Best Discord Music Bots In 2022 | Top List of Discord Music Bots

Discord music bots have taken themselves to the highest peak of gaming chat service in a few years. Discord music bots allow the user to play music in the background while they chat with other in the community. There are two music bots available in discord. After the shut down of rythm bot and groovy bot, discord bot came there as a replacement. Groovy and rythm bot were seized for violating the rules and regulations of YouTube.

What are Discord Music Bots

Discord music bot usually allows you to play music when you are using Discord. You have to type in a command so that the hot can join your channel and start playing music during your chat sessions with your community. The bot will bring music from different streaming platforms and play it for you through Discord.

The Method Of Adding Discord Music Bots

To add music bots to your discord server at first, you have to invite them to your channel. You should click on the link of different music bots. Then add the music bot to your channel from add to server menu. At last, you have to click on continue and the music not will be added.

The Process Of Using Music Bots

The process of using music bots is very simple. The steps of using it ate given below:

  • First, you have to join a voice channel and type in the particular instruction to make the bot join and start playing music.
  • You have to look upon the instructions of each music bot as they have their own unique set of instructions.
  • Then, to start playing music from a specific origin such as YouTube,  Spotify, etc you have to give the particular commands and enter the Apt command to stop the current track.
  • Then, you have to enter the specific command for the hot to leave if you no longer want it to be in your channel.

Top Discord Music Bots In 2022

Here is a list of a few top-rated discord bots that you can opt for as an alternative to rythm and groovy bots. The best discord bots are given below:

Hydra Bot:

Discord music bots Hydra Bot

Hydra Bot is one of the best discord bots available in the market termed groovy bot replacement or rythm bot replacement. There are many features in the hydra bot. They come up with many customization options, multilingual language support, command lust, and so on. If you buy the premium hydra bot you may have global volume control, auto play, audio effect, 24hours playback, unlimited saved playlists etc. Besides English, it supports Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese languages too. The most attracting part of this discord bot is that you can create an extraordinary song request channel at the time of setting up the bot. This is a high-quality bot which is easy to use and is linked with the discord community very well. That is why it can be used as a groovy bot alternative.

Fredbot: Fredbot discord

Discord music bots Fredbot discord

is a popular discord bot that is free. You may add the fredbot and use it in your discord server. Music can be played through fredbot from different sources such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitch, and so on. Music lovers can switch their playlists with the help of this bot. This bot comes with several features that you can use. By using fredbot you can control your playlists and play the music without resetting them manually. You can search for music here as well as link the song straight to fredbot.


Mee6 Discord music bots

Mee6 is one of the best discord bots available here. It allows the users for moderation, reaction roles, customize commands and so on. With this bit you can listen to music from discord server. When a specific content creator begins a stream or a new content on any place like YouTube you will get notification through this bot. There is a level up fast system and leveling system which you can use and get special rewards. More than 14 million servers use this bot. Hence, it has become one of the best discord music bots.


24×7 Discord music bots

This is a popular discord music bot that is used as the replacement for groovy and rythm music bots. The users are allowed to play songs from different sources like YouTube and other sites. They can also listen to the radio. If you go for the premium version you can get extra features such as volume control settings, quality music playing, etc. If you want to listen to non-stop music on discord, 24×7 will be the best to opt for.

Chip Bot:

Chip Bot Discord music bots

You can listen to high-quality music with a chip bot. It has several controls that you can utilize for a better adventure. In a premium subscription of it, there are a lot of perms such as nightcore mode, bass boost, 8D filter, and so on. It is featured with 24hours playback too. Hence, it has been listed among the best discord bots available in 2022.

Chill Bot:

Discord music bots Chill Bot

Chill bot is the best choice for music lovers. The users can listen to 24×7 lo-fi chilled-out music. If you want to play or pause the music you can easily do that. It is a radio station, so you can not play your own playlists with this bot. It is a live-streaming radio station where you can avail great radio station experience. The chillbot is named so because the user can relax and chill with friends without facing any problems.

Pro Bot:

Discord music bots pro Bot

Pro Bot is a popular discord bot that comes with numerous things that you can use. It can be used for welcoming users, using commands, auto-moderation, and of course listening to music. It supports multi-languages. There is an anti-raid protection feature which is very helpful.


Discord music bots Vexera

The discord bot, vexera has been listed among the top-rated discord bots of 2022. There are about 300000 users of vexera. It is used for welcoming new users and bidding good byes to members, moderation and playing music. You can control the tracks that you are playing by using various commands.


Botify is simply related to Spotify. It can be assumed by their names. Botify pulls out songs from Spotify straight to your discord channel. Also music from SoundCloud and Twitch can also be played through Botify. The most interesting thing about this discord music bot is that it is completely free. It also comes up with open source and simple player commands.

Zandercraft Bot:

It is a popular discord bot with a lot of functions such as looking for GIFs. This bot can play XHD and Hi-Fi music. It is one of the most popular discord music bots used as an alternative for groovy and rythm music bots.


This is a popular music bot that is very easy to use. It has a lot of instructions. It has a unique feature that is not there in other discord bots. The unique feature is that it can design and you can use your own custom prefix for instructions. It is sometimes unable to parse YouTube URLs and start playing video instead of audio. So mind it before choosing it.


This is a popular discord music bot which you can use to play music as well as do some fun stuffs. It you are looking for a high- quality discord music bot, opt this one blindly. This will not truly disappoint you anytime and anywhere.


There are many frequently asked questions about discord bots. The common questions are-

Can I modify the bot?

Yes, you can modify the bot.

How do discord music bots work?

The discord music bot brings music from different streaming platforms and plays the music for you.

Which discord music bots are ceased?

Groovy and rythm music bots are ceased for their work.

What is the biggest bot on discord?

There are a number of discord bots available in the market. Mee6 is the best of all.

What is a good discord server name?

Lucifer, Johnnie Walker, DarthVader, and Hellcat are the names of good discord servers.

Final words:

Being a regular user of YouTube you know very well that it is the best place to discover new music and listen. Discord music bots allow you to play music from YouTube or other sources directly on your voice channels as long as you want. So, forget to send long URLs to your friends. With a good discord music bot you can listen to music with other users and play songs directly from streaming platforms. But choosing a good discord music bot is not an easy task at all. The best discord music bot make it easy to search and play music through your discord server. They also come up with exclusive features.

Some music bots may close down for violating the norms. So be careful enough and updated before choosing a discord music bot. Discord has become the best gaming chat platforms in the world. It is up to you which you will choose for your entertainment.

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