How to Choose a Good MP4 to DVD Converter?

In order to avoid the HD videos taking up the big storage space in your system, it is a good practice to convert MP4 files to DVD format where through this conversion you can reduce the file size and you can store it in your system with less storage space.

This is found to be the perfect and best solution if your system is running in low space due to a lot of MP4 files. Also by burning the MP4 files to a secondary storage device like DVD disc, memory card, or hard disk you can get rid of redundant files on your computer hard drive.

However, it becomes a difficult task for most of the people where they face issues in finding the best MP4 to DVD converter software available in the market. Actually, the top MP4 to DVD converters will not able to create the physical backup but it also will be compatible with your DVD player.

The Criteria to Choose a Good MP4 to DVD Converter

If you are a movie enthusiast and would like to watch videos on different platforms then it is very much essential that you need to have a very fast and good converter application it will support you to convert the MP4 video from any format into the various formats without easily and quality of the video.

MP4 video converters are software that helps you to convert the particular MP4 file to the DVD file format which can be playable on the particular device. The following are:

  • The first thing, you need to check is whether the chosen MP4 to DVD converter supports different kinds of file conversion formats with compression features but still can maintain the output quality.
  • Ensure that the video conversion is done at a fast speed and simple way and the DVD converter supports many output file-formats including HD and 4K videos.
  • The next thing to check is whether it allows you to download the video clips from popular sites like Dailymotion, YouTube, Vimeo and convert them to different file formats.
  • A good MP4 to DVD converter software supports video editing where the user can do some editing in the video such as cut, rotate and join the video clip before converting.
  • There are some DVD converters that allow you to share your video easier which means you can directly upload the clips on YouTube and on other portable gadgets/devices.
  • The stability of the software is absolutely important to ensure it can run smoothly on our system and not cause any hang or freeze.
  • Also, the price is crucial for many people. So, check for possibly getting a discount coupon to save some bucks, and do the price comparison of different DVD to mp4 programs before buying.
  • How good is the software customer support? Try to contact or email them and see how fast you get the response. Consider how easy you can reach the support team, by email, phone, live chat, etc.?

The good thing about the best MP4 to DVD converter is that you can directly choose the device for which you are going to convert the video file. There are many options available in the interface where you can choose the output file for the device that you like to convert your MP4 file and start converting it.

The MP4 to DVD Converter Software Recommendations

The MP4 to DVD Converter Software Recommendations

If you are a beginner then you can download the Freemake video converter software from the web which is free software that supports different kinds of file format options through which you can convert your video file into another format.

The software is free and easy to use but to prevent installing unnecessary software to your computer, you need to UNCHECK those options for installing extra toolbar or applications. Also, the free version of the software will contain the Freemake logo on the output files.

If you want to pick the best-paid MP4 to DVD conversion software then you can try ConvertXtoDVD which provides you the excellent and reliable service in converting your video file.

The ConvertXtoDVD allows you to do menu creation, video editing, add chapters, watermark, subtitles, and burn the video files to DVD. So, this is definitely a good option.

When you are going with the paid version software then you will be getting more values like faster and wider file formats supported, better customer support, free lifetime software updates, and more.


As there is a number of fast media conversion software are out in the market it becomes a daunting task for people to find the best MP4 to DVD converter but by considering the tips you can find the best software that satisfies your needs.

This conversion software is available for free, online, or purchase where you can also make use of the free multimedia software available on the internet. Buying the paid version of the MP4 to DVD software provides a huge number of benefits.

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