How to Transfer a GoDaddy Domain To Squarespace?

Many website owners want to know how to transfer the GoDaddy domain to Squarespace. During the GoDaddy Squarespace domain transfer procedure, users are confronted with this time-consuming and difficult situation. This blog will provide you with a fast, simple, and workable solution.

Godaddy has been in operation for more than 20 years and is still a domain business monster. Godaddy has expanded significantly in the online world.

Squarespace is also aggressively emerging as a company. They offer a platform for anyone who wishes to create their own website but doesn’t know how to develop it. Godaddy, like many other website hosting businesses, offers hosting services, whereas Squarespace will host your website on their server.

How can you transfer your GoDaddy domain to Squarespace?

How can you transfer your GoDaddy domain to Squarespace?

Before transferring a domain name from Godaddy to Squarespace, you will be able to control all of your domain settings and invoicing from your Squarespace account.

  • Consider the following before beginning the transfer:
  • The pricing and billing information.
  • Our domain transfer specifications.
  • Our recommendations for commencing a transfer.
  • The time required to transfer a domain.
  • The processes required to transfer your personalized email address.

Step 1: Sign in To GoDaddy

  • Log in to your GoDaddy account to begin your domain transfer.
  • Log into your account at the GoDaddy Domain Control Center.
  • Click the domain you want to transfer under Domains.

Note: If you activated GoDaddy’s ownership protection, you must deactivate it before transferring the domain. To disable domain protection, follow the procedures outlined by GoDaddy.

Step 2: Confirm Domain Contact Details

All correspondence regarding the transfer will be sent to the Administrative email address, so make sure the contact information is correct.
  • Scroll down to the Contact Information section of Domain Settings.
  • Click Edit, then go through the details on the Administrative tab. Uncheck the Use for all contact types option if you don’t see the tabs.
  • Check that the Admin email address is correct and functional.
  • Whenever you need to modify the email address, go to the Administrative section and edit it, then click Save.

Note: You can only change the administrative contact details, not the registrants. Follow GoDaddy’s instructions to opt out of the 60-day transfer lock if you alter the registrant. The person named as the administrative contact must handle the transfer to ensure a seamless migration.

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Step 3: Unlock Your Domain Name.

Before you can move the GoDaddy domain to Squarespace, you must first unlock it:
  • Scroll to the Additional Settings area and look for the Domain lock status.
  • If the Domain lock is enabled, click Edit and then change the toggle to the off position to unlock the domain.
  • Click the checkbox to validate unlocking the domain in the message that displays, then click Continue.
  • Next to Domain Lock, an awaiting update notification shows. This indicates that GoDaddy is working on your domain unlock request.

Step 4: Obtain an Authentication Code

To execute the transfer, obtain the following permission code from GoDaddy:
  • Click Transfer domain away from GoDaddy on the Additional Settings page.
  • Proceed with the transfer by clicking Continue.
  • Select To view the Authorization Code, please click here.
  • Copy to Clipboard must be clicked.

Step 5: Begin the Transfer by Entering the Authorization Key.

Initiate the migration procedure in the Domains area of your Squarespace site:
  • Make sure you’re logged in to the right Squarespace account.
  • Click Settings in the Home menu, then Domains.
  • Select Use a domain that I own.
  • In the Enter domain section, type the whole web domain you want to transfer, and click the arrow.
  • Click the Transfer Domain button.
  • Enter the authorization key into the Authorization code area, then click Save and continue.

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Step 6: Review and Confirm Your Registration Information.

Confirm that the contact details linked with the domain are genuine in the Registration panel. These areas are automatically filled up with registration information gleaned from your original registrar’s WHOIS data. Visit Domain contact details for assistance with formatting these fields.

To examine and modify the registration information:
  • Check that the email in the Email Address section is valid since this is how we will contact you when your migration is complete.
  • Update any data that needs to be changed. Once your migration is complete, your modifications will be reflected in your WHOIS data.
  • When everything appears to be in order and all needed fields are completed, click Save and Continue.

Step 7: Enter or Double-Check Your Payment Details.

