How to Join LunaFi IDO?

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One of the upcoming IDO bases on Sports betting with real utility is LunaFi. LunaFi is based on the DeFi protocol and is targeting mass adoption with guaranteed liquidity. LunaFi focuses on a game betting platform that innovates traditional models of gambling using blockchain technology. The platform uses blockchain-enabled betting protocols which are decentralized and peerless at the same time. It uses the global community-owned liquidity pool to fuel the betting payouts. To compensate for the same, a portion of house profit is paid to the liquidity providers.

The major problem with most of the betting platforms is that they are either regional or multiple versions of it are created for different countries where different currencies are used. Also, the data of all such versions are not connected to each other. Therefore, one user needs to have a different account in different countries to use the betting platform. With LunaFi, things are different as it ensures global access for the users. Therefore, users will be able to access the blockchain-based betting platform from anywhere in the world and at any time. Since it will be using cryptocurrency, there is no issue with using a different currency from different countries. Global access to users also comes with properly regulated bookmakers with the main aim to provide a seamless and intuitive experience to the users in terms of UX and UI.

The governance token of LunaFi is $LFI. It is recommended to buy and stake this token as the betting platform is expected to grow largely in the coming years which will provide great returns to the users. It does not just return but the users with the $LFI token will also get the right to vote around the key decision of the platform. Therefore, you will be a part of the decision that will decide the platform’s future. At the same time, you will be sharing the profits as well

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LunaFI iDO

April 15, 2022

Price : $0.03

LockUp: No Lock Up

Platform: Starter

Market Cap: $1,650,000

FDMC: $30,000,000

Circulating: LFI 55,000,000

Total supply: 1,000,000,000

Symbol: LFI

Should I Invest in LunaFi?

Should I Invest in LunaFi?

The world of online betting and gambling has been on the rise and has seen a lot of growth in the last couple of years due to streamlined policies and regulations all over the world. However, the sports betting system is still slow and does not provide users with the kind of flexibility. One of the major issues that the users face is the location as the betting websites only work in certain countries and the users will have to get a separate or new account for each betting site supported for a specific country. LunaFi changes that entirely and brings a new level of sports betting for users. It still comprises global regulation that has been set for sports bookkeeping while providing more flexibility for users.

Now due to this, the sports betting platform will have increased growth and will support a wide number of users regardless of the location they are playing from. LunaFi sports betting platform will support global users and since they are playing without any specific currency and only through crypto, it will become easy for them to manage their sports betting account from anywhere. Also, LunaFi rewards its users for doing so. Since the accessibility factor increases in LunaFi, it is expected to grow in terms of users and betting a lot more than the traditional sports betting website. It is why the returns expected on the token are way more than what any other traditional betting website can offer.

Decentralized Betting Platform with a peerless and trustless platform

Since it is a decentralized, peerless DeFi betting protocol, it will provide the users with a safe, regulated, and trustless environment in which they can gamble and invest and also become the house. It brings in features like decentralized technology, community governance, and autonomous smart contracts, which makes it a noncustodial platform that will change the global sports betting industry completely. The DeFi platform provided by LunaFi enables the integration of sports betting and prediction markets, which are handled and maintained by the protocols and community-owned liquidity pools. All the suites can be integrated by developers who are looking to add peerless betting functionality to their apps.

The platform will be utilizing LunaFi smart contracts and a liquidity pool which will ensure timely payments to the users and trustless payouts. It will also ensure that the payments to the user are almost immediate using the smart contract functionality and helps in removing any kind of risk in the transactions. Users can be assured that their win is guaranteed to pay from the liquidity pool in any condition and is optimized for better odds as well. The decentralized platform of LunaFi brings a betting platform with a simplified and cultivated design that combines blockchain and gambling.

ETH to LFI translation and Rewards

The IDO project for the same is called LunaFI Crash and it involves players who place bets through ETH and receive LFI in return in the form of rewards and wins. This is one of a kind concept of gamification in blockchain that has never crossed any IDO projects before. Each round in the LunaFi involves a rocket that goes upwards in space continuously until it randomly crashes. The players should bet ETH before the launch and cash out whenever they like. The only catch is if the user cashes out before the crash, they are paid out in LFI at THE or they will have to try again if they try to cash out after the crash.

Benefits of Decentralized Betting Platform

The game is built through a chain of smart contracts and random events are listed in contrast to providing a fair playing field. They are currently aiming to raise $500,000 in the initial phase in the form of ETH. LunaFI will also be launching a classic private sale on Lithium. finance (BSC) and Starter.Xyz on Polygon. After the launch, the initial liquidity will be deployed using Quick Swap. During this time, players will also be able to get LFI at a discounted rate. With LunaFi, anyone will be able to supply liquidity for bettors and earn a commission for the same. The decentralized oracles will make sure that the outcome of any bet has maximum transparency. This IDO is a mix of gaming and blockchain and is surely one of the most exciting projects in the market.

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