What Is Torrenting | How Does Torrent Work

Torrenting is a method for free online data sharing. It is an emblem of piracy and document law-breaking nonetheless. The word torrenting is generally utilized to clarify the act of downloading and uploading a file, including a film, song, or novel, by using a peer-to-peer network. Before torrenting, you must check the rules and regulations properly. Downloading copyright-protected content such as films, books, or games may be troublesome for you. So always be cautious before torrenting.

The Definition Of a Torrent

A torrent, also named a torrent file or tracker, is a small record that holds a trace of where the real file you want to download is on a vast system of various computers. It is very simple, though it seems entangled to you.

A torrent is a small file that is used by a torrent client to inform others that he is downloading and uploading a particular topic to and from you.

The torrent file is used to share various things, like music torrents, comic books, and movies, with others by using a network known as peer-to-peer, or P2P.

The Definition Of Torrent Client

A torrent client, also known as a torrent client, is software that operates a torrent file to detect who else has the original file that you wish to download. The client obtains the data from all those desktops by gradually amplifying little clusters of the file that you are downloading to your computer. Not only that, but the torrenting client also uploads little clusters of that file to the other computers. This peer-to-peer network, or P2P, is formed.

In short, we can say that the renting client is that kind of software that binds downloaders and uploaders of a particular file to each other by using the torrent file to specify which file is to be distributed.

The Best Torrent Clients

There are three kinds of torrents available on the website. The torrents are uTorrent, BitTorrent, and qBitTorrent. The type of torrent client depends on your fundamental necessities. But using uTorrent is advised as it is speedy, credible, and clear to use, and it consists of modern characteristics that entertain people very much.


You can pick BitTorrent as your torrenting client without any hesitation. It is the original torrent client, with many credible characteristics for users. There is nothing showy about it.


The design of this torrent client is much better. It is very easy to use, and torrents can download very fast. It consists of some good features, like a search option to find torrents in the app. Furthermore, it comes with many modern features that will pique your interest in using uTorrent.


qBitTorrent is neither an easy nor an intricate torrent client. It is acceptable with all gadgets. If you do not require the modern features of the other two torrent clients, you can certainly choose this torrent client, which has exciting features like a torrent search engine, a media player, and so on.

What Is peer-to-peer, or P2P?

A Peer-To-Peer network is a means by which computers or servers share files or download files without uploading them to the server. This is different from other clients, in which users can only download particular content from the server. By using a P2P network, every computer is connected to download a file, also known as a leecher, and upload a file, which is called a seeder.

The Definition Of Seeders And Leechers

These two words are associated with a peer-to-peer network. When you are downloading a file, a client is known as a leecher, as it steals the file from others. When uploading a file, a client is known as a server, as it provides the seeds for others to download.

Seeders and learners both act effectively when using a renting client, as the downloading and uploading process of a particular file continues. After downloading the file completely, you become a seeder as the downloading process stops, and you are just uploading the parts of the downloaded file with the help of a peer-to-peer network.

How does torrenting work?

Torrenting works with the help of a peer-to-peer network. To begin the process of torrenting, initially, a torrent file or tracker is to be downloaded. A torrenting client then detects who else has the original file that you are going to download with the help of a torrent file or tracker. After getting records from all those computers, it gradually adds little parts of the file that you are downloading to your computer.

When you download little parts of the file, you are also uploading the parts that you have already downloaded to other people. Consequently, your computer acts as a small server. In this way, people who are sharing the file act as small servers for downloading the file with the help of a torrent client.

The downloading process goes on until the file is downloaded completely or the torrenting client is stopped from distributing the file. We can manually stop the torrent from uploading a file.

From Where The Torrents Can BE Obtained

There are a lot of websites called torrent sites to get these torrent files. Pirate Bay is a popular torrent site.  At the time of visiting a torrent site, you must be careful enough, as many torrent sites use copied content. It is completely illegal to download and share this type of content. So never forget to survey properly before picking anyone.

How To Download Torrents

The steps to download torrents are given below:

VPN Download

Torrenting with a VPN is always safe. You have to download a good VPN and activate it before downloading torrents on your computer.

Pick a client

Before downloading torrents, you have to pick a good client, such as uTorrent, BitTorrent, or BitTorrent. It helps in downloading and sharing files.

Visit a torrenting site

After securing yourself with a good VPN, you should now visit a torrenting site. Pirate Bay and Yts Torrents are the most renowned torrent sites.

Look for topics

To get the desired topic, you have to enter the topic, and it will help you find the best outputs.

Survey the reviews

Before downloading a torrent, you must take a quick look at the reviews properly, or else you may face some legal trouble.

Download the torrent file

After being sure enough, you can click on the Get this torrent option and wait a while for the completion of downloading the content.

The Good Uses Of Torrents

Despite becoming a hub for criminals and infringers, torrent sites can be very beneficial for downloading and sharing files easily. Many social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, use the same method to share large files on their servers. Some administration companies also use torrents to distribute large pictures and files to the public.

Whether Torrenting Is Legal Or Not

Torrenting is a completely legal act. It is legal to download or share little parts of a particular file by using a peer-to-peer network. But downloading copyrighted content is fully illegal.

To download copyrighted content is called piracy. The people who are taking part in this process are called pirates. You will get punished or not, depending on where you live. In countries like Eastern Europe and Latin America, torrenting is illegal, and the laws of torrenting could not be implemented properly. So it is very easy to torrent in these parts without any precaution.

But if you are caught by chance you will be charged a huge amount of fine. However, it is very rare to find those people who download copyrighted content.

The Risks Of Torrenting

When you are torrenting you have to be cautious enough as there are various types of risks you can face. If you are not careful enough you will face a problem. The common risks of torrenting are:

  • There is a chance of downloading copyrighted content mistakenly It is a completely unfair deed in many countries. Therefore, you might be punished and charged a huge amount as a fine.
  • There is a high chance that at the time of downloading any file you may download a virus instead of the file. You have to use good antivirus software at the time of torrenting.
  • Hackers can affect torrent downloaders in many ways. However, the issue is getting minor nowadays.


How do I download torrents faster?

You can download torrents faster with a good internet connection.

May I be punished for torrenting?

It is legal to torrent. But to download copyrighted content is never seemed to be legal and most countries do not allow it. So you will not be punished for torrenting, but you can be punished for downloading copyrighted content.

Is torrenting safe?

You can protect your private details by using a VPN while torrenting. A good VPN will always help you to protect yourself from data leakage.

Wrapping Up

Torrenting is a medium through which you can download or share a particular content using a torrent client using a peer-to-peer network. Torrenting functions by using a torrent file to look for other people who are downloading and uploading files. You may use a good VPN for torrenting safely and securely. Express VPN is a good VPN that you can avail of. People have to be sensible enough at the time of downloading a file so that it may not be copyrighted content. Therefore, we can come to the point that file sharing is fully legal but downloading copyrighted content is illegal. So get fully entertained by using torrents.

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