The Art of Crafting Fake Error Messages: A Detailed Guide

It is one of the most effective ways to make a realistic joke with your loved ones and make the time more remarkable when they try to text someone who has blocked them as a fake message. In this digital world, it is common to keep messaging each other. But are you willing to copy-paste and send fake error messages to prank your family and friends?

On the other hand, if you want to do it more professionally, you can even send the message anonymously by using any app or the name of any authority. So here are some of the best examples of error-free messages you can copy-paste. Send it to your loved one, and you can play pranks on them. So, in this article, we will discuss everything you should know about and how you can do a prank on them. So, stay tuned with us till the end.

What is a Fake Error Message Text Copy & Paste?

This kind of text message looks like a natural error message from the company, authorities, or app, but it is artificial. It was sent by the user’s friends or family members who were joking with them by sending them this kind of fake error message.

So, you need to be sure that it looks natural; otherwise, it will be awkward for you, but be cautious. Sometimes, hackers or scammers can use the trick to steal your personal information.

How Does It Work?

In this fake error message, the sender creates a text message developed by the technical language and structure of the natural error messages from the company or app. You can use challenging phrases or codes to make it more original. You can also use any link or contact number as a support centre to make it more precise.

What are the Types of Fake Error Messages Text?

It is very important to understand the different types of fake error messages to protect yourself against possible threats. The main types of fake error messages text and tips for safeguarding yourself are given below:

Technical Error Messages: These messages copy contacts from fair firms like banks or internet service providers. They claim a problem with your account or computer and tell you to click on a link for a solution. Nonetheless, these links often lead to vicious websites that contaminate your device with malware. To stay secure, you should always avoid clicking on doubtful links and confirm the message’s genuineness by directly reaching the company through official channels.

Phishing Messages: Phishing messages seek to mislead you into revealing personal information such as credit card details, Social Security numbers, or passwords. They appear to be from reputed entities like banks or credit card companies, but the scammers send them with the sim of stealing your identity. You need to be cautious and never share sensitive information through email or unfamiliar websites. Rather, independently substantiate the legality of the message by reaching the company using reliable contact information.

Malware Messages: Malware messages aim to contaminate your computer with detrimental software that harms or steals personal information. These messages usually contain links leading to vicious websites or malware attachments. To safeguard yourself, avoid clicking on dubious links or downloading attachments from unfamiliar sources. You may use reputed antivirus software to identify and extract malware from your system.

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Purpose of Fake Error Messages

The motives behind fake error messages differ widely. Some creators use them for harmless pranks, intending to delight or confuse their friends or colleagues.

Others employ fake error messages as a means of social engineering, trying to trick users into revealing sensitive information or downloading malicious software. Besides, fake error messages may be used in technical demonstrations or educational settings to illustrate potential vulnerabilities or security risks.

How to Identify a Fake Error Message Text

It is very important to safeguard yourself from falling victim to scams, and specifying fake error messages is crucial. While error messages can vary based on devices and operating systems, distinct indicators can help you identify a fake error message.

You need to pay attention to spelling and grammatical errors. Fair error messages normally adhere to standard language and grammar regulations, so any apparent mistakes can create suspicion. Likewise, if the error message is ludicrous or lacks useful information, it is probably unreal.

Another crucial factor you need to consider is the source of the error message. Fake error messages are usually delivered through vicious links, so you need to only click on reliable links. If the message originates from an unknown source, you must double-check the link’s lawfulness before clicking on it.

The language utilized in the message can also be a red flag. Fake error messages usually employ jeopardizing language and create a sense of urgency to encourage immediate action. You must be careful of such statements and evade manipulation tactics.

You need to be very careful of the message you obtain. Fake error messages are often used in phishing endeavors to fool people into revealing personal information. You must be cautious of such messages that request passwords or financial details. Besides, please exercise carefulness when provoked to download a file and confirm it is from a reliable and legitimate source before moving.

Why Is It Important To Be Careful With Fake Error Message Text?

Yes, fake error messages can be an uproarious joke with your loved one. But it is also hazardous because rather than the trick, it can be dangerous if any hacker or scammer does it.

These messages, including links or contact numbers, may be sent by any hacker if they loot your mobile number or insert any malware virus that can hack your phone information, which gives your contact list, password, videos, and pictures.

Many fake messages like lucky draws, surprise giveaways, and free items can be sent to hack your mobile or put in any virus, so it is crucial to take care of these fake error messages from hackers or scammers. But pranking someone this way is much more amusing. So it would be best if you take care of everything.

Ideas For Fake Error Message

We are going to provide here some ideas for fake error messages that you can prank that sound realistic and precise:

Fake blocked number text messages

If you are exhausted from sending jokes to your friends, you may perform a terrible prank on them that looks so genuine and makes your friends think that you have blocked them. Here are some instances of templates

● T-Mobile SMS ERROR: The subscriber you are trying to reach has blocked
incoming text messages from this number.
● T-Mobile SMS ERROR: Message delivery failed. Further messages will be
charged to your account.
● SMS SERVICE ERROR 202: Message delivery failed.
● Further messages will be charged to your account.
● “SMS ERROR: The phone number you are trying to reach is no longer in
● SMS error: The subscriber you are trying to reach has blocked incoming text
messages from this number.

By using these templates, you can easily prank your friends and family members.

