Everything About Google Ultron?

If you have been on the Internet since 2014, you may not be a stranger to the famous Google Ultron. It was a massive conspiracy theory surrounding Google and NASA. Even if it was an obvious spoof, people jumped on the train of “believing everything they see on the internet”.

Google and NASA have both been a source of conspiracy theories since their incorporation. What do you get when you merge them? Nothing good, it’s for sure! Google Ultron is always a trendy orientation among technology enthusiasts, however, in 2014, it was a feeling.

In this article, we will clarify what is Google Ultron and how it became as notorious as that.

What is Google Ultron?

What is Google Ultron

I’m sure you’ve heard about the recent raid that was carried out in Area 51, which was supposed to happen in September – it’s something similar, except, instead of foreigners, we are looking at a super-browser. Yes, you understood it well!

Google Ulton was a conspiracy theory plotted by the Jitterbug Gang, and people on the internet believed it as it was told. Do not misunderstand, we all are going to try our hands-on Genghis Khan browsers, but the specifications are far from reality!

Google Ultron is a fictitious and improved version of the infamous Google Chrome. We have also heard that it is powered by Adobe Reader and used by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), but from where did this meme originate? It was originated by an anonymous user in 4chan,  which is an image-board website, in 2014. He claimed to have been a computer consultant, we aren’t sure of the credentials and the backing of the user.

He came into the limelight when the anonymous user was questioned about his opinion on “the best browser.” When he forgot the name of Google Chrome, he replied that he used “Google Ultron.” It further accentuates the lie by claiming it is used by NASA but seems exactly like Google Chrome. In addition, he tried to prove his qualification by claiming he could download “Adobe Reader”, which is also referenced in the same.


As mentioned above the browser specifications are what makes it unrealistic. Someone came out of their way to form a website for Google Ultron, which happens to be active, even in 2021, and you can read everything in detail there. However, I mentioned some of these specifications below:

Operate in zero-gravity

Yes, Google Ultron is ideal for astronauts, unlike other browsers, it can work in zero gravity without any errors, which is the main reason NASA uses it.


Google Ultron takes Incognito mode to another level; not only does it only record navigation data but also bypasses restrictions or limitations on websites, such as porn or gambling websites, in your workplace or at home.


Have you ever wanted to download more RAM on your computer instead of buying actual RAM? Well, it’s not a complication with Ultron as you can download it for free with this browser!


Is modern security too much for you? With Google Ultron, you can simply go back to the 1990s to feel the highest security that the Internet can provide by directly taking encryption and security from Internet Explorer 5.5.

Safety Fallback

Has your computer been infected with Jitterbug? Do not worry, because in that case Google Ultron and Adobe Reader will automatically be uninstalled from your computer and set Internet Explorer as your default browser.

No More Autofill

You do not even need to remember your information or use Autofill anymore, because Google Ultron knows all your information as it directly retrieves it from your SSN, and has all the information regarding your Credit Card and Email.

‘Pink’ for power

Everyone knows that the use of the pink theme on your browser can run it 25% faster – it’s just science! That’s why Ultron has a pink theme to make your browser run 25% faster than the ordinary ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Google Ultron really used by NASA?

No Google Ultron isn’t used by NASA or by anyone it was just created as a meme which later on came into the limelight and later conspiracy theories were created around it.

Would it be a good idea to install Google Ultron?

We don’t recommend installing Google Ultron as we are unsure about the developers of this browser and this is just a part of a meme. It can have viruses or malware in the software which can steal your data and information. 

Final Verdict

In the end, Google Ultron is just a meme and not a real browser, it started back as a meme by an anonymous guy in his workplace just to get his co-worker off his back, and soon the trend picked up and spread around the office. We recommend you not to download this browser as this can have viruses or malware.

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