How To Fix Unavailable Location Error?

What is an Android system manager?

What is an Android system manager

Fix Unavailable Location Error: The Android system manager is a valuable tool for keeping your smartphone safe and stable. If your location unavailable error is coming, then you should follow some steps to fix that. You can quickly find missing devices, make them ring, and even delete data using the Android device manager at any time and from anywhere. So, if your phone is stolen and has gone into location unavailable Android mode, the least you can do is delete the data to prevent anyone from looking at your files using apps like ES File Explorer.

However, the location unavailable Android device manager function does not always work correctly. It displays an unknown location, and since it gets stuck, you may need to check your computer frequently. The error” location unavailable Google Android device manager” has been registered by many users worldwide. This indicates that the problem is widespread and unrelated to the system model. If you have recently encountered a location that was unavailable online, there are some solutions for you.

How to resolve the unavailable location error in the Android device manager?

How to resolve the unavailable location error in the android device manager?

Google’s solution to finding my iPhone is the Android System Manager when the device manager location unavailable, which is a handy feature. The service is a software-based application that uses GPS to help you locate your computer using WiFi or a mobile internet connection. Let’s assume you misplace, lose, or want to know where your gadget is when the Google Android device manager location unavailable. You need to log into the system manager and toggle the GPS location to see where your phone or tablet is in seconds.

It is a free service that varies depending on where you are. It is possible that if the Android device manager says location unavailable, your phone or tablet won’t be able to connect to the internet or GPS. Let us assume you are traveling through the woods, under a bridge, or in a part of town where cell service is limited or non-existent. You can also look for the get location config step.

Simple ways to fix an unavailable location error in the Android device manager

  • Check to see if you have an active internet connection.
  • Make sure the GPS is turned on.
  • Launch the system manager program.
  • Please log in to your account.
  • You must log in and out of your account.
  • Return to your account and log in again.
  • Enable and deactivate airplane mode.
  • Turn the phone or tablet on and off.

What does it mean when it says the location is not available on Android?

Any errors in your system manager can be corrected through some basic steps. If you are getting inaccessible locations in the app, you can follow the steps and fix them. What you can do is physically move to a different place and see what happens. Your app can act up from time to time. It is always just a matter of uninstalling and reinstalling. Alternatively, you can turn your computer on and off. Most of the time, this is beneficial and is very useful in resolving location unavailable Google Android.

Do you want to resolve the unavailable location error in Android Device Manager?

Do you want to resolve the unavailable location error in Android Device Manager?
  • To begin, ensure that your Android device is connected to the internet through WiFi or mobile data. If you can use wifi, take advantage of it, and your phone can run faster.
  • Even if you are using mobile data, the phone you are using must have wifi switched on and the location set to “High Accuracy Mode.” Go to Settings > Locations > Mode > High Accuracy to do so and select it.
  • Find Google Play Services in Settings > Applications > All Apps. Please make the most recent version enabled, but first, clear the cache memory by clicking on it. If you do not have the most recent edition, you should try updating it. This will help you to fix the Android device manager unavailable.
  • After you have updated Google Play Services, restart your phone and go to Settings > Apps to look for Google Play Services. Clear Data and Cache by clicking on it. Restart Device Manager and give it another shot. The problem must be resolved.
  • Also, go to Settings > Developer Options and use the “Mock Locations” function.

If the problem persists, your computer might have a hardware issue, in which case you can request a repair or professional service. When the Google location is turned off, the Android device manager in Android smartphones, then the Android system manager is a handy tool. However, when you encounter errors such as the Android system manager location inaccessible, the device manager not running, and so on, it can be depressing. It is also helpful in resolving the problem of the ring app couldn’t load your locations.

What is Android Device Manager, and how does it work?

What is Android Device Manager, and how does it work?

You can also learn about how to make locations not available. This is a beneficial feature that keeps your Android device safe. Yes, this function aids you if your smartphone is stolen, lost, or even if you misplace it in your house. You can also get an Android location not working Google weather error. When you use this feature, you have three choices to choose from.

1. Make a sound on your Android device.

And if your computer is in vibration or silent mode, it will ring for 5 minutes.

2. Make sure your Android device is locked

If you have a password set for your Android computer, it will be locked automatically and show the unreachable Android device. If you have not selected a password yet, it will prompt you to do so now and deliver a message on the screen with your phone number so that you can be contacted. If the device manager is running HTC One, this functionality of the Android system manager unlocks the phone and is also available to you.

3. Delete all of the data on your Android computer.

It will wipe all of the data on your Android computer, and you will be unable to find it afterward because everything will be erased. You can try this in case the location is not working.

Know about the essential tips to fix the error: Android System Manager Location Inaccessible

Know about the essential tips to fix the error: Android System Manager Location Inaccessible

If you are still having problems with the Android location services not working, you try the following solutions. But there you have it, a few of the most valuable features of Android System Manager. These Android app locations on device strategies are simple to implement and have proven to be effective for a wide range of people worldwide.

Solution 1:

The first and most important solution is to use an Android system manager to fix your location unavailable error. Only if you have completed the following steps will you use the Android device manager function when your site is currently in use. You should follow the below steps.

