What is TeamViewer? Uses and need

What is TeamViewer?

When we come to TeamViewer what it is? So, TeamViewer is a German Software application that allows for remote access to computers, desktop sharing, TeamViewer web-based conferences, online meetings, remote printing, and file transfers across web devices.

About TeamViewer

 It is an application that is used to remotely access a device from another one irrespective of the distance. The application works for all operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, iOS, etc.

The software became famous post the COVID-19-induced lockdowns.

With offices shut and social distancing a must, companies looked toward the online medium to provide them with a solution. TeamViewer was a boon- it allowed companies to conduct meetings, conferences, seminars, and share materials across devices smoothly.

TeamViewer software focuses on the remote control of computers, with a tinge of presentation and meeting features. Anyone can use TeamViewer to access another device from any part of the world remotely.

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TeamViewer: Features

TeamViewer Features

Now that the question of what is TeamViewer software is cleared up let’s talk about its extensive list of features-

Remote device control

You can remotely control any desktop from any part of the world using TeamViewer. This is extremely helpful when one needs to fix IT issues, share documents, fix bugs, etc.

This feature proved very useful during the lockdown when one couldn’t physically fix device issues.

Remote IT Cell

TeamViewer can be used to fix bugs and other IT-related problems on any desktop in any place in the world. This is beneficial when an IT expert can be physically present to fix that issue himself.

This remote device fixing is also beneficial to the environment as it reduces carbon footprints and allows for less commutation.

Cross-platform access

With the use of TeamViewer, you can have cross-platform access to any device. Let’s say your mother’s computer is broken, and due to living in different states, you cannot fix it.

But with TeamViewer, you can go into your mother’s computer from my tablet, desktop, laptop, etc., and fix any technical issue she might be facing.


Setting up a Virtual private network for any small business or office is a luxury due to the expensive cost. However, the benefits of a VPN for a Singular office are multiple.

TeamViewer’s services can be used as a VPN for businesses. A company or start-up can use TeamViewer as a remote IT cell, device access, and a VPN.

Unattended access

TeamViewer can also be used to access any unattended device in any part of the world. This helps IT professionals fix tech issues for employees who work from home or are on a business trip and need to access their work desktops.

Remote printing

TeamViewer can also be used to remotely print documents, posters, pamphlets, etc., as long as the printer supports wireless printing.

So, employees can print documents in the office while working from home with complete ease.


Teamviewer application supports a variety of flexible file-sharing options. Companies can safely transfer sensitive data from the desktop to the desktop with end-to-end encryption.

Data can be shared through the rapid file transfer mode that shares files twenty times the usual speed.

iOS screen sharing

TeamViewer also allows users to share their iOS device’s screen when being used on Apple devices. Live iOS screens can be shared with any desktop or mobile device.

Hopefully, the above information has given you the answer to what is teamviewer.com The software is an all-in-one solution to fixing tech issues, sharing information, sharing screens, printing remotely, etc.

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Advantages of : TeamViewer

Advantages of Teamviewer

Teamviewer- an easy-to-use desktop sharing and remotely accessing software that has reduced business costs and smoothed file transfers’ hectic processes.

It has quickly become a small IT cell, now being used to fix technical issues remotely and not physically, thus reducing the spread of COVID-19. Here are its advantages-

  • Free for non-commercial purposes
  • VPN for small companies
  • Fix tech issues at no cost
  • Reduce carbon footprints
  • Eases the process of working from home
  • Commercially viable
  • Easy file sharing
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Supports audio and video
  • Easy to use
  • Whiteboard to highlight objects on the remote screen
  • Works on multiple devices simultaneously

Disadvantages of Software TeamViewer

Disadvantages of software team viewer

While the software has made corporate lives easy and secure, the application isn’t free from faults. It has been used for fraud, spying, and voyeurism. Most targets have been people who aren’t very tech-savvy and who lack information about the digital domain.

The application can monitor whether the Teamviewer software being used is commercial or not. While non-commercial users are free, commercial packages are pretty expensive.

It lags from time to time and takes a lot of time to share huge files. Thus one cannot share huge files due to the fear of a frozen system.

It is costly, and the business packages are not light on the pocket. It works best when being used on a fast internet connection and otherwise is as good as not being used.

TeamViewer’s security and privacy issues

TeamViewers security and privacy issues

Remote device access services such as TeamViewer have been used to commit fraud and technical support scams. Remote-access software is very popular among askers to extract information, blackmail people, or commit fraud.

While for you TeamViewer is a remote accessing app that you use for work or helping friends and family, for fraudsters and askers is an application to make quick money and extort information.

