Top Good Grammar Books For Students

English is widely accepted and used as the primary language in many countries, including India. Although this is not the first language in our country, we still use it regularly. The bank forms the banknote; you can see things written in English everywhere (even this article is written in English).

There are so many books on English grammar (Top Good Grammar Books for Students) but how do you know which one will help you improve your English grammar? Whether you are a beginner who is learning the basics of the language or a professional who wants to improve the language’s command, the list includes the best-rated English grammar books on the market.

If you want to improve your command of English, a good grammar book can help. There are many thousands of grammar books on the market, and not all are created equal. How will you spend your money wisely and find the right book for grammar to meet your needs?

First, think about what you want. Do you want a style that you can refer to time and time again, or do you want a fun, witty overview of grammar? You can find something for every need if you know where to look. For your convenience, here is a rundown of the best books on grammar. From light and fun academics to light and fun sports, you will find something that matches your goals here.

Top Good Grammar Books For Students
Good Grammar Books

As used, it is essential to know the basics of the language; grammar is one of the critical elements of the language; you should have a good grip on it. Also, every competitive examination today asks for English as a fundamental parameter for qualification.

We’ll also focus on good grammar books for Italian students, a good grammar book by Michael Swan, a good grammar book by Oxford, etc. So, the following is the list:

Practical English Usage by MICHAEL SWAN

This book by Michael Swan is not only a comprehensive guide to English grammar rules but also a practical guide to speaking English. It is the best book for you if you want to understand how English works. Michael Swan also wrote books with useful exercises.

Practical English Usage by Michael Swan seems to anticipate many of the common mistakes that students make. This is a convenient standard English manual for the CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults). The course has had its name changed to TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language). Practical English Usage is more like a grammar dictionary, not a book you read cover to cover, but more like a manual you follow with an English course.

Practical English Usage has sold over 2 million copies worldwide. Now revised and updated for the fourth edition, he answers questions that teachers and learners ask about grammar and English vocabulary with clear explanations, an informed corpus, and examples.

Practical English Usage by MICHAEL SWAN
Good Grammar Books

Why is it recommended?

  • It is written in simple language.
  • There are chapters on grammar and the spoken English world.
  • Much of the book is about vocabulary that is often confusing, with many examples.

Here is the link for all the books by Michael Swan on Amazon:

Oxford Grammar course

This book by Michael Swan is a collection of practical exercises from one of the best British grammarians. The book teaches you all the essential structures using examples from real life. There are three levels: basic, intermediate, and advanced. It is an improved version of the long-loved “How English Works.” People like the humor in texts used for exercises and their logical structure.

Each section begins with an animated presentation page that presents the point of grammar. Grammatical explanations are short, clear, and easy to remember. The color is used to highlight grammatical contrasts. Every description of grammar is immediately followed by an activity. So, students can practice before moving on to the following description. Activities Involving practices include Internet exercises that allow students to see how the language is used in real life, do-it-yourself exercises that encourage students to discover how grammar works, and personalization activities that enable students to use grammar to talk about themselves. There is “more convenience” and a revision test at the end of each section.

Oxford Grammar course
(Top Good Grammar Books for Students)

Why is it recommended?

  • The exact structure of the book; it can be used for self-study;
  • Practical activities based on real life;
  • A very in-depth guide to adequate systematic studies.


The ELT Grammar Book (For TOEFL Practice)

The ELT grammar book is incredibly useful. Many people used it as a base for many of the grammar lessons. And yes, this book is technically a teaching resource, not a book for students of ESL. But it is written in the language of simple, friendly students. Because of this, many of my students have wound up using this book for self-study independently.

The ELT Grammar Book (For TOEFL Practice)
(Top Good Grammar Books for Students)

This book covers everything you need to know about TOEFL grammar. You will find in-depth explanations of all the different studies’ past, present, and future tenses, complete with examples of those times used. There is also a precious chapter on phrasal verbs, an explanation of how to connect word stress, grammar tutorials on modal verbs and auxiliaries, etc. The ending chapter includes a summary that streamlines all the basic concepts and makes them very easy to understand. The book also includes studying the student’s practical activities to boost their understanding of English grammar.

How English Works: A Grammar Practice Book with Answers

“How English Works” makes interesting grammar practice. The rules are easy to understand and remember; exercises entertain and teach. Learners who want to use the book to study themselves are guided in their learning, and teachers who wish to use the book in class find additional exercises for the working group. “How English Works” offers you: short grammatical explanations and clear rules; information about the grammar of speech and writing; Simple examples of real, reliable English; easy exercises to give you confidence; more challenging exercises for you to believe; The opportunity to work out some rules for yourself; tests to show you what you need to study more; an easy-to-read layout of colors; hundreds of illustrations.

