Why was the 911 Proxy Permanently Closed?

911 Proxy Service, or 911.re, is supposed to be one of the few original residential proxy networks. It has suddenly been announced to shut down its systems as soon as it suffered from a data infringement. A lot of Microsoft Windows computers got access to this service in 2015. Suddenly, it displayed a message on the home page saying that the essential elements of their business operations were demolished by the cyberattack.

In this article, we are going to discuss why was the 911 proxy permanently shut down.

What is the Reason Behind the 911 Login Failure?

The actively subscribed customers of 911 re as well as the people who have tried to subscribe or check out the website of 911re have been sent the pathetic news that 911.re was going to close its shop. It is not at all a temporary closure but it is going to close its shop permanently. The internet marketers felt very sad after vetting the news. A lot of popular internet marketing forums started to convey their displeasure as well as anger and have questioned why the service will be closed all of a sudden like this. Some of them got angry because they have not yet used 911 proxies and that is why they are saying that 911.re has created an exit scam on them. The others are raising their voices because they are thinking that they will not be able to get any reliable 911 proxy alternative.

In the meantime, there were only a few people who were bothered thinking about what happened under the hood. But the interesting fact is that for most people the service was still functioning. That is why they do not need to question this topic. But now when the services have been closed permanently they are trying to get another alternative so that they can carry on what they use the 911 socks proxy for.

But without knowing the original fact it is quite difficult to move from one provider to the other. We are writing this article so that you can have a clear knowledge of what happened.

A Short Overview Of 911.re S5 Proxy Service

You should know that the 911.re S5 proxy service is nothing but a residential proxy service that provides services with IPs in more than 190 countries all over the world. You will get a proxy client through this service so that you can get access to their service. You will find the proxy client to be available only for Windows. That is why if you do not have Windows you will be unable to use this service. If you do not have Windows you will be able to use Port Forwarding to get access to the service. But for most cases, this will not be so effective.

This service offers a lot of IP addresses from any location around the globe. The most attractive part is that they demand their service to be credible. It has received a developer-friendly API as well as a good pricing system that is very reasonable. You will be able to get 150 proxies for just $22 at the time of its service. These have a validity fit a lifetime until or unless you use them.

This is one of the best proxy services that enables you to control the headers sent, have a list of user personal info, keep a list of the blocked sites, port forward web requests, and carry out a lot of advanced things that are not supported by most regular proxy services. That is why people started to burst out their anger as soon as they got the news of the sudden shutdown of the service.

How Does 911.re receive its IP addresses and the implications?

It is quite obvious that most pricy services claim that they are credible. This is because proxy services, especially residential proxy services, are considered to be services that are run by hackers as well as fraudulent people. If you want to argue about it you have to know that a lot of proxies are the product of malware.

If you look at the 911 S5 proxy service in getting its proxies you will find that some cracks give you scope for assuming and wondering how ethical it is even with it claiming to be an ethical provider.

911.re does not have the IPs that are offered to the users. They are received from P2P networks where the regular internet user’s computers are combined with the proxy network and used as exit nodes out of the network by using their IP address. The service helps to rent the computers of others to their consumers.

The owners as well as the operators consciously added the 911.re service claiming computers in their network that act like proxies for their customers. But in reality, it is not the original truth. Some proxy services use malware-infected computers just like proxies and the users do not know about the existence of such malware on their computers.

911.re shows its smartness in the offering. It allows the user to use two free VPN services only to attract them. The agreement of the user is kept inside the long-term usage documents that nobody tries to read. As soon as you install free VPN services you will be able to join the network and you can use your computer as a proxy and you are connected to the internet at this time without your knowledge.

Besides offering a VPN to attract users they also come up with pay-per-install offers that allow the users to pull strings and get people to install the particular software along with their script in them. You may feel that the users are aware of it, but the truth is that it is completely unknown to them.