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Make your friend that your number has been disconnected

If you want to make it look like your number has been cancelled or disconnected, you can use the ideas given below:

● We’re Sorry You Have Reached A Number That Has Been Disconnected Or
Is No Longer In Service.
● Message to [insert your phone number] failed: Network problem. (for Verizon
● Error 97: SMS origination denied. (for Verizon users)
● 3412154 Error Invalid Number. Please resend using a valid 10-digit mobile
number or valid short code. (for AT&T users)

Prank them with hilarious fake text messages

From these text messages, you can prank your friend with a realistic text that can be amusing. By sending them this message that is fake but more amusing. We have given below some ideas:

● Alert: Until the cheeseburger is delivered to our office, your mobile account
will be temporarily blocked. once the order is delivered, your account will be
● Warning: Verizon has detected a severe shortage of jokes in your messages.
To restore full functionality, reply with your favourite knock-knock joke.
● Error: The Universe Has Crashed.

Fake Error 404 Text Messages

You are bringing them by perplexing them to send the fake message of error 404; these messages look so amusing, well, a laughable joke. Some examples are as follows:

● Error 404: This phone number does not exist. Please check the number and
try again.
● Error 404: Phone number not found.

● Error 404: Text message delivery failed. Please check your network
connection and try again.
These are some ideas to prank fake error text messages on loved ones. However, apart from all these, there are some downsides of the fake error message text copy and paste.

The legal problem

The very first yet the major issue that could result is the legal problem. Most of the time, such messages are assessed as spam, fake or harassing and may lead to bigger issues thus there is a keen necessity to take care of it.

How to Automate the Process of Sending Fake Disconnected Text Messages

While manually copying and pasting fake messages can be amusing, there are ways to automate the procedure for greater efficiency. Here are two techniques you can use:

Block Their Number For Real:

If you want the prank to appear more precise, you can block the person’s number. This can be easily undone later, so you do not need to worry about any long-term effects. To block someone’s number on your device, you need to follow the steps given below:
● Open your text messaging app.
● Locate the contact of the person you want to block.
● Click on their name at the top of the chat screen.
● Look for the option to block the user and confirm your decision.

Now, whenever the person tries to text you or send a response, they will receive an error message implying that they have been disconnected. It is a clever way to prank your friends and make them think they have been blocked. You just need to keep in mind to disclose the prank and undo the block later to keep it lighthearted.

Set Up Call Forwarding With Google Voice:

Another alternative is to use Google Voice to automate the process of sending fake error messages. With Google Voice, you can set up call forwarding and customize the messages sent to the caller. You may do it in the following way:

● Set up a new Google Voice phone number.
● Go to the Google Voice website and sign up for a personal number.
● Once you have a number, you can set it up to receive calls and forward them
to your cell phone.
● Customize the messages that are played or sent when someone tries to
contact you.

By using Google Voice, you can earn more control over the prank, developing a more practical experience for your friends. It is an outstanding way to add some tech-savvy flair to your pranks.

How to Protect Yourself From Fake Error Messages?

To protect yourself from fake error messages properly, you need to follow the crucial tips given below:

● Utilize Firewall and Antivirus Software: Install and regularly update a reputable firewall and antivirus software. Firewalls can block unauthorized access, while antivirus software can catch and withdraw malware, including
fake error messages that might contain dangerous elements.

● Safeguard Personal Information: Be careful about sharing sensitive personal information, such as credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, and passwords, with unidentified or untrusted sources. Such information is not demanded by legitimate error messages.
● Exercise Caution with Email Attachments: Avoid opening email attachments from unfamiliar senders. Even if the email seems to be from a known sender, be careful if the extension appears doubtful or surprising.
● Question Urgency and Threats: Fake error messages usually use quickness or dangers to exploit recipients into taking rapid action. If you obtain such messages, stay quiet and ascertain their genuineness before
● Employ a Comprehensive Security Solution: Enhance your computer’s security with strong antivirus software, firewall, or other security solutions. These tools can catch and block fake error messages and other possible
● Avoid Clicking on Links in Messages from Unknown Senders: Refrain from clicking links, particularly from unknown senders. Instead, ascertain the message’s legitimacy by visiting the official website of the company or
organization in question.
● Be Cautious about Sharing Personal Information: Protect your personal information and only provide it to trusted and reputable people or authorities. Be suspicious of uninvited requests for personal data.
● Stay Informed about Scams: Stay updated on the latest scamming methods by regularly reading security blogs and news articles. Awareness of recent scams can help you realize and evade fake error messages more effectively.

These tips can extremely lessen the risk of fake error messages and other online threats. Prioritize your online safety and remain attentive in your digital interactions.


Finally, fake error text messages can be fun to get your friends and family pranked or fooled. We have to dive into the views of it. Also, it can be difficult if hackers and scammers use this trick, so be careful.


Is it legal to create and distribute fake error message texts?

Yes, it is generally legal to create and allocate fake error message texts as
long as they are used non-deceptively and non-harmfully. However, it is
important to avoid impersonating government agencies or legitimate sources
of communication, as this can lead to legal effects.

Can fake error message texts cause harm to my device or computer?

Fake error message texts are usually harmless and do not endanger your
device or computer. Nonetheless, be careful not to click on links or download

files from these messages, as they might lead to potential
exposure to malware or other security risks.

How can I ensure my fake error message text is convincing enough to fool my friends?

To make your fake error message text more convincing, mimic the language
and formatting of genuine error messages from the platform or service you
are imitating. You can customize the message to include specific details
relevant to your friend’s device or account.

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