What Happened To Chatstep | Top Most Popular Chatstep Alternatives

In the age of digitization, it is a trend to make new friends on digital platforms like social networking sites, e.g. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, etc. Several people in early 2019 wanted to join chat rooms. Chatstep is a website that allows you to make pals. On this platform, you can also arrange a date with your loved ones in a special chatroom. On this platform, you do not need to expose your real name. It allows you to chat using a pet name or as an anonymous person. To get access to this Chatstep platform, you do not need to create an account. But for using the photo-sharing features and personal messenger, you do need to make an account.

Children, as well as teenagers, are very much attracted to the instant messaging system so that they communicate with each other easily. Chatstep is that kind of platform especially built for teenagers.

A Short Overview Of Chatstep:

Chatstep is a web chat room where users can chat and share photos. It runs without having to create an account. The users can chat with their nicknames, pseudonym, or anonymously. It is a website that you can use free of cost. Numerous associations are making use of Chatstep for holding online meetings and for many more reasons. The user needs to proclaim the confidential messenger and photo-sharing preferences. People who have Android or iOS devices can use Chatstep to socialize. Here chats are not documented so that the adults can feel free to use it. It does not document chat logs. They are disposable.

There is a huge popularity of Chatstep in the countries like India, the USA, and many more. In a broad chatroom, the users can create their chats so that other users can join them in the chat. Then they can enter the confidential chatroom and share their social things and photos. There are many safety drawbacks to Chatstep.  Therefore despite being such a flourishing platform, many users are doubted to share illegal topics. Therefore Chatstep has brought some hard and fast rules to use it. It has made its code strong and made the chat end-to-end encrypted to give the users a better experience.

This is to inform you that if you try to break the rules of this platform they will take strong action against you. They remove the suspected users from the website and take legal action.

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The Work Process Of Chatstep:

There are three different chat options available in Chatstep. You can easily opt for anyone. The different chat options are available with the Chatstep room list.

  • Create a chatroom: you have to select a name for the chatroom you created and supply the link and password to a maximum of 50 friends with the help of social media platforms.
  • A private chatroom: you can join in a private conversation in a private chatroom by providing the link that your friend who has created this private chatroom shared with you.
  • Public chatroom: it is a chatroom where everyone can talk with each other.

How To Sign Up On Chatstep:

Chatstep is a platform that is open to all. Whether you will make registration or not depends on you. It is your wish. You can take an entry to the chatrooms either by making a registration or anonymously. If you choose the second option you have to give a pet name to access the website free of cost. You may give a password if you want. It is not mandatory. Then you have to go through the rules and regulations of this website. If you want to leave a chatroom you have to exit the tab. All your chat message history will be cleared by this. You do not have to make a Chatstep login.

If you want to create an account by registering yourself you have to provide your details like username, email, password, captcha, etc. For your account verification, you have to go to the inbox of your email and click on the verification link. The users who are registered are allowed to create a chatroom and mark it as public or private.

What Happened To Chatstep:

Now Chatstep does not allow new users to enroll. The website does not exist anymore. People have already found Chatstep alternatives to fill the empty place of Chatstep. They can use those ways just like the former website. The users can make phone calls, and share files, and messages just like they did on Chatstep. The cause of the Chatstep shutdown is still unknown to all.

The Possible Risks Of Chatstep:

Indeed Chatstep is a platform that allows teenagers or adults to chat freely with their friends as well unknown persons. But there are several risks that you may face. The possible risks of Chatstep are as follows:

  • In Chatstep there is no need of making an account with a real name. You can use it anonymously. But until you know the user name or account details whom you are talking with is not clear at all.
  • The website is built truly for people who are 18+. Therefore it is quite common to find many adult topics here. The public chatrooms and private chatrooms are filled with adult content which is not so surprising.
  • There is no option to report a user separately. If you want to still do it, you have to report the entire chatroom.
  •  It is quite easy to share your photos in Chatstep. There is a high risk of sharing your detailed images on the website.
  • You can make private messaging in a public chatroom on this Chatstep website.
  • There is a high chance of cyberbullying. It is very frightening. The public chatroom is seldom surveyed and reconciled. If such a person is existing in the chatroom you can not find him at any cost. All you can do is you may leave the chatroom, mute the user whom you are suspecting, or report the images.