The service wants to make things more descriptive, which is why they are trying to get more computers in the US into their network and have a lot of public computers in many government institutions in the U.S. You will be able to know the malware-related activities that are happening there because the public institutions do not require you to install free VPNs on their computers.

What is the reason behind shutting down the service of 911.re?

Still, we do not know the actual reason behind the shutting down of the service of 911.re.  You will find two sides of the story- the version told by them and the version inferred by you. We have discussed both versions in the following:

911.re version of the story

As soon as it was down the regular content on their homepage transformed into the story that they wanted to make people hear. As per the information on the homepage it was attacked by hackers that have caused massive data damage on their server. The data damage was very crucial and hampered the operation of their service which can not be solved by them anyway. That is why they decided to permanently close down their services. They disclosed those excuses on their homepage just 3 days after the incident. When it was tried to check out again it was found that it was no longer available. They have pulled it at this time and that is why we can not get access to the website again. There are a lot of customers who have active proxies but they do not get any refund for this. That is why it is quite natural that they will want to know the season behind the sudden shutdown. People have a lot of questions regarding this matter, they want all the answers to their questions.

Hearsay Theories

Nobody indeed has a clear knowledge of why the service was shut down suddenly. All the things we are saying are the possible reasons only, so they might not be correct. The issue was started soon after the publication of KrebsOnSecurity, which is an expose on the network. It is known to all. 911.re notified that they are closing new registrations and they will not accept any new top-ups soon after a few days of the above-mentioned publication. The reason they made this decision is that they are working to take necessary steps so that they can save their network from abuse as well as misuse.

After this incident, the number of IP pools in the service started to decline promptly within a very short time. As per the information available on Twitter a user who can get access to more than 800 IPs are now able to see about 100. But this was no doubt a fraudster as it was found that the screenshot had been shared from a fraud community.

Who used 911.re?

In comparison with other proxy services, this was the most used service of all. But we have come to know that there were mainly two types of users: Internet marketers and fraudsters. Internet marketers use this service from the legal side of things but the fraudsters like scammers and carders love to use 911.re service the most. As soon as the news was announced the scammer’s community got panic-stricken immediately.

Was 911.re a fraud?

People think that it was a fraud as it never checked whom they were permitted to get access to their network. They never ask for KYC. Moreover, they allowed the users to pay by using Bitcoin. That is why anybody could get access to this open platform very easily as there are no such restrictions. That is why everybody loved 911.re the most. After the shutdown of VIP72 and Luxsocks, the customers of those platforms went straight to 911.re.

But, still, we can not say that 911.re is a fraudulent service. But there are a lot of fraud people who are using their service and most importantly they have also suffered the same pain and they were unable to do anything to stop that.

What are the Best alternatives to 911.re service available in the market?

If you are searching for a proxy server that will help you to mask your real IP you will find a lot of proxy services like Bright Data, Smartproxy, and Shifter available in the market that can be used as the best 911.re alternatives. They provide better location support than 911.re.

But if you are searching for the extraordinary features of 911.re proxy you will not be able to get them from regular proxy services. That is why it will be quite difficult for you to find such an alternative.


How many users are allowed to use 911 VPN?

If you buy a premium subscription plan you will be allowed to connect ten devices at a time no matter what the platform is. The most interesting part of this is that you will be able to connect all of them by using the same username as well as password.

What do you mean by proxy?

A proxy server works as a relay between a client and a server. The term proxy signifies to act on behalf of another. That is why a proxy server works on behalf of the user. It helps to save a private network from the attacks of the hackers.

Why is 911 down?

The service was active till 28th July 2022. It was suddenly announced that the service was going to shut down due to a data breach that damaged the main components of its business operations.


We believe that 911.re has been shut down for some beneficial purposes. Your business will indeed be critical without it but we have to move on and accept the truth. Now it is high time to choose another provider. They suddenly shut down without disclosing the reason. That is why people think that they are trying to cover up their acts. So you must go through this article to know the probable reasons for the shutdown of 911 proxies.

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