How Much Does a Servers Cost?

how much do servers cost? : When it comes to business our way of doing it evolves with time and technology. To succeed and cope with the competition level we prefer doing it smartly and wisely. The server plays a vital role in handling business by storing and maintaining desirable data.

The server is just a huge computer that serves the information with the other computers. No one works behind the server on a monitor or does not have a keyboard. Clients (computers) can connect to a server via either a local or wide area network (internet). It serves as a vital part of IT Infrastructure.

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Servers Cost

Servers Cost

While researching the cost of a new server, many people look for the hardware costs engaged in buying a new server. But, the said cost tells only a small part of the total amount one has to spend. It’s because the server should have server OS and applications that can run under the admin’s supervision. Three things that decide the cost of a server are

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Server Hardware

Usually, servers have to be as per the requirement of the business and as the number of clients increases,  the advancement of computing resources should improve on a parallel note. As the cost of the server is high therefore those who have a tight budget can opt for a low-cost server.

Server operating system cost and its application

Application Generally, servers do not come with a server operating system. High and large server operating systems. E.g.- Windows Server 2008 R2 will start from about $1,000 for approximately five users and for accessing 25 clients it will be an enterprise server edition with a cost of up to $4000.

Mac Operating-system X Server is less expensive, Microsoft server for small business and a variety of Linux enterprise server distribution starts from $1000 or more depending on the annual support subscription.

Server Admin Cost

Mostly server hardware and software costs tell only a small part of the amount of ownership. The server software and hardware cost only 15 to 25 per cent of the total cost related to installing, upgrading, modifying, maintaining, and supporting the attached server. Therefore it is necessary to make a solid plan for the cost of the server when budgeting for a server.

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How Much Does a Server Cost?

Undoubtedly, the cost of a server in different varies depending on the requirements and abilities.

Intel Xeon IBM HS22 Server cost

IBM HS22 with the ability to support Microsoft Windows Server. This Intel Xeon type server is of IBM brand with 2 x Intel Xeon E5620 and 16GB DDR3 Memory capacity. The cost of this server is $482 per piece.

HP Tower Server cost

It is the server with 21.9 cmx76.9 cmx46.4cm and a 1x Intel Xeon E5-2609V3/1.9 GHz (6-core). This server contains 2-way scalability with 1TB maximum RAM and GigE Networking. The cost of this server is $827 per piece.

Intel Bronze 3104 cost

The model Name/ Number of this server is Intel Bronze 3104 with Intel Brand and Model Number 3104. No. Of the cores in this server are 4 with 16GB RAM. This server costs $275 per unit.

U7WS9E HP 5y 25×7 ML 150 Gen9 FC Service Carepack, Type of AMC: cost

The cost of this server is $675 per unit. The type of PC is a server with a comprehensive type of AMC. It contains 1 to 2 pieces.

Aluminum Dell Precision Tower 5810 Workstations cost

The Brand Name of this Server is Dell. It is. Made up of Aluminum material.

Hope Proliant DL380 Gen 10 P06420-B21 cost

It is a server with 1×16GB 2R×8 RDIMM 2666MHz memory with 4×1GbE ports. The cost of this Server Cost is $5186 per piece.

8GB Intel Xeon Microserver Gen10, Windows cost

It supports the Windows operating system with 8GB of memory power. This Intel Xeon processor type server is of HP brand and with 1built in power supply. The cost of this server is $467 per piece.

IBM Ts3100 Library Storage cost

The model number of this server is ts3100 and the brand name is IBM. It has 1 Power supply and storage tap feature. The cost of this Server Cost is $482 per unit with a 90-day warranty.

Lenovo Servers cost

This server has a LAN Networking type and uses 120-240 V. The Brand name of this server is Lenovo with a height of 17.45 inches and a width of 16.94 inches. The cost of this Server Cost is $551 per piece.

You can buy a server or can build your own server with the help of technical engineers.

Type of Servers and cost

Different types of servers are there. Some of them include website servers, mail servers, and file servers. Every server performs differently depending on their work.

File Servers cost

It stores the files and distributes them so that users can share the file that is stored on the server. Also, the files that are centrally stored gives easy backup and error tolerance solution that secure and integrate the files on almost every device. A file server is specially designed to increase the read and write capability so that you can perform in a better way.