Grammar Scan (Intermediate, Advanced, Expert)

This book by Michael Swan is handy if you want to test your knowledge of English grammar. Like, really, in-depth.

It is a collection of diagnostic tests at three levels that test all aspects of grammar, including confusion of vocabulary, spelling, and oral grammar. If you make a mistake, you can go to the appropriate chapter in “Practical English Usage” for more information.

(Top Good Grammar Books for Students)

Grammar analysis includes diagnostic tests at the upper-intermediate, advanced, and expert levels to check students’ knowledge of English grammar and usage. The tests designed for practical English use, third edition, help students identify issues they need to study or revise. The answer keys are students for explanations in the relevant sections of English practical use. It is ideal for preparing the review and self-learning.

Why is it recommended?

  • Great examples of real-life English life use
  • It gives you control over your grammar; you do not need a teacher or a long journey.
  • There is an online version available.

Good Grammar Books for Italian Students

We’ll now discuss good grammar books for Italian students. Following is the list:

  • Practice Makes Perfect: Complete Italian Grammar

Amazon Reviews of this book: 4.4/5 stars

Estimated price: $ 13.00 (new) $ 3.00 (used)

This book (Practice Makes Perfect: Complete Italian Grammar) is a complete book that establishes Italian grammar rules that are more straightforward and easy to understand. Although it lacks an extensive vocabulary section, it is a handy guide to grammar, including realistic examples and clear explanations.

Practice Makes Perfect: Complete Italian Grammar
(Top Good Grammar Books for Students)

In the book, included after each chapter, worksheets allow you to practice what you went through at your own pace. While a book or vocabulary dictionary will be necessary to use this book to the maximum, it is one of the most comprehensive grammar books on the market, especially for beginners.

  • Italian Grammar: Barron’s Grammar Series
  • Amazon Reviews of this book: 5/5 stars
  • Estimated price: $ 6.99 (new) and $ 1.99 (used)

The manufacturer’s test preparation books are “Italian Grammar.” This book will give you all the basics you need to start your Italian master’s journey, including parts of speech, sentence structure, punctuation, and more.

One of the book’s unique things is that it is printed in two colors to highlight the critical study points and help students find essential information quickly and easily. While the book lacks more profound concepts, it is an excellent option for beginners in the language.

While lacking some audio and pronunciation, this book is ideal for students looking to improve their grammar skills and achieve a systemic look at Italian intricacies.

  • Essential Italian Grammar:
  • Amazon Reviews of this book: 4.5/5 stars
  • Estimated price: $ 6.95 (new) and $ 2.00 (used)

An oldie but a goodie, “Italian Grammar Essential,” is one of the complete beginner’s books. Inside the book, which is available in paperback and ebook format, you will find a series of easy-to-understand lessons in grammar and vocabulary.

What’s great about this book is that it was designed for adults who do not have much time to learn Italian but still wish to acquire Italian grammar and essential vocabulary. This book can quickly get a new learner through the early stages and can even be used as a reference when traveling concepts. Grammar is more complex in intermediate.

  • Mastering Italian Vocabulary: A Thematic Approach:
  • Amazon Reviews of this book: 4.6/5 stars
  • The estimated price of the book is $ 89.00 (new) and $ 36.00 (used)

Mastering Italian Vocabulary: A Thematic Approach shines out in Italian vocabulary books for some reason. First, this book contains more than 5,000 words and Italian phrases commonly used, including slang.

Second, it presents the Italian language in a thematic structure. Vocabulary words are divided by theme instead of alphabetically. This approach makes it easier for learners to find the words that suit their interests and needs. Although slightly more expensive than a traditional vocabulary book, the fact structure is well worth the extra money.

  • Italian: A Self-Teaching Guide:
  • Amazon Reviews of this book: 4.4/5 stars
  • Estimated price: $ 15.00 (new) $ 2.00 (used)

If you’re more independent, this book is perfect for you. Author Edoardo Lebanon gently accompanies you through the learning process of Italian, from basic vocabulary to grammar. While the book may seem a bit redundant at times, the lessons are short and easy to understand.

Unlike most other books, “In Italian: A Self-Study Guide” provides mini-dialogue situations from real life that will teach you how to hold daily conversations, such as ordering in an Italian restaurant or requesting directions, in Italian.


Reading Italian books is a great way to improve your Italian course. Browse the Amazon reviews mentioned above in front of each book to find one that best fits your needs and learning structure, or ask your Italian instructor.

We have also tried to cover good grammar books by Michael Swan and Oxford, which we think will surely improve your grammar. We hope it will help you a lot.

Happy Learning!

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