How To Use Xbox 360 Controller On PS3?

How to use the Xbox 360 Controller on PS3?

The new adapter allows the Xbox 360 controllers to work on the PlayStation 3. Cross Battle Adapter is a small, simple device that lets you plug your 360-wired controller into the included USB port and then plug the adapter into itself.

On the basis of my knowledge, there are two solutions to your problems. Get things straight: Original Xbox Pads won’t work out of the box with your PS3, and no solution will provide 100% of the features of your DualShock Pads (SixSexxis, Trigger, etc.).

Use a market-price adapter

There are some adapters on the market that can be quite expensive but let you use your Xbox-pads on your PS3. XCM does not allow you to use SixXaxis, and I do not know of any adapters that have this feature. It may be that some of these (or others) use adapters and can provide more specific information.

Use a cheap third-party GamePad

The second way to play with a pad like the Xbox on your PS3 is to buy third-party hardware that can be used on your PS3. The pad is a wireless plus; you don’t need any wiring through your living room (the XCM adapter only works for wired pads!). The speed link pad has a slight catch with its trigger buttons. Overall, this particular pad is one of the nine (Xbox / PS3), but the pad to be able to play Xbox on your PS3 is a better and cheaper way.

How to use Xbox 360 Controller on PS3

While the console battle between the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 is raging and you can debate all day about which system is making the best games, popular opinion has proven that the 360 is the home of superior controllers.

The inclusion of ergonomic trigger buttons is ideal for any FPS title, and the overall feel has been appreciated since the systems were launched. PS3 owners do not want to be excluded from the luxurious, and XCM has announced a new adapter to use your PS3 controller on the Xbox 360 that will allow crossover transformation. The Cross Battle Adapter is a small, simple device that lets you plug your 3-wired controller into the included USB port and then plug the adapter into your PS3. Turn it on, and now you can crank through Killzone 2 even faster using the so-called 360 controller trigger system.

Additionally, the adapter also acts as a turbo enabler, allowing users to quickly turn on a switch and add quick-fire to any individual button on the controller. It is like the old NES Advantage, only a half-dozen times smaller.

How to connect a PS3 controller to an Xbox controller?

Items you will need to connect:

  • XCM crossfire converter for Xbox 360
  • A Weird PS3 Controller
  • A Weird Xbox 360 Controller
  • Finally, An Xbox 360 Console

This can be quite annoying when using Xbox 360 controllers. Fortunately, Xbox enthusiasts can use the PlayStation 3 controller in Xbox 360 games instead. No, it’s not magic, and it’s not illegal.

It’s still an ideal way to use the PS3 controller while enjoying Xbox 360 game titles.

  • Connect the XCM Crossfire Converter to the Xbox 360 console.
  • Connect the Xbox 360 controller to the XCM crossfire converter port.
  • Press the right trigger or RT button on the Xbox 360 controller. This is the shooting button for first-person shooting games. Remove the RT labeled button by one layer on the XCM crossfire converter.
  • Press the RT button one or two more times on the Xbox 360 controller. Remove the RT button on the XCM converter again. The button should be at the top of the converter. Press the RT button on the Xbox 360, or once more.
  • Unplug the Xbox 360 controller converter. Plug the PS3 controller into the Xbox 360 converter. Now press the R2 button on the PS3 controller.
  • Clock or counter-clockwise on the right analog stick on the PS3 rotate elements. Move the TCM converter tilt button to the “R” level. Rotate the left analog stick and the converter tilt button on the “L” Move stage.

Another Way to Connect PS3 with Xbox 360

  • Plug in a USB port on your PS3 controller.
  • Please install the latest version of MotionJoy.
  • Run the DS3 tool.
  • Select the Driver Manager tab.
  • Select the checkbox to select test load drivers.
  • Wait a while, and display a dialogue box to install or approve.
  • Select the Profile tab.
  • Tick the Xbox 360 controller emulator “Xinput-Default”.
  • Press the pink enabled button at the bottom of the window.
  • Enjoy! It works 100% sure that the vibration testing button.

Power A that Makes a Wireless Xbox 360 Controller for the PS3

Power A Xbox 360 Controller – The most natural “traditional” controller took what was best about it and had a great time bringing it to the PS3. Pro Elite and the PS3, it is only $ 50. Analog your left side and below the D-pad at the top left. Many parts of the bottom and the Breathing equipment are extended, it is coated with the material to breathe, in which you play the game for hours is a huge difference.

How to use Xbox 360 Controller on PS3

The thing that brings power to the 360 is the shoulder button. The L1 and R1 buttons are tough, and the L2 and R2 shoulder buttons are super mushy like the PS3. Oh, and you’ve still acquired the power of Sussex, so there’s no abandonment. The more third-party wireless you need for the dongle, the more you get glittering buttons and true wireless. Dongle has been included.

With the help of the Cronus Adapter

Cronus, which is on top of a black USB dongle behind a tiny, low single-digit display and a USB input. Add it to your favorite console, plug it in sync, and you’re going. We have an Xbox 360 and PS3, using a controller to play a round of Battlefield 3, and things were easily moved. We didn’t get an opportunity to do the sync process, but the device manufacturer assured us that it was valuable enough.

Of course, for anyone, that’s why you would like this sort of device. The scene painted for us was of an acquaintance who doesn’t have the identical console reception (if you recognize that you are simply able to see such personality flaws).

How to use Xbox 360 Controller on PS3

Or you may have chosen a replacement system yourself, but this controller isn’t able to jump. We’ve spoken to the representatives of the device, which reduces the prospect of change, perhaps a bit over the entire thing we’ve been trying to board, as long as manufacturers are concerned.

Pricing or availability isn’t yet clear, although we’ve been told that the corporation wants to bring it to plug in two to three months, with prices starting from about $50 to $60.


Can I connect my Xbox 360 controller to my PS3?

Yes, you can connect your Xbox controller to the PS3 with the help of USB ports.

Do all controllers work on PS3?

No specific controllers that are made for PS3 specifically work with PS3. Otherwise, you need a USB or Bluetooth to connect controllers with PS3.

Can I use a USB controller on PS3?

Yes you can, it supports USB gamepads.

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