  • Your Android device’s Find My Device feature has been turned on.
  • Navigate to Settings > Security > Device Administrators > Find My Device > Toggle to turn it on.
  • To resolve the issue of location inaccessibility, mobile data or wifi is switched on.
  • You can connect to any Wi-Fi network by going to Settings > wifi and entering the correct password.
  • For accurate position detection, your GPS location should be switched on.
  • You can enable location settings by going to Settings > Location, toggling it, and setting it to high accuracy.

Solution 2: Google Play Services must be updated.

  • If you are using an old version of Google Play Services installed on your Android device, you might be getting this error.
  • For Android Device Manager to function correctly, you must update Google Play Services.
  • Restart your computer after you’ve downloaded the Google Play Services. After you’ve successfully reset your computer, go to Settings > Apps > All Apps > Google Play Services and clear the data and cache.

Now you should go to Android System Manager and reactivate it to see if it is still running. Hopefully, the server unavailable Android email problem will function correctly, and you will have resolved your Android system manager location unavailable error. You can also try the device manager refreshing to fix the error.

How does the Emergency Location Service function?

How does the Emergency Location Service function?

You should also know what htc device management is. Only when you dial or text, an emergency number does your phone use ELS. During your emergency call, ELS can use Google Location Services and other data to determine the device’s most accurate location. Your phone sends your location to designated emergency partners to assist emergency responders in finding you. Not by Google, but directly from your phone, your site is sent to emergency partners. You can also use the device unavailable Android. Location.

The Android operating system is well-known among smartphone users and shows lines unable to display a message as it couldn’t be decrypted. The steps in this article will assist you in resolving the unavailable location error in Android System Manager. When a user needs to use the system manager to monitor the location of his or her Android device, this issue often arises.

Android Device Manager is a fantastic tool for safeguarding your Android device.

With the Android Device Manager, you can quickly locate your missing Android device and monitor its location if it has been stolen, and even delete the data stored on it. It does, however, sometimes show an “error.” After you add your smartphone to your Google account, you can access Android Device Manager, a security feature.

You can use this not only to locate your computer if it is misplaced or stolen but also in the case when Android Pay is unavailable. It can also help you to delete all of its essential confidential or personal data. Location tracking, ringing, locking, and erasing are the four main functions. These features are simple to use. You’ll need an Android device, a Google account, and a computer with a web browser to get started.

If you have a password set for your Android device, it will automatically lock. If you haven’t set a password, you can lock your phone even if it’s lost or stolen location is not available. This function can also be used to unlock your unit. Remember that if you choose the “Erase” option and your phone’s Factory Settings are restored, you will lose all of your phone’s connections forever. You will never be able to monitor your phone after that. So, if there are no other options for finding your phone, use this one.

How can you use the Android device manager on your device?

  • If you have multiple devices synchronized with a single email address, you can use the Android Device Manager software to locate all of them. You must obey the correct procedure. You can also look for HTC location services. This software also helps you to log in as a guest.
  • You may use a PC or your computer to locate your phone using this program. Follow these measures if you have an Android phone.
  • Log in to your Google Account, which is linked to your missing or stolen laptop. You can only find it with that specific account.
  • The details about your phone’s location will be shown when you localize it.

What to do if you get an Unavailable Location Error?

For such a wide variety of applications, there are bound to be some issues. As a result, one device management is running in Android Device Manager, and people cannot make full use of their advantages due to a lack of accurate knowledge. This form of error can be avoided if you follow these measures.

  1. Link your laptop to the internet first. You have the choice of turning on the data link or turning on wifi. However, I prefer to use wifi because the operation is quicker and data is saved. Select “High Accuracy Mode” for the spot. Select Settings —> Location —> Mode —> High Accuracy from the drop-down menu. Select “High Accuracy.”
  2. Restart your computer after you’ve modified your Google Play Service.
  3. Once it’s turned on, go back to Settings —> Apps and look for “Google Play Service.” Open it, clear the files, and re-cache memory. Then go to Device Manager and start it up. Your issue should have been resolved by now.
  4. You can also use the “Mock Location” function under Settings —>Developer.

If your phone or tablet is ever lost or stolen, Android Device Manager is a valuable tool that makes it simple to locate, lock, or delete it. It also aids in the recovery of your phone if you’ve lost it or the backup of your device. The HTC device management notification is the most secure option to select from.  However, some users have reported receiving an error message stating “Location” when attempting to use the feature. Related post: How Do I Fix Google Play Store Error [RH-01]


How to make your location unavailable?

To make your location unavailable, Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and turn off Location Services to stop sharing your site with apps and services, even if only for a short time. This prevents apps on your mobile from using your place, such as Maps.

Why is my location unavailable on Google?

When your location is showing unavailable on Google, you can switch on or off location permission for a website. You can control if your browser sends the site to specific websites, such as if your browser supports it. After that, you need to open Safari on your iPhone or iPad and go to It would be best if you also searched the configuration menu in some other browsers.

What does iPhone location unavailable mean on Google?

The computer is turned off or not connected to the internet via cellular or wifi. In Find My Friends, your friend turned on Hiding My Place. In Settings > Privacy > Location Services or Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Find Friends, your friend switched off Location Services.

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