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Deep Story character “707 mystic messenger ” is Saeyoung Choi, born Luciel Choi. Saeyoung Choi is her actual name, while Luciel Choi is her baptismal name. To swiftly locate knowledge on any topic, he is an adept hacker.


For the most part, Seven’s attitude is upbeat, cheerful, and even cute. When Yoosung pranks in the chat room, he often makes fun of other people (and sometimes himself) and responds to everything with “lol.” He’s a typical prankster who likes to play with cars and hack things.

The “true” Seven, on the other hand, is not the Seven the player first meets. Seven doesn’t believe that anything good can happen to him outside of the chat room. As a result, he is afraid that he will hurt anyone he meets. It’s a common theme in his journey. When he wants to get the player to leave, he often invokes this sense of dread.

Afterward, it’s clear that he cares about them and wants to show love when he knows they’ll always love him. His journey home takes him to where he was before, but he is now more subdued than before.

Throughout his trip, he also shows off his religious beliefs.


His uniform is a black jacket with amber accents that he always wears. At 5′ 9″ and 69 kg, he stands 175 cm tall (152 lbs). His spectacles, which are yellow with dark grey (occasionally black) stripes, are constantly on his face. Most of the time, orange headphones can be seen hanging from his neck. It’s also part of his clothes. He has a silver crucifix necklace.

Seven rarely changes his clothes. He wore a white vest with red highlights over a black dress shirt and a red tie for the party.

You will be able to get pictures of yourself dressed up as different characters from the game’s world when you play the game more. Before this, he has worn Rika’s costumes and those of an astronaut, a fairie, and a nun.

The Story That Happens Behind The Scenes

707 Mystic Messenger

707 Mystic Messenger: A poisonous environment grew up around Seven and his younger brother, Saeran. They lived there until they were 15. Seven and Saeran were born out of wedlock, which would hurt their father’s chances of winning the election.

Their mother agreed to keep them hidden for money, so their father didn’t know about them until after the election. She did this to deal with Saeran, who was weaker and more likely to get sick than his brother, Seven. Besides being chained to the kitchen and abused, Saeran also went hungry and lost a lot of water for days as a punishment.

Seven people took the initiative to change their own lives, and they did it. A book about computers helped Seven learn how to hack, and he told Saeran that they would flee together. She told him about V. when she saw him at a chapel.

On Seven’s fifteenth birthday, V told him to change his name and work for an intellectual hacking company. It was up to Seven and Rika, who convinced him to leave Saeran behind after a lot of persuasions from V, to make sure that Saeran was safe.

Phone conversations with him reveal that he graduated from college early, but no one knows what he did there or how many years he spent in school.

A very long story

707 Mystic Messenger: Everyone can tell that Seven likes the player because he excellently talks to her. This is why she likes him. Because of how much he likes her, he gets distracted at work and builds a fire-spewing dog robot for the player to enjoy. Nonetheless, Seven’s boss at work, Vanderwood, is still coming to see him at home and putting a lot of pressure on him to finish an important assignment from one of his clients.

Exasperated that he was just there to help him clean, he warned that failing to do his job on time could kill both of them because their job takes so much time and effort. It’s not true that Jumin wants to come over and play LOLOL with Yoosung’s mom, but he does.

On the fifth day on 707 Mystic Messenger, everyone in the RFA except Seven and the player starts getting weird emails. Security at Rika’s Apartment is messed with during the night of the 6th Day. An unknown person can open the door. Seven can’t do both his job and protect the player at the same time when he finds out what Unknown has done. Because their business doesn’t allow for long-term partnerships,

Vanderwood tells him to focus on his current job. Seven is so angry that he takes all of his work tools and drives to Rika’s house, where he plans to protect the player physically. For safety, he leaves the robot dog in charge of him.

