The DPI switcher, which is centrally situated and impossible to miss, can immediately toggle your resolution up or down, moving you from quick twitch to pinpoint accuracy when your game requires it.


The Redragon m60 popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, with the brand now being sold at big box stores like Microcenter. Redragon has grown in popularity due to its good quality, reasonable costs, and wide availability. A concealed compartment in the palm of the Redragon M602 holds up to eight 2.4g weights. In stressful situations, add extra weight to avoid overshooting targets or reduce hand jitter on frictionless surfaces like our mousepads. 

You can also remove the weight to control the mouse’s momentum better and allow for faster movement. A pro gamer is retiring at the age of 24; these wrists and fingers are damaged by arthritis and carpal tunnel resulting from long hours of training and competing.

The use of Redragon m602 is increasing because of its unique features. You can have an excellent career live-streaming events for a few years, but this can never allow you to open another jar of pickles. In the last several years, computer input device ergonomics has advanced tremendously, so the range of products in Dragon m602 is also increasing. If you are looking for low-cost gaming peripherals or your first gaming keyboard, mouse, or headset, then you should know that Redragon is the first place you should look to start. Keep in mind that, while their items are suitable for the price, they will not match the experience of a higher-end option.


How to change the color of Redragon m602

If you want to change the color of the Redragon m602, then you should find the griffin by going to the mouse setting. First, open the software they downloaded from their computer. Then go to the light settings and select full illuminated, then select the desired color and click apply.

How to change the color on the Redragon m602 nemeanlion?

It is effortless to change the color of the Redragon m602 Nemean lion. For that, you need to go to the “Light tab” in the Redragon mouse program. It is worth noting that the mouse comes with five basic profiles. So you can choose from 16 million LED color options while changing the Light settings. And then finally you should click on “Apply.”

Redragon m602, how to change the weight?

You should be aware that the weight of the Redragon m602 is 4.6 ounces. To change the weight, you can reduce some functionalities of the mouse. 

How to assign buttons for Redragon m602?

Make sure the mouse you are using is chosen under the connected device on the Buttons tab. Next, select Macro from the drop-down menu beneath the button you want to reassign. The Macro Editor window will appear on the screen. To begin, select New and have a fantastic experience.

How to program m602 redragon?

To program the software of Redragon, you can use third-party software, and with that, you can very quickly unzip the Redragon software.

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