Victims are called and claim to represent a computer support service.

They lie about the victim’s computer being infected with malware. Then, under the guise of filing it, they remotely access the desktop and infect it with viruses, tracking devices, etc.

Hackers may extract information and personal data to blackmail someone or install hacking devices on the computer to help them commit further crimes.

The disadvantages of TeamViewer

  • A hefty fee for commercial purposes
  • Cannot share large files
  • Ones that work on proxy servers
  • Devices are accessible only when on and active
  • A fast internet connection is a prerequisite
  • Devices being used must have Teamviewer installed and updated to the same version

Ways to use Team viewer software safely

If using TeamViewer is necessary for you, here are some practices to follow to ensure safety.

Use TeamViewer only when needed.

Do not keep the application running when you are not using it. This way, you can revert account asking and safeguard official data.

Log out once done

Do not stay logged in on the application even after using it. Instead, log in and log out before and after each use, respectively.

Strong passwords

Creating strong passwords that are not easily guessable will help secure your account and also prevent hacking.

To create strong passwords STEP-1-sing into the TeamViewer account. Select extras>options.

Step 2- choose the computer and contacts and then create a difficult password. Also, turn on two-factor authentication.

Two-factor authentication

Turn on two-factor authentication for your account. This will add another layer of security to your TeamViewer account.

Update TeamViewer

Always use the updated versions of the app. Updated versions are less prone to malware, viruses, and other such attacks.


TeamViewer is a remote accessing app. It can be used to gain access to another computer in a screen-mirroring way. This German software gained a lot of fire during the lockdown period when offices were shut.

Offices used it to conduct meetings and create. A remote IT cell, fix technical issues, print remotely, share files, iOS screen sharing, etc.

The younger generation used it to fix their friends and families’ devices, which they couldn’t physically access due to distance and travel restrictions.

The software has several advantages, including IT help, easy file sharing, end-to-end encryption, remote access to devices, remote printing, etc.

However, the idea of this perfect software is utopian. TeamViewer has its list of disadvantages such as hefty business packages, hacking, security issues, no extensive file sharing, a need for a fast internet connection, and the TeamViewer application to be installed and updated to the same version on all devices.

Thus TeamViewer is functional but also has flaws. If one must use this application, they take the precautions we have mentioned above to secure their accounts and stay safe.

Frequently asked questions

What is TeamViewer?

TeamViewer is a software application that allows remote access to devices such as laptops, desktops, tablets, etc. it can be used to fix IT issues, fix bugs, share files, conduct meetings, print remotely, etc. two devices that contain TeamViewer can log in and then gain control of one of the devices (as per choice) irrespective of the distance.

What’s team viewer used for?

Teamviewer can be used for a variety of things. It is an all-in-one solution for fixing technical problems, creating a small IT cell, sharing screens, conducting meetings, and seminars using audio and video, printing remotely, and using the whiteboard to highlight information.

Its software can recognize whether the purpose of the use is commercial such as office meetings or non-commercial such as fixing a family member’s system.

How can TeamViewer’s software be used?

TeamViewer’s software can be used by downloading and setting up the application. The software is free for non-commercial activities.
It is effortless to download and set up, and its control system has several personalized settings options. Its security bar can create stronger passwords and can also enable two-factor authentication.

Is TeamViewer safe?

Data in TeamViewer is end-to-end encrypted, and the software is also safe and secure. However, in 2016, many TeamViewer accounts were hacked, and sensitive information was compromised.

Moreover, TeamViewer and remote accessing apps its likes have been used to target people and scam them. Fraudsters gain access to the victim’s computer and gather personal or sensitive data or steal money.

TeamViewer isn’t 100% safe, but specific steps such as strong passwords, logging in and out, and two-factor authentication can help safeguard their accounts and prevent them from being hacked.

Is TeamViewer free?

TeamViewer is completely free for non-commercial activities, but commercial businesses cannot freely access the software.

The application can recognize whether the activities being conducted are commercial or non-commercial. While non-commercial ones like fixing a friend’s laptop are free, conducting business meetings isn’t.

Companies can purchase business packages to gain access to TeamViewer. However, these packages are pretty costly.

Is it reasonable to send someone your TeamViewer ID and password?

You should share your TeamViewer account and password with care. TeamViewer ID and password are sensitive pairs of information and can be used to access the device.

You should share it with only those whom you trust and can monitor. If it’s a family member or a close friend, you can share this information for uses such as fixing bugs.

However, several scammers may use your ID and password to hack your account, gain personal or sensitive information, and blackmail.

So be aware and share this sensitive information only with a few trustworthy people.

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