What Is SpaceX Floki (XFLOKI)?

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SpaceX tokens are listed among the members of the ecosystem under MuskSwap. SpaceX is supposed to develop as one of MuskSwap’s hottest projects. SpaceX was introduced to the members who have an interest in and support Elon Musk’s space project. His project Space Exploration Technologies Corp.

(SpaceX) is an American aerospace manufacturer, space transportation services, and communications corporation whose headquarter is located in Hawthorne, California. In the MuskSwap ecosystem, SpaceX is listed as a token. The SpaceX of MuskSwap is gradually growing its own ecosystem of products like an exchange, NFT, etc.

This is the most important step for complementing Musk’s Ecosystem including $MUSK, $TESLA, and STARLINK. SpaceX wants to become an intermediary system for the flow of decentralized money, the fulcrum of the decentralized financial system. This article will allow you to know “what is a SpaceX token”. So let’s come to the main topic without making further delay.

A short note on Muskswap

Muskswap.io is a Defi platform that is created on Binance smart chain. The platform is supposed to be one of the most notorious projects in the Defi world by inheriting values and strengths, removing the drawbacks from the other Defi projects like Uniswap, Sushiswap, 1inch, Pancakeswap, etc. $MUSK, $SPACEX, $TESLA, $STARLINK, the symbols of which show the most famous super projects of Elon Musk are included in this Ecosystem. Those tokens are still under development and will be listed soon to the community.

At present, the price of $MUSK is changing rapidly if you compare this to the starting time of this coin. Not only that an additional decentralized financial system has been added by $MUSK which is a piece of notable information for the investors as it signifies that they are getting developed in the right way and have the capability of becoming a great macro project.

SpaceX potential

We have mentioned that $MUSK, $SPACEX, $TESLA, and $STARLINK are included in the system. This performs the duty of a mutual support system and provides enough security to the investors as soon as they take part in this system. Musk and Tesla were launched in this system and managed to acquire significant value. Musk was hiked 10-13 times and Tesla was hiked 5-8 times as per their custom score.

This unimaginable growth will be a factor for the investors to have confidence in the future MuskSwap projects like $SPACEX. It is expected that $SPACEX will be able to gain the same success just like the predecessor $MUSK and $TESLA. If you have a Space X coin that will help you to get a lot of advantages in the future.

A Short note on SpaceX Floki (XFLOKI)

SpaceX Floki (XFLOKI) is nothing but an asset that has been developed from the inspiration of the doge father, aka Elon Musk’s Shiba Inu. That is why this is also called the Elon Musk SpaceX coin. According to the version of the website SpaceX FLOKI wants to impress his father through the demonstration of a new increased transaction spending and also cuteness. XFLOKI token is quite similar to the SpaceX FLOKI platform. XFLOKI is nothing but a ticker that is used for the SpaceX FLOKI platform. Doge, Shiba, and FLOKI Inu fans as well as members created this crypto coin XFLOKI. The SpaceX Floki project tries to be in the top 10 crypto projects that are listed on exchanges so that they can start the next revolution.

As per the Whitepaper, the SpaceX token claims to be much more than a normal meme token. Not only that the team denotes itself as a community-driven project that is done under the leadership of a group of developers to the success of the project is very much essential. The most important thing is that the developers want to stay committed to community development as well as the success of the project.

Moreover, the system is designed in a unique way in the contract that the 3% of the increased token is distributed among all the traders at the time of their tenure as holders of the space X token.

The whitepaper also adds that the holders do not need to stake or wait for the fee to be distributed. The users may keep the SpaceX coin in their wallet. They have to do nothing more than this as the fees are already decided by a smart contract and in most cases, they immediately appear as tokens in the balance of the holder.

What is the history behind SpaceX Floki (XFLOKI)?

What is the history behind SpaceX Floki (XFLOKI)

SpaceX FLOKi was founded by Hans Aka Crypto Squirtle and the SpaceX communications officer is Pop Smoke. Squirtle and the team developed SpaceX Floki to pay their respect to the glorious days of BSC. This is a classic, simple contract code without any extra stuff. The firm belief of SpaceX Floki lies in the power of community to propel a meme token not just to the moon but also to mars and beyond as well. The highest supply is 1,000,000,000,000,000 (XFLOKI) tokens.

What are the features of SPACEX DEX?

SpaceX is a peer-to-peer marketplace just like every DEX exchange that helps to connect the buyers as well as the sellers of the cryptocurrency. If you compare centralized exchanges or CEXs with SpaceX you will find that SpaceX is non-custodial, which means a user stays under the control of their private keys as soon as they transact on a DEX platform.

SpaceX appoints smart contracts in the absence of a central authority that tries to self-execute under a lot of conditions and keeps a record of every transaction on the blockchain. These are nothing but trustless and secure transactions that show an accelerating portion of the digital asset market and show the way to new financial products. There is a liquidity pool in SpaceX. You have to stake your LP or liquidity provider tokens if you want to earn X tokens and a lot of other tokens in the ecosystem $SPACEX, $TESLA, $STARLINK. (100% ~ 500% APY).

