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Most people now use the internet regularly. There are various websites available on the internet. So, we can’t know which ones are worth our time. That is why we have made a list of the best websites for Dungeons and Dragons players.

Dungeons & Dragons 5e is a tabletop role-playing game that has become very popular all over the world. The new general wonders about what tools they need to get started.

You do not require a lot of things to start with DnD 5e. You just need a copy of the Player’s Handbook, a set of polyhedral dice, and imagination. But there are a lot of development tools that can be useful, particularly if you are going to run your own game.

5eTools is a website that offers a suite of tools for dungeon masters and players. These tools help to make the game simple and more enjoyable for everyone connected to it.

5e Tools comes with a wide range of features, like a character builder, a creature database, and a campaign manager. You may use this website without spending a single penny. It is a completely free website. The website keeps updating new features constantly.

So, those who are looking for a comprehensive website to improve their Dungeons and Dragons experience may choose this website without a second thought.

In this article, we will discuss some of the most essential D&D 5e tools, from books and software to websites and podcasts. So, let’s start.

What are the DND 5E tools?

Dnd 5e tools are special items that are required to do some particular actions in DnD 5e. You may use these tools to pass ability checks or roleplay your way through a situation in creative ways.

There is a complete list of player characters, their classes, and the rules that apply to them in the toolkit. The players can’t modify or change their style. In this article, we have discussed the 5E tools and their types in detail. That is why we can say that it talks about a list of characters with comparable capabilities. There are a lot of relevant alternatives and courses available to the players.

The participants may use different 5E tools. In 5E, every tool is predicated on the selection of the player and the past performance of the tool. They are free to select whichever tools they like. The 5E tools have some restricted characters that the player may like.

Each time a player selects their character, they can select their tools from the 5E tools. The figures are stretching pictures on paper.

As soon as a player creates a character depending on their preferences, the tools are listed on their profile. But there are a few players who know how to use 5E tools properly in dungeons and dragons. The posters sometimes misinterpret and disregard the character and style sheets of the 5E tools.

Are tools useful in DND 5e?

Yes, the tools are useful in DND 5e. The tools enable the users to perform various activities in DnD 5e that you cannot. If you are proficient in tools, that will also help you with ability checks. Your primary abilities all have subsets called skills that are utilized in ability checks.

A lot of DMs and players have grumbled about the usefulness of the tool’s abilities in the 5th edition. However, the issue does not lie in the tools but in the player and DM’s incapacity to look outside the toolbox.

Tool efficiency in DnD implies that it acts as a manifestation of past PC experiences and knowledge. If you have a skill in any tool, that means the character has been trained in its use and gained knowledge and contacts related to that profession. Tools are very useful when you want to make them.

The tools are open-ended. You may make the tools useful and it completely depends on how you treat them. You may ask your players about their abilities and make techniques tailored to them.

5E Tools List

5e Tools List

Here is a list of the most popular 5e tools:

Artisan’s Tools:

This is a special tool that you will require to pursue a craft or trade. If you make any ability checking with the help of the tools in your craft they are improved by your ability bonus if you are efficient with a particular set of artisan tools. There are some particular skills you will require for every type of artisan’s tool.

Disguise Kit:

You can make camouflages that may change your physical appearance with the help of this pouch of cosmetics, small props and hair dye.  If you possess this kit efficiently it will enable you to add your skill bonus to any ability checks you make to make a visual camouflage.

Forgery Kit:

This is a small box that comprises a wide range of papers and parchments, pens and inks, gold and silver leaf, seals and sealing wax, and other things necessary to manufacture authentic-looking copies of original documents. If you are efficient in this kit you will be able to add your proficiency bonus to any ability checks you create to prepare a physical forgery of a document.

Gaming Set:

This category contains Dice and card decks (for games like Three-Dragon Ante). There are a wide range of game pieces. At the time of making ability checks for using a gaming set, you may add your proficiency bonus if you possess it. You will require different proficiency for every type of gaming kit.

Herbalism Kit:

This equipment contains a wide range of different tools that are used by herbalists for preparing remedies and potions along with clippers, a mortar, and pestle, pouches and vials. You may apply your proficiency bonus to any ability checks you make to identify or use herbs if you are efficient with this equipment. Moreover,  developing antitoxin and healing tonics with this equipment needs proficiency.

Musical Instrument:

The table offers instances of some of the most popular varieties of musical instruments. You may include your proficiency bonus in any ability checks you make when you play music with a particular musical instrument if you are skilled in it. The concentration of the spell casting of a bard can be a musical instrument. It takes a distinct level of proficiency to play every type of musical instrument.