Application Servers cost

It runs the application in lieu of the user’s computer,  locally running the application. Mainly it drives resource-intensive applications that are shared with multiple users at a time. Ultimately, doing this removes the need for resources to operate the application for the user. It also exempts the installation and maintenance of software on multiple machines as focused on only one.

Print Servers cost

The print server handles the printing and distribution tasks. It makes the work easier, there is no need to attach a printer to every workstation rather attaching a single printer server can answer back to multiple clients or users. Nowadays, larger and higher-end printers arrive with their own built-in print server, which frees the need for the other computer-based print server. This internal print server works marvellously by answering the printing petition from clients.

Mail Servers cost

The main application server is very common. It specifically works by receiving and storing the emails that are sent to the user and it stores mail until the user requests it. An email server makes the work easier at all times by allowing a single server machine to configure and connect to the network. Rather than having any client it receives and sends the messages on its own, making the email subsystem run continuously.

DNS servers cost

DNS is a Domain Name System. It is a type of application server that converts the name resolution of client computers so that humans can easily understand the name that is presented in the form of a machine-readable IP address. The DNS server system is the most widely distributed database system of names and other DNS-connected servers, that’s why it makes it easy to request and find the name of another unknown computer.

Webserver cost

Web server is the most abundant type of server in today’s market. A web server especially works by hosting programs and requesting data from clients or users from the internet. A web server answers the requests of web pages and web services from a browser running on a user’s computer. Apache web servers, Microsoft Internet information services (IIS) servers, and Nginx servers.

Personal Web Server cost

A personal web server (PWS) is also called a Personal server. It allows the client or user to save, share and publish their data on the web or home page. Not like a web, server, a personal server is owned by an individual, operated, and controlled as per the need of an individual. A rather personal server is just the contrary of a web server. There are several advantages of a personal server like- privacy, autonomy, and hackability.

Server Cost for a Small Business

Server Cost for a Small Business

There comes a situation in every small businessman’s life when setting up their own server is more sensible. It includes reasons like-

  • The number of visitors increasing at your e-commerce site.
  • Willing to run multiple business applications
  • Desiring reliable and greater uptime


How much does a server cost for a small business?

Every business is different and that’s why it is advised to consult from a server consultation. The server consultation will give suggestions based on your budget and your requirements.

The cost of a server for small businesses mainly depends on the requirement of bandwidth, CPU, disk space, and memory. Also, the cost is considered based on RAID, DDoS protection, and the type of hard drive used in the cloud or dedicated server.

The average cost to rent a server for a small business includes $ 100 to $ 200 per month. Setting up a cloud server includes $5 per month but to have proper resources most businesses spend around $40 per month. Purchasing a server for a small business costs between $1000 to $3000


How much is the cost of a computer server?

The cost of some computer servers is given below-
Dell PowerEdge T30 Basic- Price $607-
Hope ML 30 Gen10 Server- Price $705-
Dell PowerEdge R240 Server Basic- Price $938-
Dell PowerEdge T440 Basic- Price $1447

How much do servers cost to build?

Usually building a server depends on your requirement. Whether you want a server for a host website or for a small business or for a big business. The budget and business requirements decide what type of server you should have.

What are the cons of a personal server?

Of course, with pros come cons too, the same is the case with a personal server. Cons of personal server include-
Here the owner of the server is responsible for overseeing the administration
It requires high power consumption. The power consumption is average and many users use it together.
Scalability is poor in personal server

It is wiser to make your own server?

Yes, there are many practical reasons to make your own server-
By making your own server, you can control your data no other second or third-party cloud service can have control over data.
Setting up a server at home is not expensive. You can simply make a server by using an old laptop or a cheap piece of kit (Raspberry Pi)
With your server, you can create a  gaming server and can control all aspects of the game.
You can keep the backups of data on your home server
Make your server a central hub for media.

Up to you

This detailed article about a server and about the cost of a server will give you knowledge about the server and its type. There are several types of it, you can choose as per your budget and business requirement.

Today the server has taken a special place in improving and taking businesses to the next level. Whether a small business or a big business, a server is worth using.

Although servers are expensive but can get less expensive ones too or you can build your own new server at home itself or if you want, you can book a server consultation for better results. The cost of a server is different as per the brand.

Now, since you have much information about the cost of servers and the type of server your business needs then be sure to choose wisely and smartly. Solidify your business plan and then go for buying a server or building a new one as per your need.

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