GTA V Modded Accounts: Is It Worth Buying One?

It’s not uncommon to get tired of a game you’ve been playing for a long time. Perhaps you finished the entire storyline, or maybe the game’s mechanics are getting a bit too repetitive.

Either way, game fatigue is something most players can’t avoid. That applies to even popular games known for their freedom, particularly Grand Theft Auto V or GTA V.

To solve this problem, players often rely on modding—the act of modifying game files to alter certain gameplay aspects and change the experience altogether. If you wish to gain access to these mods, you must buy GTA V modded accounts or install the mods yourself. One requires money, while the other doesn’t but will require you to learn technical stuff. So, buying a modded account is much easier than installing it on your own. So, is it worth the money? Find out as this guide tackles several things about GTA V mods, starting with a commonly asked question.

Is modding allowed in GTA V?

Before anything else, you must understand the rules surrounding GTA V modding. For starters, yes, modding is generally allowed in GTA V. Those who say otherwise are most likely referring to modding in GTA Online. That’s because mods give players a leg up, which can be unfair to non-modded players. For that reason, it’s a bannable offense in GTA Online servers.  

Meanwhile, for a single-player game like GTA V, modding is allowed since it doesn’t affect anyone other than the moderator. And yes, GTA V and GTA Online are two different games.

Rockstar Games, the video game publisher of GTA V, stated that you won’t ever be banned for modding a single-player GTA V file. However, they don’t tolerate mods in themoderatorsTA Online servers. Consequently, buying a GTA V modded account is allowed, though you may have to look for a reliable seller for safety purposes. That applies to all types.  

Different Types Of GTA V Modded Accounts

Different Types Of GTA V Modded Accounts

When a player mentions GTA V modded accounts, they can be referring to one of three types:  

Fully-Kitted Accounts

Fully-kitted accounts don’t contain mods. Instead, they have a fully-kitted character with maximum cash, DLCs, and a completed storyline. It can be confusing since players often refer to these accounts as modded accounts despite the lack of modifications.

Account boosts are allowed in GTA V Online servers as they don’t have actual mods.

In addition, they were generated organically; no third-party software was involved. The original owner simply ground the game to get to the point where the account has the following:

  • Hundreds of levels
  • Millions or even billions of cash
  • All outfits are unlocked.
  • 100% skills
  • 100% achievements
  • Numerous real estate properties

It might also be that it’s a relatively old account that the original owner is selling since they no longer want to play the game. Either way, the main selling point of this type of account is that it saves you time that would otherwise go into grinding resources. It’s an excellent option if you lost your already fully-kitted account. These accounts can go for around USD$20 to USD$200 depending on how many resources the account has.  

Cosmetic Modded Accounts

Cosmetic modded accounts have mods that mainly affect the appearance or aesthetics of the game. The mods are preinstalled, meaning you don’t have to set them up.  

These may include mods that change the appearance of buildings, vehicles, guns, the game’s theme, and the characters themselves. Its main selling point is to save you the time you’d otherwise spend learning to mod the game yourself. If you have yet to try it, you’d know that it takes several hours to learn the ropes of GTA V modding, which is admittedly not that long compared to the time it takes to get a fully-kitted account. These accounts can go for around USD$50.  

Gameplay Logic Modded Accounts

Gameplay logic-modded accounts are essentially the same as the previous type. However, the mods preinstalled on these accounts affect specific game mechanics. One mod, for example, introduces the gang fight mechanic present in GTA: San Andreas into GTA V.   

With the mod, you can fight over territories, recruit members, register vehicles, and fight against NPCs on the street. Its main aim is to spice up the overall gameplay experience.  

Each type works in different scenarios. Account boosts are excellent if you want to save time, as stated. Cosmetic accounts are ideal if you want to spice up your world while retaining the game’s overall vibe. Gameplay logic mods make you feel like you’re playing an entirely different game. As for whether they’re worth buying, that may depend on your specific case.  

Is It Worth Buying GTA V Modded Accounts?

The answer to this question is subjective and may vary according to your preference. It also depends on the type of GTA V modded account you’re planning to buy and the price of one.

For example, if you lost your account and don’t want to restart your progress, you can buy a fully loaded modded account with no actual mods. There are no risks associated with doing so, and the only downside is the fact that you’re spending money. Of course, it’s not worth it if you’re paying too much, so it’s best to stick to a budget of around USD$100.

In that case, you’re potentially saving hundreds of hours grinding the game. Meanwhile, if you’re looking to buy GTA V modded accounts with actual mods, it’s generally not worth it.

For starters, it only takes an hour to learn how to mod the game, especially if you watch a guide. Furthermore, the mods you can install are usually available on the internet for free, so it’s best to save money. In this case, you have a decent alternative, as opposed to fully-kitted accounts, where your alternative is to spend hundreds of hours grinding the game.  

How Can You Get A GTA V Modded Account?

You can get a GTA V modded account in several places. If you want a fully-kitted account, you can get one in marketplaces specifically designed for them. One example is Easy Looting.  

It’s also possible to get these accounts directly from the original owner. You might be able to get the account cheaper since there are no transaction fees, though it’s a bit challenging since there’s no middleman that can resolve issues. On the other hand, if you intend to buy an account with actual mods, you can get it similarly, that is, through a marketplace. You can also get an account from a professional modder service, which is generally safer.  

Closing Thoughts

How you spend your money is entirely up to you. It’s completely understandable if you want to spend it on your favorite game. Even so, you must still be careful how you spend your money, especially on a game. This guide should help in that regard, as it allows you to look at how valuable GTA V modded accounts are and what buying them entails.


Is it safe to buy modded GTA accounts?

No, it’s not safe to buy modded GTA accounts. Players can’t use modded accounts in the multiplayer game mode.

Can you get banned for having a modded account on GTA 5?

If your account gets banned from GTA for modding, you won’t be able to access the online features of the game with that account. The ban is applied to the account and not the game itself. So, the player can still play the single-player part of the game.

Is it OK to mod GTA V?

You will get banned for using Mods on GTA online on official Rockstar servers. So, it’s not okay to mod GTA V.

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