How Easy Is It to Port a Number to Axvoice VoIP?

Voice-over-IP (VoIP) networks have been a fundamental part of communications for the last two decades. VoIP has brought a much-needed advancement in communication technology and has changed how people communicate over the Internet. First, there was email, then came instant messages (take AOL, for example), and then we got VoIP.

People wanted to talk and not just converse over messages, which is why VoIP came into existence. Simply put, VoIP sends voice message data over the Internet to other IP addresses. The definition is literally in the name itself. But because this technology is seeing a massive boom, the VoIP marketplace has been overflowing with software that allows ease of communication.

And since every VoIP system works similarly, carving out a place for oneself can be hard. But one of the ways to differentiate yourself from the rest of the competition is by offering a phone number portability checker. And it is where Axvoice comes in. It is one of the few VoIP business models that offers secure number porting, and if you are one of its customers, you can keep using your current phone number with AXvoice.

An Introduction to Axvoice

Axvoice is an old name in the VoIP industry. The service has been operating out of the US for many years now and has been fighting alongside heavy hitters like Skype and Vonage. Axvoice edges out the competition due to its secure call management portal, where users conveniently log in to get details about their call history and manage their accounts.

Every AXvoice residential or business VoIP subscription includes free unlimited in-network calling, while the AXvoice USA/Canada Unlimited Plan offers free unlimited international and off-network calls. You can also view your voicemails through your AXvoice web account or via email with the Enhanced Voicemail option, which is exclusive to this service. So, Axvoice has a lot of tricks up its sleeve that would appease most users.

Unlike other VoIP operators, Axvoiceis proposes its services at $15 a month for the complete package. The business also gives 200 outgoing minutes to its customers in North America and supports multiple phone lines in the same deal.

How Easy Is It to Port a Number to Axvoice VoIP?

It supports conference calling and offers free hardware and activation to businesses that subscribe to the plan. Other VoIP programs do not provide such comprehensive facilities and instead rely on a pay-as-you-go basis. It means you have to pay for every second of every call you make. Axvoice thus blows the competition out of the water due to its superior plans and prices on all fronts.

What is number porting?

But the only thing stopping businesses and individuals from making the switch to Axvoice from an existing VoIP service is phone number porting. Most corporations use company-assigned network providers, and changing network providers while holding the same number can be difficult. But Axvoice allows easy phone number porting.

For those who don’t know, number porting, or number portability, allows you to transfer an existing phone number to a new service provider. It allows users to keep the same number while operating under a new carrier.

For home-office users, this means not having to change your phone number in every directory and online resource every few years, and for companies, it means not having to spend large sums of money realigning their branding and customers with the transition. Users would have a new phone number every time they transferred carriers or service providers if number porting did not exist. Phone number porting is a crucial element in the increasingly competitive world of VoIP. Any VoIP service provider that ignores this functionality will inevitably fall behind.

What prerequisites are required for number porting through Axvoice?

Luckily, Axvoice provides number porting services to both existing and new clients. Here’s what you need to know about Axvoice’s porting process:

When you initiate the number porting procedure with Axvoice, the business offers a temporary number until the number gets ported to Axvoice.

The number porting process might take anything from two business days to a month. Businesses may have to wait a long time, but it is critical to understand why the porting process takes so long to fully complete. If you sign up with Axvoice and wish to request a number port, you must give the firm a letter of authorization.

Axvoice will then generate a Local Service Request (LSR) and forward it to the Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC). The CLEC will submit the documents to your former VoIP provider, and if things go according to plan, Axvoice will receive a Firm Order Commitment (FOC), giving the go-ahead for the transition process. Following that, Axvoice will notify you of the changeover date and begin the transition.

Axvoice further asks that consumers not call their current local provider to discontinue the service before the porting procedure is finished. Axvoice cannot make a new connection to a disconnected number.

For the number-porting process, Axvoice charges a one-time fee of $15. It is, pretty much the standard procedure for all number porting requests in the US, but Axvoice streamlines this process and eases the customer through it as much as possible.

Axcel Number Porting Procedure

  • To get started with Axvoice, go to their page and enter your current phone number.
  • After entering your phone number, you will be routed to a website where you can sign up for an Axvoice plan.
  • Choose the desired plan and input your ZIP or postal code.
  • Choose from the list of temporary phone numbers given with the area code.
  • If you want bespoke Axvoice hardware, choose it from the hardware menu and fill in the required details.
  • Continue to the payment and shipping details page to finish your transaction.
  • Once your purchase is complete, the sales staff will contact you to obtain the necessary documentation to begin the porting process.
  • You may also email the Axvoice VoIP phone service to start the process.

So, to answer the question, how easy is it to port a number to Axvoice? The answer is extremely easy. The steps are pretty self-explanatory, and Axvoice does all of the work on your behalf. You just have to be patient because the number porting process needs to go through the proper channels to ensure local laws are upheld. Other than waiting for approval, it’s a simple process.

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1. Can you port a cell number to VoIP?

Yes, you can port a cell number to VoIP. It is possible as long as the VoIP provider supports the area code or region of the phone number that you want to port.

2. How long does porting a number take?

Porting a phone number depends on specific conditions. However, it typically takes at least 1–7 business days.

3. Can a phone company refuse to port your number?

Usually, a phone company doesn’t refuse to port a number as long as you make a valid request for the porting procedure.

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