How to Clear Clipboard in Windows 10

How to Clear Clipboard in Windows 10

In Windows 10, copy and paste is one of the features we use more than once a day and we accept it but the way we create our content is changing rapidly. Windows 10 Introducing a new clipboard experience to overcome many limitations with the old experience, including the ability to sync your clips across devices.

In the new experience, you can use Ctrl + C to copy and Ctrl + V keyboard shortcuts to paste that, but if you use Windows Key + V keyboard shortcuts, you can now access the new clipboard experience with your own history.

How to Clear Clipboard in Windows 10

While it’s easy to get access to the history of the clipboard, sometimes it may be necessary to delete your history or remove certain items from your list, and new experiences provide multiple ways to do this.

Here you will learn how to clear the clipboard in Windows 10 with some simple and easy methods.

Method 1. Clear clipboard data Directly through settings

The most direct and simple way to clean Windows Clipboard is to the settings tab to use the clipboard. Pinned items in the clipboard or instead you can choose to clear the history. In Windows 10, Follow the steps below to empty the clipboard.

Step 1. Click the Windows icon which appears in the bottom left corner of your Home screen, here you need to Click on Settings and open, and then click on “System” in all Settings Options.

How to Clear Clipboard in Windows 10

Step 2. Now Click on the “Clipboard” Option from the Left Panel Section.

How to Clear Clipboard in Windows 10

Step 3. Here you see that All Clipboard Options are Opened. In the “Clear Clipboard data” Section, you need to click the “Clear” button to clear All the Clipboard History.

How to Clear Clipboard in Windows 10

Step 4. If You Want to clear all clipboard history, including pinned items under the “Clipboard History” section, click the slider to turn on the toggle switch.

How to Clear Clipboard in Windows 10

Method 2. Clear clipboard data through Command Prompt

You can run a command to the Command Prompt in Windows 10, here you can clear the clipboard history.

Step 1. Firstly Press the Windows icon from the left corner of your home screen > Now type “cmd” > Right Click on Command Prompt & Select “Run as Administrator”.

How to Clear Clipboard in Windows 10

Step 2. In the Command Line, Enter this Command “cmd /c “echo off | clip

How to Clear Clipboard in Windows 10

Step 3. Press Enter to Run this Command.

Step 4. You Have Done. Close the Command Prompt.

Method 3. Clear clipboard through Creating a Shortcut on Desktop

Empty clipboard for Windows 10 you can create a shortcut. You can then run shortcuts when you need to quickly clean up your clipboard.

Step 1. Right Click on your Home Screen

Step 2. Click “New”

Step 3. Click on “Shortcut” to create a shortcut.

How to Clear Clipboard in Windows 10

Step 4. Enter “ cmd /c echo.|clip ” in the “Type the location of the item” box and click Next to continue.

How to Clear Clipboard in Windows 10

Step 5. Type “Clear Clipboard” in the Name Box.

Step 6. Click Finish.

Step 7. Finally, a Shortcut is Created. Now when you need to clear your windows 10 clipboard, you can double-click on this shortcut and you are done.

Method 4. Clear clipboard through a Single Command

Another way to delete a clipboard in Windows 10 is to use the Windows + V keyboard. This is an efficient way to separate the clipboard history so that you can use items separately and apart from the pinned items can clear all data from the clipboard history.

Step 1. Press the Windows + V key to open the clipboard pane. Here you will see a list of previously copied text and images.

Step 2. In this List, if you want to delete a Particular item from the clipboard. Choose that item and click on the top Corner 3 Horizontal dots > Click “Delete”.

How to Clear Clipboard in Windows 10

Method 5. Clear the clipboard through the Clear All button

Step 1. If you Want to Delete / Erase all the Data & Items from the Clipboard permanently > Click the “Clear All” button.

How to Clear Clipboard in Windows 10

Step 2. You are Done. You Have Successfully Deleted your Clipboard History as well and you can see that your Clipboard is Empty.

Method 6. Clear the clipboard by Restarting your PC

A Simple way to Clear your All Clipboard Data in Windows 10 is by Restarting Your Computer.

How to Clear Clipboard in Windows 10

Just Restart Your Computer and After that, All the Clipboard Data will Automatically Deleted because we all know that, after restarting our PC all the copied data windows automatically delete from the system.

So, that’s the Reason.

How to Disable Windows 10 Clipboard History?

If You Don’t want to Track your Copied Items History on your Windows 10 Clipboard. You Can Disable this Option Permanently.

Press Windows + I from your Keyboard > Go to System > In the Left Panel, Click Clipboard > Under the Clipboard History Section > Turn off the History Tracking option >

How to Clear Clipboard in Windows 10

Now Your History will no longer be recorded by Windows 10.


Where you can find your clipboard history?

To access the clipboard history, you have to press the Windows logo key + V. From clipboard history, you can paste and pin the frequently used items by choosing a specific item from the clipboard menu.

Does the clipboard automatically clear?

The auto-clear feature is not enabled by default in every Android model. You need to enable it by your own. . Once you enable the feature, you can automatically clear the primary clip from the global clipboard after 60 minutes.

Is the clipboard a memory?

The clipboard or pasteboard is a specific location on a phone, computer, and tablet memory. It stores cut or copied text or other data temporarily.

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