Top Best Pick a Number Card Games for Adult

Pick a Number Games: Sometimes all you want is a good old-fashioned game of cards. While drinking games are great at dinner and board games are fun, nothing can beat hours of fun from a single deck of cards and a good group of friends.

Life is defined by patterns and sequences which are closely monitored by the numbers. It’s all about numbers, be it time, health, technology, name it. As a result, many games were invented for people to enjoy the fascination of numbers that brings enjoyment to our lives. Pick a number game is a cradle of joy and fun.

It is true when the ancient Greeks believed that the future lies in the numbers. One of the most eminent scientists and mathematician, Fibonacci was particularly interested in the numbers. The birth of the Fibonacci ratio was the result of a number game.

Fibonacci discovered that some patterns follow

 a specific order of arithmetic. For example, the number of petals on a flower. Some flower petals follow specific algorithms of numbers. It is through games of numbers where people imagine and discover new ways. Pick a number game can also lead to the discovery of such fascinating discoveries.

Number games are deeply rooted in our DNA as we believe that we will follow a specific lifestyle. Zodiac signs like cancer that occurs every year from 20th to 22nd July. It defines traits like loyalty. This is how life goes for numbers to personality traits. If you want to play pick a number game with friends, then you feel surely be entertained and have fun.

Pick a number game is something you can make with merely a deck of cards or a pen and a sheet of paper. There are some of the pick a number games that have existed long enough to witness changes in time. Let The Journey to the past and to identify some of these discoveries.

Top Best Pick a Number Card Games for Adult

We have compiled a list of few best pick a number card games that you can just play with a deck of cards with your friends at your place. These games are filled with joy and entertainment.

I Spy with my eye

I Spy with my eye pick a number card game is for two players. You will need a deck of cards with the picture cards removed (Picture cards are Ace, King, Queen, and Joker) now you will have 40 cards with you.

Best Pick a Number Card Games for Adult


  • The cards are to be placed face up in a table, forming an array of 10 x 4 or 8 x 5.
  • The first player challenges another to find two cards next to each other that add to a particular number. The first player says: “I spy with my eye two cards that add to (The Number). “
  • The second player then seeks two cards that add to the number. Both cards need to be added next to each other horizontally or vertically. The player then takes the card to add to their stack. They do this with other pairs that add to make the number as well.
  • If the second player misses pairs that add to the number, then the player can not claim them.
  • Spare Players take turns and continue until all the cards are gone.
  • The winner is the player with the most cards in his stack at the end of the game.
  • As significant gaps appear in the table, move more cards together to fill those gaps. So when the game starts to come to an end, it starts to become more intense and fun.


  • You can change the operation you are going to use; for example, you can use multiplication or subtraction when choosing the value of the card.
  • Or else you and your friend can add up to three numbers together.
  • You can also play by arranging and adding them in a diagonal sequence.

Fastest Addition First

This pick a number card game is best played with 2 – 4 players. You’ll need a deck of cards and a pencil and paper to keep track of the scores of each player. In this game, all picture cards carry 10 points, and ace (A) carries 15 points.


  • Shuffle the cards and place them in the centre facing down.
  • A player draws three cards from the deck and places them face up in the middle.
  • Players must add the three cards to find the total. The first player to count the sum of 3 cards and announcing them is assigned that number of points.
  • No points are awarded for an incorrect answer.
  • Play continues with each player having a turn to reveal three cards.
  • The winner pick a number card game is the player with the highest number of points when all cards have been chosen.


  • You can draw any number of cards, for example, 2, 4 or even 5 to make it difficult for your friends or consequently keep on adding the numbers of cards after each round to make it more exciting and challenging.
  • To add more fun and variation to this game, instead of addition you can play with multiplication and subtraction.

Fast Facts

This card game is best played with two players. You will need a deck of card with the image cards removed (King, Queen, Joker). In this game, aces = 1.


  • Distribute half the cards to each player with the cards down in a pile.
  • Both players take the card which is on top of their pile and put them face up in the middle.
  • The first player to call the multiplication of the two cards wins both cards.
  • If there is a draw, the cards are left on the table. Put two other cards, and whichever player wins, he takes all the cards in the middle.
  • The winner pick a number card game is the player with the most cards, once all the cards have been used.


