How To Hack Pokemon Go Play Without Moving

Pokemon Go hack: The AR game Pokemon Go has been quite dull after a particular period, and now the players catch only the Pokemon nearby. Therefore, the game is not popular nowadays as players get fed up with the new Pokemon Go rules and bans. However, there are hard-core gamers who want to conquer the game.

There is good news for the players. In this post, we will share the latest Pokemon Go hacks for iOS 2023 that don’t require any changes or jailbreaks. Also, we will share the Pokemon Go hack app that will let you play the game in a legit way.

However, these hacks can be risky to some extent, as Niantic continuously releases new updates to catch spoofers. But we also keep updating our hacking methods every month. If you have an Android device, you can try ispoofer Pokemon Go hack to play the game without moving.

What is iSpoofer?

It is one type of location-spoofing application that lets you change your device’s location or your actual location. So, here, you don’t need to move a single step. iSpoofer helps Pokemon Go players a lot. With this app, they can find any Pokemon anywhere with just some simple location spoofing.

Also, iSpoofer helps the player adjust speed and auto-move. This app also supports GPX. Here, you can move manually with a joystick by spoofing. Besides, you can enjoy wireless spoofing with the help of the iSpoofer app.

You can use the iSpoofer app in any location-based game where you need to change your location without moving around. If your country doesn’t support the Pokemon Go game, this app will let you play the game seamlessly. You need to change your country’s location. Indeed, this app is one of the best location-spoofing apps for Pokemon Go.

How To Install iSpoofer on iPhone or iPad?

If you are looking for Pokemon Go hacks for iOS, then you are in the right place. We will share tips that will help you install iSpoofer on iOS. We will discuss different installation methods for iSpoofer through AppValley and Panda Helper.

You only need to ensure that you have an iDevice with sufficient space. These installation methods don’t require a laptop or PC, and you can directly download them to your iDevices.

Installing iSpoofer on iOS through AppValley

Installing iSpoofer on iOS through AppValley

If you want to download iSpoofer iOS, there are a few steps that you need to follow. First, we will elaborate on the downloading method via AppValley.

Step 1

First, you need to download AppValley.

Step 2

Then install AppValley without any errors.

Step 3

After installing AppValley, open the app. At this point, you may get an untrusted enterprise developer error pop-up.

Step 4

After following the above steps, you need to navigate the profiles and device management section. Here, you have to click on the AppValley. Here, you will get one pop-up. Tap Trust and start using the app without any further issues.

Step 5

Now you can open AppValley and navigate to the games section at the bottom of the screen.

Step 6

In the games section, you have to search for the iSpoofer Pokemon Go game.

Step 7

Then you have to click on the Get option, just beside the app.

Step 8

When you click on the Get option, you will see a pop-up message showing ‘’ would like to install iSpoofer Pokemon Go. You need to ignore everything and tap on the install option.

Step 9

To complete the installation process, you need to wait some more time. Then you can navigate to the home screen of your iDevice, where you can see iSpoofer Pokemon Go installed successfully.

Installing iSpoofer on iOS through Panda Helper

Except for AppValley, you can download iSpoofer through Panda Helper as well. Here, too, you need to go through some steps. The steps are the following:

Step 1

To Pokemon Go iSpoofer download, first, you need to download Panda Helper.

Step 2

Then read every step of the installation process carefully to avoid any issues.

Step 3

After installing Panda Helper, when you try to open the app, you will face an untrusted enterprise developer error pop-up.

Step 4

Avoid the error pop-up and trust the Panda Helper app.

Step 5

Next, go to the Profile & Device Management section and click on Panda Helper. Here you will get one pop-up where you have to tap on the Trust option to use the app.

Step 6

Now open Panda Helper and click on the search bar. Type pokego++ by iSpoofer. Then click on it.

Step 7

Next, you have to navigate to the app details section. There is a tap on the Install Now option at the bottom.

Step 8

Wait some time until the installation process is done. After that, navigate to the home screen, where you can see the Pokemon Go++ app by iSpoofer.

Can You Play Pokemon Go without Moving?

Yes, you can really hack Pokemon Go without moving. If you are in an isolation period or can’t really move anywhere, you can use software to play Pokemon Go without walking or moving.

But as too many players have started using such software, Niantic has begun soft-banning players who use it. Yet you can use GPS spoofing tools to spoof your location in Pokemon Go. Here, you will learn how to play Pokemon Go without moving to iOS or Android.

In this post, we will discuss Sureshot methods of playing Pokemon Go without moving. However, before proceeding further, you must know that there is no such tool or software that will let you play Pokemon Go on both iOS and Android devices simultaneously. There are different methods for both of these devices.

How to Play Pokemon Go Without Moving iOS

To play Pokemon Go without moving your iOS device, you must go for a Pokemon Go spoofing iOS download. Here, we recommend you use iToolab Any Go. We consider it the safest tool for playing Pokemon Go without moving on to iOS. It not only lets you spoof your location safely but also lets you stimulate your movements in the fake location. Also, this tool is compatible with the latest iOS 14.

To play Pokemon Go with iToolab AnyGo, there are a few steps that you need to follow.

Step 1

First, go to the tool’s official website and download the tool on Mac or Windows PC. Connect your iDevice with a USB cable and click on the Start button.

Step 2

Then you have to click on the Teleport mode, enter your preferred location, and click on the Search button.

Step 3

This tool will show your location on the map. Then click on the Go button to instantly teleport to your preferred location.

How to Play Pokemon Go without Moving Android?

With a joystick, you can play Pokemon Go from a fake location on an Android device. We will now discuss how to play Pokemon Go without moving the Android device using a joystick. The process is the following;

Step 1

First, you have to download the Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer and Fake GPS Joystick & Routes Go apps on your Android device. Then switch on the Developer Options on the Android device by tapping the build number of your phone seven times.

Step 2

Go to settings, then location and choose the mode to high accuracy.

Step 3

Then you have to launch the routes and turn on the GPS on your Android phone. You can use the pointer to the preferred location.

Step 4

Next, you have to open the settings in the Fake GPS app and enable the No Root MOde. Then scroll down and allow the Joystick.

Step 5

You have to use the red dot to point to the preferred virtual location where you want to move and click on the play button.

Step 6

Now you can open Pokemon Go and play the game from your desired location. To catch the Pokemons from different locations, you have to move the Joystick to other fake locations.

The Pokemon Go hack process may be a bit complicated, but it works perfectly.

Helpful Tips for Playing Pokemon Go at Home

Now, as you know how to play Pokemon Go without moving, here are some extra tips for playing Pokemon Go at home.

  • If you live in an area where outdoor exercise is allowed, you can visit the nearest Pokestops or gyms during your running or jogging.
  • Switch the game as you go through your daily tasks. Thus you can cover the minimum distance within your house to catch some wild Pokemon post-Niantic updates.
  • You can join online Pokemon Go communities to meet other players from all around the world. Thus you can share tips and resources too.


Is iSpoofer safe for our device?

Yes, iSpoofer is entirely safe for your device. But you have to install iTunes on your device, and however, it doesn’t support devices below iOS 12.

Does iSpoofer support Android devices?

No, iSpoofer doesn’t support Android devices, and it is only compatible with iOS 12 and above.

Is it possible to play Pokemon Go without moving?

Yes, it is possible to play Pokemon Go without moving at all, and a lot of people use specific software to play the game without moving.


Undoubtedly you can play Pokemon Go without moving both on Android and iOS devices, and the only essential part is to choose the right and safe way to do that. Here in this post, we have mentioned all the safe ways to play this popular game without moving. So, follow the steps carefully and enjoy Pokemon Go without moving anywhere.

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