How To Play The Google Snake Game For Free

You will certainly recall one thing from your childhood if you are a millennial. The thing is nothing but a snake game. This is a game that the children love to play the most. In earlier times children played this game on the mobile phones of their parents when smartphones were not introduced to the market. Google snake game is the edited version of the previous snake game.

A Short Overview Of Google Snake

Usually, the Google snake game is supposed to be a popular computer game that you can play using your Google Chrome web browser. If you want to play the game you have to move your sake around a grid of squares. You have to try to eat all the smaller snakes that will come your way until you will be as to reach the larger snake at last. It was developed by Peaksel games. It is an arcade game that comes up with the latest graphics. You will be able to play the game with a vertical axis. Also, You have to eat the apples as much as possible in the game without letting the snakes eat them.

You can get two options in the game Classic mode and Arcade mode. The classic mode enables the players to move upwards and downwards so that the snakes can not eat them. The Arcade mode allows the players to regulate the movements of their character by using a joystick or an arrow keypad. If you want to play the game you do not need to download the game. You just have to go to your web browser and search for Google snake game. Then the browser will automatically come up with the results of the game.

What Are The Rules If The Google Snake Game

You can control the direction of the snake’s movement with the help of the arrow keys on the top, bottom, left, and right of your keyboard as you do in the original snake. If you want to play the game you have to choose the animated passengers as humans while the train starts to move. The primary aim is to pick up the passengers as much as possible. If the resin crashes your game will end and you will be able to see your final score. You are allowed to share your scores with your Google contacts by sending an email to them or posting a link to the page.

How To Play The Google Snake Game With Google Maps

If you want to play the Snake Game on Google you have to follow the simple steps that are mentioned below:

Step 1

First, you have to go to Play Snake on Google Map. This game is available on Browser only.

Step 2

How Will You Play The Google Snake Game With Google Maps

Click Start

Step 3

How To Play The Google Snake Game With Google Maps

Choose a destination

Step 4

How To Play The Google Snake Game With Google Maps

Read instructions on How To Play The Google Snake Game With Google Maps

Step 5

Finally, you will be able to play the google sake game and enjoy it as much as you can.

What Are The Different Modes Of the Google Snake Game

What Are The Different Modes Of the Google Snake Game

If the players want to improve their experience in the Google Snake game they can choose modes. There are various types of modes available in the Google Snake games. They are as follows:

Classic snake mode

In this mode, the snakes are in self-feeding mode. They eat bites of food until they are full or they hit themselves.

Snake twin mode

The head and tail of the snake will change their direction when the snake eats an apple.

Winged mode

At the time of playing the game, you will be able to see that apples are flying around the basket. There is a chance of hitting the body of the snakes with the flying apples if the players are not so careful. The players need to concentrate properly on the game if they want to play with this mode.

Snake yin yang mode

In this mode, two snakes will be available there on the screen for display. While the player tries to control one snake the other will act as a mirror image of the former.  The deeds of the playable snake will be reversed by this. Your game will end if you mistakenly confront the non-playable snake.

Snake key mode

In this mode, the players need to devout a gold shape so that the meal can appear.

Cheese mode

The cheese mode enables you to move through the snake because most of the parts of it are non-existent.

Wall mode

In this mode, the walls will spring up in an attempt randomly to close off sections of the game.

Portal mode

In this mode, the head of the snake will pop out of the other as soon as it eats one of the apples on display. Your game will come to an end as soon as the apple population runs out.

Peaceful mode

In this mode, the players do not have to die. The game will be over as soon as the player will be able to gather 252 fruits.

Poison fruit mode

In this mode, there are two fruits available in the game. One is good and the other one is poisoned. For killing the snakes the poisoned apples are used.

Sokoban mode

If you want to play in this mode you will see that the containers that are filled with apples are hidden in particular locations.

Endless map

In this mode, the game will end if anything collides with the snake. If such a collision does not happen the came will be continued.

How Do I Modify Google Snake Game

You can do a Google Snake game hack by following the simple steps that are given below:

Have the Google snake menu mod

You have to use the Chrome browser’s Google Snake Menu Mod to activate modes. In this way, you will be able to play different types of snake games.

Visit the bookmark manager page

You have to select Bookmark manager from the drop-down menu of the web browser. You have to select the Bookmark option then.

Import the google snake mod to your browser

You have to go to the Bookmark Manager and click on the three vertical dots and choose import Bookmarks if you want to add the Google snake mod to your browser.

Add More Menu .html to the bookmarks

You will be able to search the snake game on Chrome if you add MoreMenu.html to the bookmarks. You have to click play to start playing the snake game.

Visit Bookmarks

If you want to start the Google Snake Game mod you have to go to Bookmarks. Then you will be able to see three vertical dots that are displayed above on the right side of the screen. You have to click on it. You have to talk the gear icon to get access to the mod’s menu. In this way, you will be able to get more food, animals, maps, and other resources.

What Do The Players Get Attracted To This Game

There are a lot of factors of the google snake game that attract the players and they get addicted to this game.  They are as follows:

  • The game is supposed to be very much interesting and has a lot of challenges that attract the players very much.
  • The gameplay mechanics is very simple and spontaneous.
  • The controls of the game are very easy but you have to follow the instruction if you have any confusion during your gameplay.
  • The players can get an outstanding g gaming experience with this game.
  • There are a lot of tips, tricks, and strategies available that help the new players play the game, and the existing players are also able to control the game without getting confused.

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The Tips And Guide To Play The Google Snake Game

  • While you will play the google Snake Game it will seem to be a difficult game that is not easy to control. So the players may be frustrated. The only thing you have to keep in mind at the time of playing the game is to stay away from cars and other snakes throughout the gameplay to avoid the risk of getting g crashed.
  • You can easily understand the working process of the game. So, you do not need any tutorial system for playing the game.
  • The directional buttons can be used for moving your snake left, right, up, and down. You will be able to set the snake at a place is that it can avoid collision with cars or any other snakes on their way.
  • The snakes head can be used as a spring to jump over any obstacles.
  • The height of the snake can be grown longer or shorter. You have to let it eat apples as much as it can. The movement of the same will get slower each time you increase the size of your snake.

FAQ About Google Snake Game

What is the cause of the death of the snake in Snake Game on Google?

The snake can travel in any direction but it cannot reverse back on itself. When the player wants to pause the game they have to press P. The players will also lose 10 points from the final score if they wanted to take a break from the game.

What is the highest score in the Google Snake Game?

The highest score in the Google snake game is 99,999. The highest score can be achieved by a very efficient player who is skillful enough.

How can I play the Google Snake Game on my iPad?

You have to open first. Then you need to tap start. Then you have to select a city that you want to explore at the time of playing the game.


Indeed, the Google Snake Game is an interesting game that takes us back to our childhood days. The game is exciting g to play. This article will help you to play the game free of cost. So play the game and enjoy.

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