During the night of the 7th day, Unknown comes into Rika’s flat through the window, but Seven is there in time. Seven is shocked when he sees Unknown as his twin brother Saeran, who he thought was being looked after by Rika and V instead. It starts up again, and Seven tells his brother to get out of the building quickly before it goes off. Unknown says that he will fight back and leave the situation.

In the end, the window must be fixed. Seven finds out that Rika had asked him to put a bomb in the flat so that essential data would be destroyed. Afterward, on 707 Mystic Messenger, he is so scared that the player will hurt him that he doesn’t want to play with her. Seven says that the jovial persona he showed in the past was all a lie because his job would put the lives of people he cares about at risk if he formed relationships with other people. The player is angry that Seven found one of her floppy disks in one of her books.

To keep Saeran’s identity a secret, Seven begs the player not to tell anyone, and he pushes her away no matter how soft the player is. On the 8th day night, V finally picks up Jumin’s call, but his phone is already being used. By going on the messenger, he avoids the question. V wants to know if Seven has looked at any of the papers in the flat.

When Seven says no, he tells him not to. Afterward, Seven has lost all faith in V. Since V has been doing things that some members of RFA don’t like, some of them are worried about the party’s future. Because he puts his friends in danger, Seven decides to leave RFA. This angers his friend, who is called Yoosung by the show.

In a fit of rage, Seven throws the robot he built away. With time, he starts to open up more to the player. He thinks about Saeran and V a lot. As soon as the story is over, he talks about how he had to flee his abusive family to make sure that he and Saeran would live in a better place one day. Seven also shows the player images of Saeran taken by Rika so that Seven could keep Seven updated on his health. Seven’s happiness comes back when he makes up with Yoosung after making peace with the past.

V has told Seven to open the drawer that holds classified papers, but Seven dares to defy him. Some of the emails that RFA members got may have a prototype logo and drawings for where they got their emails, so look through them. She might be a group member that wants to get rid of RFA. She might also know about Saeran’s recent progress. So that the player can join Seven, the player decides to go in with him.

Seven and the player hack into Mint Eye’s computer systems in the game. Saeran takes them in and holds them. He doesn’t believe Seven is telling the truth about V’s suggestion that he go into a profession to hide his identity while he and Rika take care of him. He blames his “Savior” for his traumatic childhood. Saeran is sure that Seven is the person who put the images on the floppy disc after seeing what is on it. When V isn’t looking, Vanderwood, who has come to pick up Seven, takes him with a revolver in his hand and takes him away.

V is outside when Seven and the player leave Mint Eye. He told Seven that he saw Vanderwood kidnap Saeran, even though Seven no longer trusts him and questions him about his eyesight, even though he said that he saw Vanderwood. The leader says sorry to RFA and quits in the chat room, naming Jumin his successor. Instead of going to the party on the eleventh day, Seven and the player decide to look for Saeran.



Mystic Messenger: Even beyond 707’s path, 707 loves intensely for MC as he makes jokes and casual banter which MC may play along with, particularly when he pranks Yoosung. Although his occupation is hazardous, he nevertheless loves enough MC to watch over her every “2.35 seconds” and even put his own life in peril for her.

It’s very uncommon for 707 mystic messenger to lampoon MC’s feelings for him, saying things like “You shouldn’t become too connected with me” or “It’s not a good idea.” When Saeran shows up to take the player away from the Apartment, Mystic Messenger 707 runs over. 707 has feelings for MC.

After this transition, he exhibits another “face” who behaves coldly and strives to push MC away as she tries to grow closer to him.. 707 eventually realizes his emotions and declares his love for her, adding, “without you, I wouldn’t have hope.”

Average: 707 accompanies the MC to the cathedral in his hometown, where she is shown in a white gown that looks like a wedding gown, but it’s not apparent whether they were married.

They are spooning each other in the After ending suggests that they had sex before heading out to rescue Saeran.

Between Secret Ending 2 and the After Ending, it is hinted that 707 came up with the idea for it.