  • You can also use the addition or subtraction.
  • If you want to make increase the fun in the game just give extra points to cards wherein you have to multiply them with above 8.

Bingo Number

This card game is suitable for a small group of friends. You will need two decks of cards. Remove the face cards as usual from both the decks.


  • Each player receives 16 cards. They must place the cards face up in an array of 4 x 4.
  • The rest of the cards are placed face down in the middle.
  • A player takes the role of the caller. That player flips a card from the pile in the middle and calls the card number, for example, 6.
  • If the card that has been called matches one in the table, that player turns that card over, so it is facing down. It doesn’t matter what suit the card is.
  • The first four cards turn player on a line, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally, is the winner.

Counting it to Win

Counting it to win is a pick a number card game for two players. You will need a card deck and remove the face cards (King, Queen Joker). The ace can be used as one in the game.


  • Separate the cards into two stacks, one with the cards Ace, 2, 3 and 4, and the other stack with the cards 5-10.
  • Shuffle each pile, so they are in random order and place them face-up on the table you are playing.
  • Players take turns turning over the top two cards. They add to handle the largest number and multiply it with the smallest number. For example, if the two cards that were chosen are 8 and 4. They begin by 8, count on 4: 9, 10, 11, 12.
  • If players have the right answer, they get to keep both cards.
  • If the answer is incorrect, the other player can have a go at answering the question of keeping the two cards.
  • Players keep playing until the stack is over.
  • The winner pick a number card game is the player with the most cards at the end of the game.

Place Value System

This is a card game for two players or a small group. You will need a deck of cards with the 10s and remove the face cards. The ace can be used as one in this game.

You will also need a piece of paper divided into four columns marked thousands, hundreds, tens and others.


  • A person should shuffle the playing cards and place face down the middle.
  • Players take turns to take a top card of the deck and turn it over.
  • The player must decide where to place the card, whether in those, tens, hundreds or thousands place. They note down the number to the column on their paper. The card must be placed before another card is taken from the platform.
  • Players continue to add numbers to their paper until all the columns are filled. The winner of pick a number card game is the player who has produced the largest number.

Benefits of Playing Pick a Number Card Game with Friends


Most card games require multiple players, providing a fulcrum for increased social interaction. Players have a chance to interact with each other in an intimate setting while engaging in friendly competition, making the sleepovers and drink nights more fun and entertaining.


Most of the Pick, a Number card games, involves a lot of strategy and skills such as statistics and probability. So players commit their minds as they seek new ways to win and defeat their friends and challenging them, which makes it more interesting to play.

Reading Minds

Pick a Number card games such as bingo number and fast facts, needs their players to read the emotions of their opponents, allowing them to observe the big human nature plan and read the minds of their friends to win the game successfully.

Custom made

Most pick a number card games need you to adopt complex strategies, and the level of difficulty keeps on increasing like in Fastest Addition First. Players can start the game on their terms while being challenged to learn and improve as they go. In this way, even adults can come across that they make while calculating and performing arithmetics.

Easy game

Pick a number card games require a small platform, a deck of cards and a flat surface, which means they can easily be played almost anywhere. So, you can play it anytime and anywhere whether you have your devices with you or not and lets you interact with each other more.

Boost Memory Skills

As we have stated above that in many card games, have to watch what other players have used and react accordingly. This is a fun way to help people boost their memory without even realising that this is happening. If you are focused on winning the game, your focus also remembers what measures have to be taken and which cards have been played, and use these things to make the best move when your turn comes around. The demands on the skills of the memory construction are not impossible in this type of setting, because the primary objective is usually fun, but the benefits of playing pick a number card game are undeniable.


While playing online games is fun, though sometimes it may seem that they are not as fun when all your friends are at your place. So, for these times when your friends are at your home, you can always play mathematical games which would make your mind sharp, and at the same time, you will have lots of fun. As we have already stated above the many benefits of playing pick a number card game with your friends.

At the end of the day, the thing that matters most to use is fun and entertainment while being with friends. A deck of cards usually available at everyone’s home so it isn’t even difficult or even expensive to have fun now. We hope to see you enjoy your another sleepover playing Pick a number card game.

Do let us know your views on the games that we have mentioned above.

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