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CCleaner Pro Review: Piriform CCleaner Professional is the premium version of the free PC optimization suite CCleaner by Piriform, which is very popular among users. As with its counterpart, professional CCleaner [CCleaner Pro Review], database analysis checks for cookies, cached files, downloaded files, and history in all major browsers, including Chromium, Firefox, Chrome, Brave, and Opera (though keep in mind that deleting cached pages and pictures means the sites you frequently visit will load more slowly the next time you open them).

CCleaner Pro is a versatile software tool that can clean junk files on your computer to make it faster and free up more storage space. If your computer is slow or if you are short on disk space, you may want to run CCleaner.

There is a free version of CCleaner that you can download now free of charge, but there is also CCleaner Pro, which includes several features missing in the free edition.

Your passwords and saved browsing sessions are stored by default. You can do this via the security settings of each browser, but CCleaner makes the process much more convenient.

CCleaner Pro Review - The Techno Ninja

This analysis also considers non-essential system files, including system files, the contents of the clipboard, and thumbnails. Again, it is interesting to note that, although they take up a small amount of disk space, some of these files exist to accelerate everyday tasks by avoiding the need to reload files. Files that could have a significant effect on your system are not checked by default, and selecting one will present an explanation of its purpose—something many system optimization tools do not offer.

Piriform CCleaner Professional includes a well-designed register cleaner. It might not have much impact on the actual performance, but it can help solve many common errors.

This flexibility is one of the most impressive features of the CCleaner Pro version: defaults clean your PC as entirely as any other optimization tool, but more advanced options are available for more confident users.

Clicking on the Applications tab shows other applications that will be cleaned in a necessary scan. Professional supports an impressive collection of CCleaner programs and will clear logs and temporary files that you may not even be aware of (such as antivirus logs and temporary files).

The scan itself is fast, and once you have run the cleaner, you’ll be able to see how much CCleaner professional monitors and deletes unwanted files and cookies. To make your decisions easier, we have done a review of CCleaner Pro and Free, which we hope will make it easy for you to decide whether it is for you or not.

Advantages and Disadvantages of CCleaner Pro

The scans take less time and are effective.The software uninstaller is quite basic.
It has advanced options for experienced users.
Documentation is done well.
You can set a time for scheduling.


CCleaner has four product plans:

CCleaner free:

CCleaner Professional (1 year for 1 PC), CCleaner Professional Plus (1 year for 3 PCs), and CCleaner Professional Plus (2 years for 3 PCs). The free edition has some standard privacy and cleaning functions, and the professional edition has more advanced features.

Here we will talk about prices paid for three planes:

CCleaner Professional (1 year for 1 PC)

You have to pay $24.95, and you can use it for 1 year on 1 computer. In this paid package, CCleaner Pro is the only product you can own.

CCleaner Professional Plus (1 year for 3 PCs)

You have to pay $39.95 for CCleaner Professional Plus (1-year 3PC), and you can use it for 1 year on 3 different computers.

CCleaner Professional Plus (2 years for 3 PCs)

You have to pay $69.95 for CCleaner Professional Plus (2 years for 3 PCs), and you can use it for 2 years on 3 different computers.

Differences between CCleaner Pro and CCleaner

There are a lot of differences that you will find between CCleaner Pro and the free version. We will be covering a lot of differences between CCleaner Pro and Free in this review.

Registry Cleaner

The first difference covered in our CCleaner pro-free review is Registry Cleaner. CCleaner includes a complete registry cleaner. However, this is likely to have a limited effect on overall system performance but is handy if you have specific registry problems, like a new version of a program refusing to settle despite already having an older version installed. CCleaner Pro does not delete all the registry entries “problem”; it automatically finds them. So, you can cross-check the registry problems and select the ones you wish to delete.

Unlike most registry cleaners, it tells you why you should consider removing a registry error and gives you the option to disable it. The software can also save a backup of the registry so that you can restore it in an unlikely event.

Software Management

In this review, we have covered the fact that CCleaner Pro also includes a software uninstaller. It is a pity that it doesn’t allow you to remove several programs at once (for this, you will need another piece of software; there are many available on the market for this task). Still, it shows a lot more applications than Windows Integrated Program Manager, including pre-installed Windows 10 applications, which are otherwise difficult to purge. As we know, many of our readers won’t be fans of in-built Microsoft games, so finally, it is time to bid them farewell.

CCleaner Pro will not automatically check the registry and leftover files after the program is uninstalled, but a quick scan with cleanup tools will do the job just as well.

CCleaner Pro uninstaller software can delete a program at a time, but it is an easy way to get rid of these pre-installed Windows 10 applications you never use and are just taking up space on your PC.

There is also a solid boot manager, which includes options for the size in the Windows context menu. This is extremely useful if you are sick of sharing storage space with programs that you rarely use.

