Tesla Pi Phone: The First Ever Satellite Phone

We all know that Elon Musk is now the CEO of Tesla which has been making surges in several segments at this time. Musk’s Tesla has put its hands into a variety of areas be it space travel or automobiles. Nevertheless, people are now eager to know everything about the Tesla Pi Phone.  It is rumoured that the upcoming Tesla phone is going to beat all the modern smartphone brands. 

We all know that Tesla is popular in the market for its electric cars but people are now expecting that the company is going to grow its business and launch its smartphone.  The CEO of Tesla,  Elon Musk has fueled this assumption by making several provocative tweets. 

When Musk is behind the processes we are sure that the upcoming Tesla phone is going to attack the preferences of  Samsung flagships and Apple’s iPhones. The phone is going to hit the shelves soon.  That is why people are excessively curious to know about it. 

That is why in this article we are going to have a look at everything we have come to know so far about the Tesla Pi phone including the latest news,  probable specifications,  designs,  price,  and expected release date.  So,  without wasting any time let’s get right into it. 

What Is the Tesla Phone?

Tesla has brought a revolution in the electric car market.  Tesla released its first car the Roadstar in 2008 and it became one of the fastest-production cars in the world within no time. 

Recently there has been rumour that Testa is going to set its foot in the smartphone market.  The name of the device that is rumoured to be released is Model Pi. 

Despite so many rumours,  the company has not given any official information yet that they are going to produce a new device.  In this case, the company has kept itself tight-lipped.  That is why we do not have much idea about the device. 

The company is popular for its extraordinary technology.  So,  we can say that it would become very successful if it entered into the competitive smartphone market. It is going to be a most-awaited launch.  So,  keep your fingers crossed until the company announces anything officially about Model Pi. 

Will the Tesla Model Pi be released?

At this time what we can say is that the Tesla model Pi phone sticks around a lot in the domains of assumption. Tesla has not made any announcement yet that they are going to explore this area and Musk himself has tried to prove the rumour to be false in 2020, by saying smartphones are “yesterday’s technology”.

This refers to the growth of chips that can be injected into the brain to enable devices to be handled by the electrical urges developed when we think.  Neuralink Corporation,  a company of Musk, is already deeply active in growing this technology but it will likely be a long time before having yourself chipped will be a factual thing. 

Nonetheless,  there is some logic to assume that Musk is either creating a phone or thinking of creating it. People started to assume it when Musk made a tweet after knowing that Apple was going to expel Twitter from the App Store and that he would make his phone but only “if there is no other choice”.

So,  we can not say with 100% certainty that Musk or any of his companies are now creating smartphone tech but there is a high possibility that he may consider it shortly.

Tesla Pi Phone Release Date

The company has not yet announced anything about the official release date for the Tesla cell phone. Some sources are expecting that the Tesla phone release date could be in early 2023. However, there is no adequate proof in support of this claim. 

Truly speaking there are a huge number of proofs that give us hints that it will take a lot of time for the Tesla smartphone to be released. Elon Musk wanted to release his device in late November 2022. That is why we are expecting that the Tesla phone will be launched in 2024.

Tesla Pi Phone Specifications

Tesla Pi Phone Specifications

The specifications of the Tesla Pi phone have not been released officially yet.  But we have some ideas about it.  So,  let’s have a look at the possible specifications of the  Tesla electro phone below: 

  • Display – 6.7-inch OLED panel, 120Hz refresh rate, and 458 ppi pixel density.
  • RAM – 8GB
  • Storage – 512GB
  • Camera – The rear camera system will have a triple camera setup, with 50MP on each lens. The selfie shooter is slated to have a 40MP lens.
  • Colour – The device will only come in a single colour scheme; black.
  • Weight – The Tesla Pi Phone will be a heavy hitter, weighing 240 grams.
  • Battery – The phone could have a 5000mAh battery.

One of the most important information that we have not mentioned above is that of the processor.  Some reports are implying that Tesla is going to use a processor developed in-house.  While others are saying that Tesla is going to use a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor.

Anyway, most of the sources are saying that the Tesla iPhone is going to use an Octa-core processor. If they do so,  that will surely set it apart from the other major smartphones available on the market now. 

Furthermore,  rumours also indicate that the phone is going to be released with an in-built functionality to acquire access to Starlink as well as use solar charging technology to recharge its battery.  They are no doubt captivating ideas but at the end of the day, all are nothing but visions.  Nevertheless,  we are expecting that we will be able to come to know more about the Elon Musk cell phone in the upcoming days. 

How much would the Tesla Model Pi cost?

Tesla has not mentioned the Tesla Pi phone price officially.  Nevertheless,  considering the expected features in the upcoming Tesla model Pi we can say that the production cost of the Tesla phone is going to be ranging from $800 to $1200. So,  we can say that the Tesla phone price will be between Rs. 66,270 and Rs. 99,400.

Nevertheless, with the import taxes that foreign-made electronics are subjected to in India, we can assume that the price is going to be much higher in our country. 

What features and specs could we see in the Tesla Model Pi?

Tesla is popular for the outstanding and exclusive features that it usually offers in its new products.  For instance, some Tesla cars come with a defence mode so that users may protect themselves from bio-weapon attacks. 