If the members join the MuskSwap community that will help the members to get a place for sharing their thoughts and updating the latest actions about the billionaire. The members are able to collect all the tokens related to it like $MUSK, $SPACEX, $TESLA, and $STARLINK the symbols of which display the most popular super projects of Elon Musk.

The NFT market of SpaceX

NFTs enable you to buy and sell ownership of unique digital items and keep track of their owners of them by using the blockchain. The term NFTs signifies non-fungible tokens and technically they can contain everything that is digital along with drawings, animated GIFs, songs, or items in video games. An NFT can elbow a unique thing like a real-life painting or one copy of a lot of things like trading cards, but the blockchain tries to keep a record of the owners of the file.

You have to catch up with a great capability that NFT tries to introduce to the market in the future. SpaceX will try to introduce these projects related to NFT. At that time you will be able to find a strong bonding with other tokens in the Musk system.

Independent Blockchain like SpaceX

From Musk’s ecosystem, effective support has been completed and strongly introduced. In the near future, SpaceX wants to introduce this segment with the aim of becoming a competitor in parallel with the major platforms in the market like ETH, BSC, and so on. This is not only the wish of SpaceX and its investors. It is also the primary aim and effort of all the software developers, CEOs, CMOs, and all the other members of the Musk system the achieved things and obtain outputs through previous projects. SpaceX expects to carry on this process of getting success and wants to develop more in the future.

SpaceX token and sale

The SpaceX token is one of the most capable tokens of the MuskSwap ecosystem.

Average token distribution is 210,000,000 $SPACEX.

Contract: 0x6657c7ef476927D410E625aEda9A118D2Cc488B2

Presale round: 10,500,000 SpaceX)

Time : Oct 25 – Nov 24, 2021

Price: $0.01

Sale round 2: Sale Round 2 (10,500,000 SpaceX)

Time : Nov 25 – Dec 24, 2021

Price: $0.02

Sale round 3: (10,500,000 SpaceX)

Time: Dec 25, 2021 – Jan 24, 2022

Price: $0.04

IDO Vesting schedule: 30% of IDO tokens will be Unlocked Monthly (The tokens will be unlocked block by block constantly)

How will you buy SpaceX Floki Or XFloki?

Binance is striving its best to review and add cryptocurrencies for using them in the Binance platform. If you want to buy SpaceX Floki you have to follow the steps given below. It will help you to know how you can buy SpaceX Floki by connecting your Crypto wallet to a decentralized exchange with the help of using your Binance account for buying this base currency.

  1. First, you have to download a Binance wallet. You will find a lot of crypto wallets from which you can choose the BNB chain network and Binance will appear as the most integrated thing. In case you are using a desktop computer, you will be able to download Google Chrome and the wallet Chrome extension. If you are using your mobile you will be able to download the app through Google play or the iOS app store. You need to download the official google extension and mobile app by going to the Binance website.
  2. Then you have to register and set up your crypto wallet by using the wallet of the Google Chrome extension or through the mobile app you have downloaded.
  3. Then you have to log in to your finance account as soon as the setup is done and move forward to the buy and sell crypto webpage for buying the BNB chain. If you are not a user you may refer to their BNB chain guide after registering and buying the first cryptocurrency on Binance.
  4. Then you have to go to your Binance wallet and find out the BNB chain you have bought. Then you need to click on withdraw and provide the necessary details. This you will be able to send your BNB chain in your Crypto wallet.
  5. Then you need to choose a DEX from the list of DEXs.
  6. Then you have to connect your Binance wallet to the DEX that you want to use with the help of your wallet address.
  7. Then you have to select your BNB chain as the payment and select the SpaceX Floki as the coin you want to gain.
  8. If you find that the coin is not able to be found on the DEX you may refer to https://bscscan.com/ and find out the smart contract address. You may copy and paste it into the pancake Swap.
  9. As soon as all these are done you will be able to click on the Swap button.


What is the price of SpaceX Floki at present?

The price of 1 SpaceX Floki is ₹0.00000005 at present.

What are the other assets like SpaceX Floki?

Ethereum 2, Ethereum, Tether, and many more are other assets like SpaceX Floki.

Is the SpaceX token real?

Floki Inu has been introduced to the Ethereum or ETH blockchain and it is supposed to be one of the few crypto coins that offer the multi-chain protocol feature. It is a meme-based crypto coin that is hosted on both the Binance smart chain or BSC and Ethereum or ETH.


To conclude we can say that you will be able to get SpaceX token as a great support system for the Musk ecosystem. SpaceX provides investors with a lot of unique features that are not completely different from other DEX platforms on the market. But they are far better as there is an entire back-end system. SpaceX tries to gain fast and powerful growth like its predecessors by considering the notable development of the previous projects. We can say that it is going to be one of the most wanted and invested decentralized projects in the upcoming days.

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