Seven’s relationship with Jumin consists of Jumin rejecting his efforts to meet Elizabeth 3rd or “Elly,” as Seven called her, as his love is equivalent to pestering or “abuse.” It’s mainly about Elizabeth 3rd, although Jumin is willing to use his position to aid Seven if he is in danger. Seven’s hacking abilities and Jumin’s overall abilities are respected by the latter.


Among others who aided Zen’s success was 707, a hacker who circulated a video of Zen and made it a viral sensation by hacking and spreading it. Continuing each other’s words and ridiculing Jumin’s personality shift appears the norm in Jumin’s path.


Seven and Yoosung seem to have a close friendship. Seven was unable to attend Yoosung’s high school graduation since he was studying overseas. Each time Yoosung gets fooled by Seven’s tricks, he becomes more naïve.

Honey Buddha chips are at the heart of one of Yoosung and the MC’s Bad Relationship Endings. After informing the MC that they don’t truly love each other, the two would fight over the chips many times a day.


Jaehee is frustrated by Seven’s chilly response to his jokes, and so he treats her with contempt. On the other hand, she doesn’t honestly dislike him, admires his brains, and doesn’t want him to leave RFA or the chat room altogether.

She even advises Seven that members should be able to remove their messages, indicating that she does depend on him on occasion. Jaehee’s genuine concern for Seven is seen in Seven’s journey.


It’s safe to say that Seven and the other members of the RFA have a great deal of faith in V. Saeran’s protection was given to V by Seven; who knows how important Saeran is to Seven. Seven looks up to V as a father figure since he introduced him to the organization where he works, the CIA. Seven almost deserted the RFA after discovering V’s “betrayal” when V’s secrets were revealed.


Vanderwood serves as Seven’s caretaker and handler while working at the agency, often visiting his home to check on his progress. In exchange for helping Seven clean up after him when he comes, he’s been given the pseudonym “housemaid.” When referenced in the RFA message, Seven uses the fictitious identity “Mary Vanderwood 3rd” to cover his tracks.

Even though Vanderwood might be seen as anti-Seven at times, he seems to care about other hackers’ well-being, which includes admitting that seeing the corpse of Seven would destroy his life. Seven is also concerned about Vanderwood, going so far as to hack into government records and create a false identity for him to keep him safe.


He designed rika’s apartment security system, and he is the only one who can access her home. At church, as a youngster, he first encountered Rika. With the help of V and Rika, Luciel Choi was given a new identity as a secret agent and a new life as Luciel Choi. Even though she is a covert spy and not allowed to “have” a family, she once gave Seven a floppy CD with images of Saeran. He cares deeply for Rika, even though he said he would give his life to save hers (after mistakenly believing she had shot herself). However, after learning Rika’s dark truth, Seven’s impression of her altered nearly 180°.


As a twin, Unknown is identical to his older brother, Saeyoung.

Even as children, their father campaigned for president, and their mother threatened him with financial ruin if he didn’t send money to pay for the upkeep of their two boys. Because he was weaker and sicker than Seven, Saeran’s mother was said to have abused him.

Seven learned how to hack to better the lives of both his brother and himself. After meeting V and Rika at church, Seven agreed to leave Saeran behind to join them.

Saeran was administered medicines as a kind of brainwashing while at the Mint Eye. This drove Saeran to resent his brother and even to shoot and murder him in the third terrible relationship ending when he was informed that his brother had abandoned him. Seven’s Good Ending, on the other hand, concludes with Saeran apologizing for his actions and reestablishing contact with Seven.

Choi, Mother

Seven’s mother is an alcoholic who abuses her. Seven was beaten and perhaps malnourished by their mom and his brother, but he was able to escape and go to work as an informant thanks to V’s support.


Having an illegitimate kid threatens his political career; Seven’s absentee father tried to murder him when he was young. That’s how he managed to abduct him. As of now, it’s unclear whether or not Seven was responsible for his own death.

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