Navigator’s Tools:

These types of tools are utilized for marine navigation. You may make a chart of the course of a ship and follow navigational charts if you are skilled with the navigator’s tools. With the help of these tools, you will be able to prevent yourself from getting lost at sea by including your proficiency bonus in any ability checks you make.

Poisoner’s Kit:

There are vials, chemicals, and other supplies in a poisoner’s kit. They are used to prepare poisons. In case you have this kit down pat, you will be able to add your proficiency bonus to any ability checks you make to prepare or use poisons.

Thieves’ Tools:

There is a small file, a set of lock picks, a time mirror mounted on a metal handle, a set of narrow-bladed scissors and a pair of pliers in this set of tools. If you are skilled in these tools you may add your proficiency bonus to any ability checks you make to open locks or disarm tangles.

5E Tools For D&D

The most important 5e tool is the dice. 5e would not be the sans without dice. There is a wide range of distinct duce that you may use for Dungeons and Dragons 5e but you will require a set of six dice:

  • 20-sided dice, D20
  • 12-sided dice, D12
  • 10-sided dice, D10
  • 8-sided dice, D8
  • 6-sided dice, D6
  • 4-sided dice, D4

You can play with each of them but if you want to play for more than a few sessions you will require more than one D6. You may choose the duce as per your choice. You may get the dice in various types of materials like metal, plastic, and even wood. They are also available in various colours. So, you may take your time to find a set of your choice.

Are 5E tools safe?

5e tools is a website that enables users to make and share original Dungeons and Dragons content. The site was introduced a few years ago and it has a wide and active community.

However, there are a few users who are worried about the safety of these tools. Some users have reported that malware and viruses are being spread through the site. A few users have complained that their personal information has been stolen. So, now the question is are the 5e tools safe?

In brief, we can say that the 5e tools are completely safe to use. The site has taken security steps to safeguard the users and most users are not facing any issues.

But it is true that when you are sharing your personal information or downloading files from the internet, there might be some risks. That is why you need to be very careful. If you are worried about your safety, you may take measures to save yourself, like using a VPN or being cautious about what you click on.

How will you download from 5E Tools?

5e Tools is a well-known website for Dungeons and Dragons players. It offers the users access to different resources, along with character creation tools, dungeon maps, and so on. Though you may use the website completely free of charge, you need to buy a subscription for several resources.

DnD 5E Tools is a set of tools for the fifth edition of the Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game. It contains a character builder, a dungeon master tool, and a campaign manager.

You can download the tool very easily. You just have to go to the website and click on the Download button. As soon as the download is complete, you need to unzip the file, and you will be all set to go.

5E Tools is an outstanding way to get every piece of information you require to run a fifth edition campaign. So, you should check it out and see for yourself how it can help you as well as your group.

If you want to download from 5e tools you need to follow the steps that are given below:

  • You need to first go to the website of the 5e tools and create an account.
  • As soon as you are logged in you need to go to the resource you want to download.
  • Then you need to click on the Download button for the resource.
  • Then the resource will be downloaded as a ZIP file.
  • You need to extract the ZIP file to obtain the resource files.

Is there a 5E Tools app?

There are a lot of outstanding tools available to assist you in making the most of your 5e game. But there is no 5e tools app available till now. But there are a lot of amazing apps that provide several useful features for 5e but an all-in-one app has not been launched yet from where you may get everything you require to make the most of your game.

But we expect that there will be a tools app available in the future from where you will be able to get all the information and resources you require to take your game to the next level. But you have to now use the outstanding options available to make the most of your 5e game.

What is the best feature of the 5E tools?

One of the best features of the 5e tools is the proficiency to preload offline data. This is ideal for those times when you want to play without an internet connection or if you want to save on data usage.

If you want to preload offline data, you need to just go to the settings page and select the Preload Offline Data option. This will help you to download all of the data you require to use the 5e tools offline. You just have to remember that this may take some time depending on how much data you need to download.

As soon as the data is downloaded, you will be able to use the 5E tools offline without any issues. You just have to go to the main page and choose the offline mode option. This will enable you to get access to all the features of the 5E tools even without an internet connection.


The 5e Tools website is an extensive online resource for Dungeons and Dragons players of all levels of experience. The website provides different kinds of tools and features, along with a character builder, a spell book, a campaign manager, and a dungeon master resources section. There is also an active community of users on the website who are always ready to help you out or answer your queries.


Is the 5E Tools Suite free?

Yes, the 5E tools suite is free. You can use it completely free of charge, and you may also download the source code.

What are the browsers and devices supported by 5E tools?

5e tools are compatible with any browsers and devices. So, you can use almost any browser, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and so on. Also, you can use Windows and Mac Devices to use this suite.

Do I need to create an account to use 5E tools?

No, you do not need to create an account to use 5e tools. All the data and information are saved in your browser cookies.

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