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The Popular Chatstep Alternatives:

There are a huge number of websites that you can use as Chatstep replacements. The best Chatstep alternatives are as follows:

  • Riot.im
  • Jami
  • ChatSecure
  • Tox
  • OMGChat
  • TinyChat
  • chatBazaar
  • ChatCrypt
  • MeetMe
  • Wireclub

How To Start Up On Chatstep:

  1. You have to first create or join a room. You have to create no account for this. Just start chatting and get socialized within a fraction of a second.
  2. You are allowed to chat with a maximum of 50 people, not only chatting you do make meetings. You can also make Chatstep dating here with full freedom.
  3. You have to drag to share images and files. You may paste links to listen to music or watch videos together.

The Important Things With Which The Parents And Teenagers Get Familiar With:

  • Chatstep is a website introduced for adults only. Most of the contents are not appropriate for young people. The parents should know well how the website works or what the contents of the website are before allowing their child to access it.
  • Parents should teach their children what to do if there is a negative remark or statement. Help them to learn the tricks of how to leave a chatroom or mute a user.
  • Give your child a short idea about how the website works. Teach them how to report anyone. And check that settings if there is only safe images are allowed.
  • The users should not use public chat rooms or chat with strangers.
  • You should never share your personal details online otherwise you may fall in trouble.

How To Report On Chatstep:

For experiencing any abusive behavior a user can easily report it to the website. The process of reporting is given below:

  • You will find a report button under each photo.
  • You can report a room on chatstep.com. you have to click on the report button that is available in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

Are All The Accounts Real Here:

You will not understand if the accounts are real or not. As there is no registration process that a user has to undergo there are not enough details in a user’s profile to mark him as genuine or not. You can only see the user name. Moreover, there is no profile picture of the user with which you can identify him as real or fake. You have to prevent yourself on your own. There are some ideas given below about how to make yourself safe on an online dating website:

  • You should never use your real name. Though it is not right for your profile it is the best way to keep you safe from the risks of online dating websites.
  • You should not expose your details to anyone whom you do not know until you know them properly.
  • All your details like full name, address, phone number, email address, or home address must be kept hidden.
  • You should not share your social media accounts. You have to keep in mind that your location, friend, and family are on social media.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Chatstep:


  • Chatstep is available for free and the chatting procedure is very simple.
  • The interface of Chatstep is straightforward.
  • You do not have to make any registration for using this website.
  • There is no requirement for credit cards.


  • There is no Chatstep mobile app available for Chatstep.
  • The design of Chatstep is unfashionable.


Is Chatstep safe to use?

here are several hard and fast rules in Chatstep that you have to follow positively, otherwise the IP address of the user will be prohibited forever. The users can report any harsh attitude. The user can also block anyone from messaging.

Does Chatstep sell your data?

No, there is no possibility of selling your data by Chatstep.

Is there any need to spend our money to get access to Chatstep?

No, there is no requirement to spend your money for accessing Chatstep. It is available free of cost.

Final Thoughts:

Chatstep is supposed to be one of the best platforms for chatting. The people of comparatively olden times still appreciate the design of the website. But in modern times the design is not up to the mark. It is a free website that is very easy to use. You can make a sharp registration here.  The platform is filled with extraordinary features that are the basic requirements of online chatting people. The features of this website are most attractive.

About 5000 people visit this website daily from all over the world. About 200 people stay online anytime. The users can access this website with pseudonyms. It depends on the users on which chatroom they would join. They can create their own chat room. The website is mostly popular in India. If you want to spend your leisure time communicating with people randomly Chatstep will be the perfect fit for you for online chatting.

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