Why macOS Is Better Than Windows Operating System

If you are going to buy a desktop or a PC, you might have a precise choice and reasons behind it. But if we ask you if you are going to buy a Mac or Windows computer, you may not have a clear choice as to which one you should buy.

This article will help you understand the difference between the two major operating systems so that you can make an informed decision.

Apple computers have become more popular than ever in the last couple of decades, but Windows continues to be the market leader.

Apple Manufactures Software & Hardware

When it is to Windows, the operating system is developed by Microsoft, while the hardware that the respective OS supports is developed by other hardware giants. That’s not the case in macOS as the hardware and the software are developed by Apple.

The Windows operating system is designed keeping in mind the hardware specifications of the laptops and computers that support it. On the other side, Apple designs equipment considering the features of the macOS to deliver optimal performance.

MacOS Comes With an Intuitive Interface

Why macOS Is Better

Talking about the interface, macOS has a more attractive and compelling interface. When it comes to the outer design, you get a sleeker device with a better finish built out of recycled material. All in all, Apple devices are eco-friendly.

Though Windows also offers ease of use, sometimes users feel lost considering the long procedures to get to a specific app or program. Apple laptops, desktops, and other devices appear more sophisticated, whether it is the keyboard, trackpad, or magic mouse.

Macs Are More Productive Computers

Once you become used to macOS, you will find the operating system, keyboard shortcuts, and trackpad gestures more productive. The shortcuts and custom features make Apple computers easy to learn and operate.

With a trackpad or magic mouse, you would be able to browse through the apps and internet more conveniently and efficiently. You can customize the keyboard, trackpad gestures, and magic mouse functions as per your preferences.

MacOS Comes Pre-Installed With Handy Apps

Why macOS Is Better

Apple’s Mac operating system comes pre-loaded with useful apps that ensure a smooth operational environment. Built-in apps integrated into Mac computers boost the productivity and performance of home as well as business users.

The iWork productivity suite which includes Keynotes, Pages, Numbers, and more, makes Macs a powerhouse. Most of the apps can sync with iCloud and also HandOff to other Apple devices. Moreover, you get some of the high-performing interface apps, graphic editing apps, and uninstaller software with macOS.

Mac Is More Secure Than Windows

Security is another reason that compels users to buy a Mac over Windows computers. The fact is that though macOS is not immune to viruses, there are few possibilities of Macs getting infected as very few viruses and malware exist for this operating system.

Having an antivirus application is as important for Mac users as that of Windows. Mac’s UNIX base architecture is the reason behind its extensive safety. Without an antivirus app, similar to other operating systems, macOS exposes you to fewer cyber threats.

Macs Allow Free Upgrades to Latest OS

Why macOS Is Better

Apple has released 18 macOS versions to date, the latest being macOS Monterey. The upgrades to the latest version of macOS are free, and users can easily install it from the system preferences. However, users who have macOS Mojave or later versions running on their Mac computers can enjoy free upgrades.

Users running older versions such as El Capitan or Sierra will have to go to the App Store to get the upgrade. One of the major reasons why users prefer Mac over Windows is the free upgrade to the latest macOS versions.

Windows Run Better on Macs

Well, this can be painful, but they say that Windows runs far smoother on a macOS device. Since Apple users can install and download Windows operating systems on their Macs, they find it better to utilize the benefits of two major OS on one single computer.

The benefits are pretty much countless, and one can only realize it after using both operating systems. The fact is that the more you use a Mac or Windows computer, the more perks and benefits become apparent.

Every user is different, and so are the requirements, so the best way to compare the two operating systems and come to a conclusion is to use them personally and get to experience what each has to offer.


Why is MacOS more reliable than Windows?

MacOS is more reliable than Windows because it is owned by Apple which is considered one of the best brands. So, there are fewer chances of backdoors, loopholes, and inconsistencies.

Which is better Windows or macOS?

Windows tends to be more demanding and macOS tends to be more efficient. For high performance and gaming experience, Windows is a better choice. On the contrary, macOS is better for general computing and productivity tasks.

Is MacOS more expensive than Windows?

Mac usually uses high-quality hardware. So, Mac devices cost more than Windows computers.

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