MSI G241 Gaming Display: Review 144HZ Refresh Rate

The MSI G241 is a less expensive gaming option. This is made for gamers and comes with some extra features and overloaded performance. It’s an awesome monitor with a 144 HZ refresh rate. This monitor is the best option for those who don’t want to spend extra money on gaming.

The screen color quality is good, and it comes with a large display as well. The dark scenes on this monitor look amazing and stunning. This is the first black tuner ever in this world. It helps you see the black area bright and sharp. The MSI G241 comes with the option of blue-light filtering. This option will protect your eyes from harmful rays. The monitor has a full-HD display with a resolution of 1080p.

A typical monitor display has a flicker rate of about 200 times per second. This is not visible to the naked eye, but it can cause fatigue over time. MSI AntiFlicker technology provides a very comfortable viewing experience by reducing flicker.

Due to the wide viewing angle, MSI gaming monitors are free to be placed in the setup without sacrificing the optimal display experience.

MSI Optix G241 23.8 inch 16: 9 144Hz FreeSyncIPSeSports A professional game with a gaming monitor. The monitor features a fast refresh rate of 144Hz, a response time of 1 ms, and AMD Radeon FreeSync technology, eliminating screen tearing and frame breaks, providing users with a smooth gaming experience.

1. MSI G241 Specification:

MSI G241

The MSI G241 comes with a lot of new features. Let’s start with its screen size. It comes with 23.8 inches full HD display with 1080p resolution. The pixel density of MSI is 92ppi. But, the company uses an IPS panel. The aspect ratio of the monitor is 16:9 with 8 bits of color depth.

The monitor doesn’t support HDR. The response time of the monitor is 1MS (GtG) and the refresh rate of G241 is 144HZ. The viewing angle of MSI is 178º/178º (horizontal and vertical).

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2. Size:

In this case, things are becoming a little bit interesting. The height of the monitor is 54.03 cm and the width is 42.26 cm. If we talk about the depth of it. It has 21.96 cm of depth. Its weight of it is 3.3kg which is not too much.

3. Performance and Display:

The MSI G241 provides an amazing brightness result as its backlight reaches 320 cd/m3 100%. At 30% of brightness, it provides enough display and brightness for its users.

But still, it cannot produce black like an OLED panel. But its display quality is good.

The pixel time of the monitor is fine at least it doesn’t blur. There is an anti-motion blur.

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4. Connectivity and features:

First of all talk about the ports. The G241 has 2 x HDMI 1.4 ports, 1 x Display Port 1.2, and    1x  3.5mm audio headphone jack.

5. Built-in technologies:

This monitor has some extra built-in technologies. Here are some built in tecnologies of MSI G241. Night Vision, Anti-Theft lock, Wide Gamut color, Navigation joystick.


We only receive 1 HDMI cable in the MSI G241 box.

The company has already made thousands of gaming laptops they are good at it. This model is popular because it comes with a high refresh rate and offers a 1080p resolution.

Let’s talk about some exciting advantages of the monitor which will pull the games to the Optix series for buying this, especially for those gamers who do export.

7. Price:

The MSI G241 is the best option for those who don’t spend extra money. It has the same accessories as others like RGB lighting and HDMI cables. You can also look at other options in this price range. you can decide between another brand like View Sonic and AOC. The MSI G241 is $179.

Buying G241 can be a good investment and value for money. It allows you a smooth gaming experience with a 144HZ refresh rate. The best part is the response of the monitor which is 1 millisecond.

8. Convenient to use:

You feel good when you play games on it. You feel everything is sharp and clear for you. It is possible due to the 144HZ high refresh rate with a 1 ms response time.

Optix series monitors come with a wide range of colors than other monitors available on the market.

It has pre-installed free-sync from AMD, but it works fine with G-sync from Nividia. This is a good option if you have a specific graphic card because this will perform well and smoothly with any kind of graphic card.

9. Image Quality:

MSI G241 has a big screen that is sharp and clear. The colors are vibrant and look stunning. Many people like it while they play video games and other things that require high resolution and sharpness. Faithful colors and a wide gamut make the experience perfect.

This monitor comes with 128% coverage of SRGB color space and 95% DCI-P3 colors. These colors are enough to deal with any kind of video game and other things. It has less blue light and an anti-flicker system as well.

It also comes with a wide viewing angle, so colors will not change any different angles. The screen quality is awesome because it doesn’t produce image distortion while looking from different angles.

10. Comfort:

It is very easy to handle and use for everyone. The monitor has an OSD joystick that can reach from the front of the monitor. Most of the monitor comes with buttons that are most out of reach. But in this monitor, everything is in your arms. Optix G241 BELI DI SINI IPS panel will make the screen colors flawless.

The monitor angles are 178 degrees wide which means you don’t need to put this at a specific place for a better viewing experience. This will provide you with the same result where ever you install this. Its flickering rate is 200 times per second. You cant see this with the naked eye but it can tire your eyes over time. Anti-flicker technology prevents eye fatigue.

11. Connections:

The monitor offers multiple connectivity options. The most demanding feature it has HDMI and Displayport inputs. We use HDMI and DVI options for sending audio or video data between the computer and monitor.

12. Design:

According to reports the MSI G241 gaming monitor fulfills its main function without going into extras. It has a flawless and elegant design with quality material. It comes with a sleek black finish that gives a modern look to the gaming monitor. The monitor doesn’t take up too much space and it’s not too heavy as well.

Most of these monitors are made of plastic or premium products. But plastic provides a high-quality feel to its users. According to his price range, his design is fine.

13. Brightness and HDR:

Sometimes HDR function forces us to buy another monitor because MSI doesn’t support HDR technology. The brightness of it is 250 nits. But, the high-resolution games look even better. Frames don’t drop due to a quick response time which is less than 1 ms.

Adobe RGB light and HDR 360 are used in games, but many people don’t want this feature. These blue lights prevent your eyes from getting tired while playing games for a long time. It stops blue light from entering our eyes.

14. Ergonomics:

This monitor has multiple options to adjust according to your needs. But in this model, you have only the tilt option available. It doesn’t have many adjustable options like other monitors.

Pros and Cons of the MSI G241:


  • Very low price with 144 HZ.
  • The colors are sharp and clear.
  • Full HD display quality.
  • HDMI cable support.
  • G-sync and free sync options.
  • Large display with a 24-inch screen.


  • Limited connectivity features.
  • Tilt option only for the stand.
  • Does not support HDR technology


Does the MSI G241 gaming monitor support 1080p at 120HZ on ps5?

Yes you can do this through settings, First of all, go to setting and open the game application in-game application you have to open game presets and performance mode and select “Performance Mode”

Does the monitor support 1080p @ 120 HZ on the Xbox series?

The answer is yes through settings you can manually do this.

Does this monitor have a cable that will connect it to the soundbar?

This monitor doesn’t have USB options. But he has HDMI, 3.5 audio jack, and 1 display port.

What kind of cable comes in the monitor box?

it only comes with an HDMI cable for connections to the display.


The MSI G241 is a stunning gaming monitor. It comes in sharp and clear colors, which makes it more premium. The 144 HZ refresh rate makes our viewing experience more tremendous.

The price is low but the performance is high. We agree that some features are missing like HDR technology. But in this price range, This is the best gaming monitor made by the Optix series.

The design is simple but elegant. It comes with a sleek body and a matt black color making it a hot cake for budget gamers. We will highly recommend you this gaming monitor. If you are looking for something 250 dollars. You can go with it and I am sure you will never regret it.

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