Plugin Manager

Another difference covered in our CCleaner pro-free review is the plugin manager. The plugin manager is handy if you notice one of your web browsers behaving strangely recently and suspect an unwanted plugin could be the culprit. CCleaner Pro also gives you quick access to System Restore, in addition to a duplicate file finder. Still, it might make sense if it were an option when running the standard analysis rather than a separate toolset in a submenu.

Drive Wiper

The CCleaner Pro Plus review has a drive wiper, which is advantageous if you intend to recycle or sell one of your drives. You can use it to delete “empty” space to remove traces of deleted files that might still be recoverable. Dive into CCleaner options, and you see that you can configure the software to overwrite files several times whenever it removes them.

Schedule your Scans

You can also choose for CCleaner to run its standard scan on a regular schedule—daily, weekly, monthly, or every time you log in to Windows. This is one of the defining characteristics that makes CCleaner Pro stand out from its free counterpart and is extremely convenient—just schedule it and forget. If you share your PC, you can limit CCleaner to some accounts (if the files are not purged whenever you log in).

The software can be completely discreet, closing automatically after cleaning, warning, hiding messages (including irritating User Account Control alerts), and even shutting down the PC after cleaning if you set it as the last thing to be carried out at night.

Unlike the free edition of the software, Professional also offers automatic updates, which can be downloaded in the background.

CCleaner Startup Options

The start screen of CCleaner Pro includes four sub-tools:

CCleaner Pro startup items

  • Windows: Control what starts with Windows when you first log in to your user account.
  • Scheduled Tasks: A task list window controls the schedule; you can disable one of them.
  • Context Menu: To enable or disable the options that appear when you right-click on files and folders.
  • Windows Services: The part of CCleaner Pro that lets you disable or enable the services offered by Windows.

Custom Clean

Custom Clean is another different feature from the free version that you can access in CCleaner Pro. It is much more detailed and perfect if you want complete and total control over what CCleaner deletes.

It would be difficult to enumerate all the custom scan screens that can work because the options are visible only if you have these programs on your computer. For example, if you do not have Firefox installed, you will not see the Firefox options listed.

Here are some general things to expect when cleaning the custom scan screen. For example, when dealing with web browsers, you can erase all of the following:

Internet cache

Internet history


Download History

Last download File


Site preferences

Input forms

Saved Passwords

You can check or uncheck anything on the list. Anything checked will be scanned and eliminated by CCleaner Pro, and anything unchecked, of course, will be skipped.

Using the analyze button will scan your computer without deleting anything, which is super clean because it shows you how much junk is removed without actually doing it. To remove unwanted data, use the button Run Cleaner.

You can also watch the CCleaner pro review on YouTube for more clarifications on this context.

A Quick Review of CCleaner Pro - The Techno Ninja

CCleaner Pro Options

As if customizations were not enough, CCleaner Pro offers a large number of settings you can modify to your liking.

Here are some of the best ones that we liked:

  1. Create a Run CCleaner shortcut from Recycle Bin to quickly start the program at any time.
  2. Select websites on which cookies should be stored and not deleted (so you do not wait longer times when visiting your favorite websites).
  3. Include and/or exclude items that you do not ever want CCleaner to remove, including files, folders, file types, and registry keys
  4. Set CCleaner to run on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis at any time of the day; running Windows logon execution is supported, too.
  5. Implement Smart Cleaning for CCleaner Pro to notify you whenever many unwanted files are detected, prompting you to remove them (for example, alerting you if cleaning would save more than 1GB)
  6. Enable automatic browser cleaning that will remove the junk from web browsers each time you close them.
  7. Select the user accounts from which CCleaner Pro should remove the data.
  8. Allow updates to be automatically placed in CCleaner Pro whenever necessary to ensure you are always updated with new features and bug fixes
  9. Choose to only delete files that are more than 24 hours old, or disable this option to ensure that even the most recent files will be deleted.
  10. Hide warning messages to clean up faster.

Is CCleaner safe?

In short, yes. The only dangerous thing about CCleaner is that it can potentially delete files that you do not want to. To tackle it you can disable or remove the programs you do not want to be deleted. As long as you double-check everything, you should have no problem.


Overall, we think that CCleaner Pro is quite worth the money-cleaning tool for PC. Even the free version is better than other cleaning tools that are available in the market like Avast Cleanup.

Despite the initial learning curve to use CCleaner to its full potential, and the security incident that took place some years ago, it still holds the first position as the best cleaning tool for PC.

However, like most PC cleaning products, it will not speed up your computer.

You can also check the CCleaner Pro yourself as they provide a free 14-day trial in case you liked the CCleaner Pro review.

CCleaner Pro offers respectable performance and improvements to PC, and it also has a good variety of tools to enhance your computing experience. Unfortunately, the license for a PC utility limits its appeal. However, there are many other choices also available in the market which you can like the SlimWare Utilities and Lolo System Mechanic which are more rounded choices, as they provide more features and functions.

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