Top 10 Most Popular Music Torrent Websites

Music Torrent: Who doesn’t love music? Indeed, music is one of those treatments to your ears that can change your mood instantly. Whether you are stressed out or have done nothing in an entire day, a good song or good instrumental music can surely make your day happen.

There are hundreds of platforms available from which you can download music, but there are some Popular Music Torrent Websites that you can use to install your favorite music, and here we will be listing down those best music torrent websites.

So, let us proceed forward and check out these websites:

Top 10 Best Torrent Websites to Download Music:

1. The Pirate Bay: for Music Torrent

Everything You Need to Know About Pirate Bay website was developed in 2003, and since then, it has been providing satisfying services to its customers. The users of this website can easily search for and download their favorite music files available in torrent format. Pirate Bay is the most superior and best music-downloading torrent website that you can visit.

The Pirate Bay

From romantic to rock, downloading any music from this website is just a few clicks away. So, what are you waiting for? Download the music and heat the dance floor.

Features: High-quality FLAC file format; Supports magnet links
Content: Movies, TV Shows, Games, Music, Software
Locations: Blocked in multiple regions
Download Speed: Average of 5.9 MB/s

2. Soundpark: Best Music Torrent Website

If you are looking for a country-specific website, then you can choose Soundpark to complete your downloading task. Soundpark is considered one of the best torrent websites for music and is used by millions of music lovers.

Sound Park

To download music from the Soundpark website, you need to first sign up at the site, and once done, you can get access to millions of songs to choose from. However, to have the best advantage of the website, you can buy premium access to the website, where you will find an ocean of different types of music that you can download with just a click.

Features: Search engine built-in, user-friendly interface
Content: music tracks and many genres of music.
Locations: Banned from use in France, UK, and Australia
Download Speed: Average of 3.0 MB/s

3. Torrentdownloads: for Music Torrent

As the name suggests, it is a simple and highly easy-to-use website that allows its customers to download various types of files.


To download any music file from torrent downloads, just type the name of the file that you are looking for, and then from the displayed results, check which song you are looking for and download it.

The website is safe to use, and to get through more of its options, you can register yourself, and stay updated by all the latest music files getting uploaded on it daily.

Features: TorrentDownloads only has verified torrents, and music is categorized by genre
Content: Music, Games, Movies, Anime, Books, TV Shows, Apps
Locations: Blocked by some ISPs.
Download Speeds: Average of 3.1 MB/s

4. Dirty Torrents:

Dirty torrents function as a torrent search engine that gives the liberty to its customers for searching music files, TV shows, games, adult movies, applications, and many more things. Downloading music files using dirty torrents is highly easy.

Dirty Torrents

When you open the official website of Dirty Torrents, you will land on a page where you will be able to see various categories listed on the website that can be viewed, and you can download music from those categories easily. The process for downloading music from the Dirty Torrents website is quite smooth, all you need to have is a good internet connection, and your work will be done.  

Features: Clean user interface, useful search bar
Content: TV Shows, Games, Apps, Music, Adult Content
Locations: May be blocked by certain ISPs
Download Speeds: Average of 4.6 MB/s

5. Lime Torrents

Lime Torrents

Lime Torrents is another excellent Torrent music website to download music. On this website, you will find a dedicated music panel where you can see the file size. Also, you can see how much time it will take to download the particular music.

Features: User can see each torrent upload time and size, one-click downloads,
Content: Games, Music, Software, Books
Locations: Banned from use in France, UK, Australia
Download Speeds: Average of 3.5 MB/s


Are you willing to download a music file that is classical or core or has folk voices? For that, you must If you are new in the music downloading world and adore listening to folk music rock, and metal types of music, then the website is developed only for you.

You can also log into the website to get through more options because if you do without signing in to the website, then you will be getting fewer or say a limited number of music to download, but if you create your account on the website, then obviously you will get access to more songs, that can be downloaded easily.

Are you still in a dilemma? If yes, then push yourself out of the dilemma, and visit the website to see how easily you can download your favorite music within a fraction of a second.

