How To Block No Caller Id Calls ON An iPhone

No caller id iPhone: Are you “receiving a lot of calls from strangers? If yes, don’t worry we will share with you every tip and trick which will help you to escape from these strangers like (telemarketers, Scammers). Calls with “NO CALLER ID” mostly come from telemarketers and sometimes hackers use this type of software for hacking and blackmailing purposes.

They mostly call and ask for personal information such as Bank Account information, Credit card score, Home address, and much more. When they call us through “NO CALLER ID” they hide their number easily for security purposes. Most of the time it is impossible to trace these types of calls that’s why they take advantage of this thing.

Sometimes it feels very annoying to receive unwanted and cheap calls. We are human we can’t be happy all the time let’s assume you are in hospital or you are stuck in any other kind of emergency and receiving calls from telemarketers. How will you feel?. Absolutely you would feel so bad because you have already been disturbed and people are calling you and asking for personal information and trying to hack your ATM cards or other personal details.

Why do we receive these kinds of calls in the US?. The answer is very simple: we mostly receive these calls in the USA. The Federal Communication commission allows people to block or hide their number like “NO Caller Id” because of some privacy issues.  

But the good news is we can easily block unwanted calls from unknown people. Now we will share with you some tips and guidelines through which you can do the same and escape from scammers and hackers.

Method  Don’t Disturb

Don’t disturb is an easy and effective way to escape from strangers’ calls. You can block them using the do not disturb option effectively.

You don’t have to do too much. It’s simple: Go to settings > Do Not Disturb and enable this motion. When it is “ON” you will see the icon of the moon bar in your status bar.

After this, all numbers which are not listed in your contact list will be silent automatically. It means “No Called Id” will also be silent, because they are not listed in your contact list as well.

These calls are only silenced, not blocked; it means you will still get the calls.

Method Using Contacts

Now, you can create a new contact list and name this contact list “No Caller Id” Here is how?

Lunch the phone app and tap the button and enter the number like 000,00,00 and tap Done. Now scroll down and block the number, once you will do you will A popup will appear saying that from now you will not receive any calls or facetime and other incoming activities from this number ever.

Method Block No Caller Id

The best and most authentic way to block unknown calls is at the network level. Here is how?

Blocking Calls with No Caller ID

Blocking Anonymous Callers

How do I activate Anonymous Call Rejection

Moreover, you can easily block unwanted calls or numbers through call blocking and identification.

You can easily hide your number as well while calling. Just Go to settings and turn off the caller id option if the cellular network allows it. Remember one thing “Unknown Caller”  “Block Caller” and “Anonymous Call” all are the same.

Best Ways To Block No Caller ID On iPhone

Do we hate all kinds of unknown or unwanted calls?. Well, it’s not sure if we will receive a call from the HR department or a call from any big company for an interview.

We might be happy. But if we receive a call from telemarketers our anger goes to some high level. Hold your horses because we have an easy solution for you to avoid these scammers.

Although  There are many kinds of methods for blocking NO Caller Id on the iPhone. But we will share the 5 best ways to block no caller id on an iPhone which helps you a lot to save your iPhone from strangers and hackers’ calls. Let’s start with how all it does work and make our life comfortable.

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Silence Unknown Calls

As you know, they block all calls from settings not stored in the contacts. These calls are sent to voice mail and registered in the call list. You can check later on if you want.

Open the phone setting scroll tap the silence of unknown calls and enable this option.

Now, it means all the emergency and important calls from unknown numbers like( HR departments. Long-lasting friends) are blocked which could be problematic.

Please make sure before using this method that all the important and emergency numbers should be saved in your contact list.

Remember one thing if you messaged someone or received many calls from the same number the Siri identifies the number and suggests contacts, which means it allows it to pass through.

How to permanently block someone from using contacts

When you receive tons of unwanted calls per day from telemarketers or others. You have the option to permanently block them. Yes, I know what I said you can block permanently. Here you can do the same.

First of all, open the recent call tab and then look at the number and click on the I (icon) next to it. The next, step is to scroll down and block this number forever. Then tap to block contact and do it for the rest of his life.

Blocking one by one can be irritating and problematic. Companies call from different numbers. That’s you need to create a block cycle and put these numbers on it.

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Use career’s call service

Another tremendous way to stop unknown calls on iPhone, especially telemarketers or fishing calls. The enable method of the carrier’s call service is very easy. You just have to contact Google or a network provider company to activate this offer. Career’s call service varies from provider to provider.

Through Career’s call service you can block pesky calls but not all networks are available in your region. Before processing please check the status and availability of the service in your region.

Use Focus or  DND to block calls temporarily

If you want to block your call for specific times like during family functions, resting and partying,e.t.c.Focus/DND can be your best option.

1. Enable the Focus option on iPhone IOS 15

In iOS 15 Apple added a smart and versatile DND, FOCUS. When you set the focus option you have to choose who can call you. Here’s how to do it.

Go to phone settings →Focus →choose a focus. After that tap people →Calls from and then select all contacts.

You can create the Add Favorites section to add selected contacts. As you enable the focus options call or message would come from an unknown number and would be silent until you disable the focus mode.

2. Enable DND on iPhone IOS 14

If you are still at IOS 14 it means you don’t have FOCUS dont worry setup DND will allow only those calls which you want other calls will not disturb you.

Go to setting→Do not Disturb

Tap allow calls from the contact list.

As you enable the DND option, all unknown calls will be blocked. You can choose a set of favorite contacts and reach them to you easily.

Use a call-blocking app.

If you don’t want to enable different options there is an app as well. There are many apps that will help you to block unknown calls like True caller and Robo Shield.

Go to settings → call blocking app →toggle on the switch next to the app.

Now this app will prevent you from scam calls this will work according to your selected settings

Pros and Cons of Block NO Caller iD


You can escape from scam

Don’t need to receive any call

Nobody will ask about the personal information


Maybe you miss some important calls

HR department calls

Old lost friends call

Business meeting calls


Can you block a caller with no caller id?

Yes, why not. It is very easy. Go to contact, tap the “+” sign and enter the number. Now add this number as a new contact after that scroll down and tap on “Block Number”

Does star 67 block your number?

Adding a star before any number can block your iD when you call that number.

What  is the difference between a No Caller ID or a Blocked Number?

Calls that come with “NO Caller ID” mean the caller has to hide their number when they call.
When calls come with “Unknown Number” it means when the call was made the network didn’t get the number information properly.


We receive a lot of calls from different sales companies or telemarketers every day. Sometimes we don’t want to talk with these guys. well, we have the option to block these calls. This method is amazing and very easy to use.

We highly recommend you if you want to avoid the sales call Blocking option is ideal for you. We have already discussed the procedure, how it works, and all that. I hope this will be very helpful for you with no caller id iPhone.

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