The card associated with your site displays as the payment method in the Payment Information window. You will submit your payment card details if your website is on trial. When everything appears to be in order, click Save and Continue.

If you’re having difficulty submitting your credit card details, make sure you’re using a payment option that they support.

Step 8: Double-Check Your Purchase.

The transfer information will be displayed in the Review Order tab. You will be billed for an extra year of domain name registration with Squarespace if you move your domain to them. Pricing is determined by the TLD of your domain, and it could be free if you qualify.

To complete the transfer:
  • Examine the payment details.
  • Confirm the total cost of domain name registration for one year.
  • Examine the conditions at the bottom of the screen, including the new expiration date for your domain.
  • If everything appears to be in order, click Confirm and Purchase.
  • You will get a notification verifying that you have started the transfer. Return to the Domains panel by clicking Done.

Step 9: Check the Transfer Status and Fix Outstanding Errors.

Go to the Domains panel to ensure the transfer is complete. If there is a problem with the domain, an error message will be displayed.

To verify the progress of your transfer, follow these steps:
  • Click Settings in the Home menu, then Domains. A “Transfer Pending” notification will appear under your domain.
  • To check the real-time status, select your domain and then Refresh.

Notifications Indicating Transfer Status Errors

If your domain shows an error notice, you can clear it by doing the following:

Domain Is Locked: This notification indicates whether or not the domain is locked, which prevents the transfer. Login to GoDaddy and unlock the domain to resolve the problem. This warning will be solved after the domain has been unlocked.

Authorization Code Required: If GoDaddy refuses the authorization code you submitted in Step 5; this message appears. To resolve the problem, confirm that the authentication code is valid, put this in the text area of the error notification, and then click on submit. To ensure authenticity, we recommend copying and pasting the code. This warning will be cleared when you provide the valid authorization code.

Step 10: Double-Check Your DNS Settings (Optional)

Once you wait for the transfer to finish, you may check the DNS settings for your domain:
  • Click Settings in the Home menu and choose Domains.
  • Click the pending domain transfer, and then click Review your DNS settings.
  • Select the red trash can to delete records you no longer require.
  • Choose to Add a Record to add a new customized record to the domain.
Consider the following while you go through the DNS records:
  • The DNS Settings window can only display MX, TXT, A, CNAME, and SRV entries while the domain is migrating. This information is generally obtained from your domain registrar. To see whether any records are missing, check the records in the Squarespace DNS Settings tab in your provider’s settings.
  • Leave the MX data in place if you have a custom email address associated with your domain.

Step 11: Wait for The Transfer to Finish.

Squarespace should be able to acquire the domain through GoDaddy. When your domain migration is still waiting after 15 days and you’ve done all of the processes above successfully, ask GoDaddy for further information. Squarespace has no control over this timeframe.

We do not advise updating your DNS settings or creating a Google Workspace email account while your migration is in progress. While adding any additional integrations, wait until your domain has been completely migrated.

When the domain has been successfully migrated, you will receive a “Thank you” email from, and the domain will be marked with a green label in the Domains section.


Is Squarespace available for free?

Every website comes with a free 14-day trial, however, there is no free option for running websites.

Can I delete the text “Made with Squarespace?”

Yes. The above text is optional on all plans and websites. You are authorized to eliminate it and substitute it with different materials.

Is it necessary to optimize my website for mobile?

No. To guarantee that your site appears fantastic on every screen resolution, we employ built-in mobile themes. There is no need to create a mobile version of your website.


Squarespace is the method to approach if you want to set up a website that you’ll like maintaining (which is important) and will grab attention in your profession. We’ve been using this for years for our advertising agency websites and are pleased with everything it has to offer.

We believe the instructions above guided you through the full procedure of transferring the domain from GoDaddy to Squarespace. If you have any questions or discover any issues, please leave a comment below. We will try our best to answer you as soon as possible.

Thank you for visiting. Please share this post with your colleagues and friends if you think they would be willing to read it and transfer Squarespace to GoDaddy. Have a wonderful day!

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