Also, if you are facing trouble in downloading music, then cross-check your internet connection, because MusicTorrent is one of the best music torrent websites that gets millions of users monthly.

Features: Classic Music, Vintage Music albums, and all songs from different categories available.
Content: Music and Songs
Locations: Available worldwide
Download Speed: 4.2 MB/S

7. Rarbg:

Working as a private torrent tracker, RARBG is a very old yet popular website that specializes in having the largest collection of music.


Because this website works as a private tracker, it is important for users to first register themselves on the website, only then they can use it. Once you successfully get registered there, you will be given access to the endless albums that you can easily download and listen to. You can even get through the news section available on the website to know what’s happening in the world.

Features: Clean user interface, Section with popular music torrents
Content: Movies, ebooks, software, games
Locations: Blocked in Australia, Denmark, Greece, India, and Turkey.
Download Speed: Average of 4.4 MB/s

8. 1337x:

1337x is a platform that functions as the directory of all torrent files, whether it is music or a movie, you can easily get that by just typing the name. Also, it is one of the most popular torrent websites that are leading the market in the year 2020.


Features: Clean user interface, Section with popular music torrents
Content: Movies, TV Shows, Games, Music, Software, Anime
Locations: Blocked in Austria, UK, Ireland, Australia
Download Speed: Average of 4.4 MB/s

9. Torlock:

The Torlock website has an endless collection of music that you can download without paying a single penny, whether it is about downloading a romantic track or rock music, every category of music you will find on the Torlock website.


The average downloading speed of the music file from the Torlock website is around 5/mbps per second, which is quite good.

Features: Only offers verified torrents on the entire site
Content: Movies, TV shows, Games, Music, Software, Anime
Locations: Can download torrents from anywhere
Download Speed: Average of 4.6 MB/s

10. Torrent Funk:

Last but not least, Torrent Funk is one of those websites where you can easily hunt for your favorite music, and install it with it. Some of the music files are verified there, so it is assured that you will be getting the accurate files only.

Torrent Funk

Features: Fastest download search engine
Content: Movies, TV shows, Games, Music, Software, Anime
Locations: Can’t download torrents from everywhere
Download Speed: Average of 4.5 MB/s

Why Do I Need a VPN for Torrenting?

Many websites have prohibited the users of a few countries from accessing but, there is an alternative way present through which it can be done. And, that method is using a VPN for torrenting.

Many years back, there was no single reason to worry about making payments for downloading music, but as time has changed, the scenarios are different.

Now, the artists believe that their efforts deserve to be noticed and that downloading music for free should be stopped, but on the other hand, many music lovers still looking for methodologies through which they can get it for free.

The role of a Virtual Private Network VPN here is to hide all kinds of activities that you are doing, and offer you privacy so that other websites won’t be able to detect your server.

It changes your IP address hence making it impossible for other servers, however, your internet provider might know that you are using a VPN. So, eventually, if you want to hide your identification, then yes, you need a VPN for torrenting.


Is using torrent legal?

To be frank, using torrents for downloading music, videos or anything is not legal, as
there are many things that can be easily shared on online platforms whereas there are a
few things like adult content and more that shall not be shared in strict manners.
So, if you still want to download only music files, then you can use a VPN, as it is not wild
or bold type of content that can lead you to trouble.

Is using torrent for downloading safe?

When it comes to safety, many consequences should be taken care of because
you might get through some copyright issues or sharing issues. But if you are using a VPN to
use torrents, then yes, it is safe.


Mentioned above are the top 10 best music torrent websites that you can visit to download your favorite audio files.

If you want to know more about such types of interesting platforms, then do stay tuned with us.

Now, as you are aware of what can be done to you if you use a VPN, there is nothing to worry about. So, use a VPN download your favorite music, and enjoy.

Music is a treat to the ears after every one of us comes back from living a hectic day. Good and soothing music can make us feel relaxed and satisfied. Also, music can give us a good sleep. So, keep listening to your music and stay tuned with us!

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