If you consider the Tesla Cybertruck,  you will find that there is an almost unbreakable exoskeleton. So there is no doubt that people are therefore gossiping about the Tesla Pi Phone features. We have mentioned below some of the most important probable features of the Elon Musk phone: 


There are concept artists who have made some outstanding images that display the probable design choices Tesla might make.  But all these are indeed completely conceptual and there is no hard proof against it. 

Solar power

It is probably the most practical rumour out of all the rumours that Tesla is going to incorporate solar panels into its debut phone so that users can easily recharge their devices without the requirement of an electrical power source. 

This rumour has some ground as it goes perfectly with the ecologically minded Tesla company as the company has already used solar power in its products. 

But it is a matter of fact whether the solar charging technology is capable enough to keep a phone charged the entire day, particularly when the phone itself remains most of the time in your pocket or bag. 

There are also a lot of valid stories of the Model Pi combining closely with Tesla cars that will allow greater control over settings and features when it will run. 

Starlink support

There are a lot of rumours that the Model Pi is going to use the Starlink service offered by the SpaceX company Elon Musk.  This is going to be a satellite-based fast broadband connection that would offer coverage in numerous areas where 5G is worried to walk on.

Satellite connectivity has started to come in mobiles like the iPhone 14 series and the Huawei Mate 50 Pro,  but they have implemented it for a basic purpose and they are mainly intended for simple energy transmissions over text at times when ordinary signal is not available.  Fans are therefore expecting that Tesla is going to make Starlink integration in a more sophisticated way. 


Can you remember the Neuralink technology that we mentioned in the article earlier?  A lot of fans are expecting that the Model Pi will be compatible with the Brain-Machine-Interface chips that would enable the users to regulate their devices by thought. 

This sounds very interesting.  If we can use Alexa to choose the correct music track or use Siri to call the right person,  the idea of a mind-control phone can not be impossible. 

Mars Attacks

At last,  the most important of all the rumours we have seen is that the Starlink technology will enable the Model Pi to work on Mars. 

Truly speaking, we would be delighted if Tesla could fix it so that we get a good signal in the local coffee shop. That would be exceptional. 

Controlling Tesla Cars

Tesla has already released an app for iPhones and Android smartphones that allows users to control their Tesla automobiles.  With the help of the app, the users can pick up or unlock their car,  start or stop the engine,  and even call the vehicle to their location.  The app could be integrated completely into the software of the phone so that users may use it through external buttons too. 

This feature is quite reasonable and we are expecting that the upcoming Tesla phone is going to be released with this feature for sure.  Tesla may even add some additional features with the app or software for the owners of Tesla automobiles. 


Musk is very vocal about cryptocurrency and he lives to invest in Dogecoin the most.  A few reports expose that the Tesla phone may come with hardware that would be capable enough to mine cryptocurrency. 

Nevertheless, we think that this would be a stress as mining cryptocurrency needs some profound firepower. The computers that are used for mining cryptocurrency are very powerful and have features that are completely different from the ones that we use now. 


If you have ever tried to take photographs of the night sky, you must have found it difficult to get clear, sharp images of astronomical objects.

Recent mobiles are already equipped with AI-powered cameras that enable you to take photographs in the night sky but the extraterrestrial focus of SpaceX may take things to the next level. 

Model Pi is going to be capable enough to more precisely identify and locate astronomical objects and it has enhanced low-light capabilities that is why we can say that Model Pi is going to be a very powerful tool for expert astronomers. 

Tesla is one of the most reputed brands which is popular for innovation. That is why the upcoming Tesla phone is going to be very popular among customers. 

So,  if you are not able to travel to space you may get an outstanding opportunity from Tesla and SpaceX by enabling you to explore the cosmos from your pockets. 

Final thoughts

The details we have mentioned in the article about the Tesla Pi Phone are incomplete as all these are just an assumption.  The Tesla Pi Phone can be a game-changer in the entire smartphone market. 

Furthermore, after considering the features that Tesla generally goes for in its products,  we can say that the Tesla Pi Phone is going to be one of the most popular feature-laden phones that we have seen in recent times. 

We have tried to cover everything about the Elon Musk phone in this article along with the private features and pricing.  But the Tesla phone is still a rumour. So, we have to wait for the official announcement. 


What is the biggest revenue stream for Tesla?

The company has not said anything about the Pi phone release date and Pi phone price.  Tesla is now the most popular car company at more than $868 billion,  more than the collective capitalization of Toyota, Nissan, Ford and Volkswagen.
The largest share of the revenue of this Texas-based company is EV sales,  most of which comes from the lower-priced Model Y and Model 3 cars. 

Is the Tesla phone real?

It looks like Tesla will not release the Pi Phone. There is no conceivable source to consider right now. The source of many rumours seems to be a YouTube video from early 2021. Nevertheless,  it is essential to remark that the concepts illustrated in the video are completely hypothetical and not based on assured leaks. 

Can I preorder my Tesla phone?

Even if the Tesla phone is a secretive work, it will likely be some time before they release the device. Until its official statement, as well as the statement of a release date, there will not be any information on pre-ordering the Tesla phone.

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