What is the T-Mobile Jump?

What is T-Mobile JUMP?

The idea of ​​upgrading your flagship phone to another flagship phone once every two years or more has become a thing of the past. Wireless network carriers have started to offer earlier upgrade plans to get the most recent flagship smartphone as soon as possible. This article will tell you everything you need to know about the T-Mobile jump and explain how you can upgrade your phone with T-Mobile!

What is the T-Mobile Jump?

T-Mobile Jump offers customers the ability to upgrade phones more frequently for a monthly fee. With this plan, you can exchange your phone for a new one when you want, and T-Mobile covers half the retail price of your original phone. Jump allows T-Mobile subscribers to rent a new device for 18 months for an initial cost on most smartphones and tablets. This includes smartphones such as the new Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy.

Whenever you want to upgrade your phone, you simply need to bring yours for an inspection to ensure that it is in working order. If so, you can exchange it for a new one. T-Mobile will pay half of your remaining balance until you pay half the purchase price of the device.

T-mobile Jump

Jumping is only a feature included with Protection 360. This telephone insurance program also provides coverage of the replacement guarantee, AppleCare + services, unlimited screen substitutes, etc.

Another great reason to register for this program is that there is no initial waiting period. T-Mobile promises to pay your balance of the remaining equipment (EIP) deposit plan, which could be up to half of your purchase price of an original device.

You can improve even more quickly by paying extra to your EIP balance. The T-Mobile rental contracts are for twelve devices per line per year, but you can add additional lines to control the upgrade frequency.

T-Mobile Jump vs. T-Mobile Jump on request

There is a slight difference between the T-Mobile jump and the T-Mobile jump on demand. Jump is part of 360 ​​Protection, a T-Mobile phone insurance plan. Jump on Demand is a separate mobile phone upgrade program. It is not linked to one of the insurance schemes provided by T-Mobile.

Below, we will talk in more detail about each of these plans.

What is the trap?

This program has some limitations. You are cut after 12 leases per line. In other words, you can have a lease for a month in a year and 12 lines on each account. Besides, everyone is not eligible. The new and current postpaid plans are qualified, but the simple choice of no credit, T-Mobile no credit check, and prepaid customers are all inadmissible for this transaction.

Even if T-Mobile pays some of your EIP balance, they still do not cover all of that. You will have to pay your remaining EIP balance before moving on to a new phone. T-Mobile may also require you to make a deposit.

I am a new T-Mobile customer. Am I eligible?

If you are new to T-Mobile, this plan could always be for you. If you buy a postpaid plan and a device through their EIP, you are eligible for a jump for the first 14 days of a qualified T-Mobile device purchase. With this plan, there is no minimum data configuration and no restrictions.

I already have T-Mobile. How can I register?

If you are currently a T-Mobile subscriber, you can sign up for an upgrade period or add a line to your T-Mobile mobile phone plan.

What is skipped on request?

If you do not want to register for a T-Mobile phone insurance package, you can upgrade your phone on demand. There is no monthly fee associated with a leap in demand, but there are some disadvantages. Other than the lack of protection for devices, a smaller selection of phones is eligible for upgrading. Fortunately, most newer smartphones are eligible for upgrading.

t mobile Jump

When you sign up for this upgrade program, you register for an 18-month contract, allowing you to move on to a new phone every thirty days. It is essential to know that any device you rent in this program is always technically owned by T-Mobile.

How does T-Mobile Jump work?

There are three versions of the T-Mobile Jump program: Jump, Jump Plus, and Jump On-demand.

T-Mobile Jump 

The T-Mobile basic upgrade program works like this:


You must be a postpaid plan client and agree to pay for your device over the next 24 months. You may need to make a deposit or down payment on your phone.

Cost: You pay $9–$12 extra per month (above and over the payment or down payment of your device), depending on the choice of phone you would like to buy.


You can exchange for a newer device once you have paid 50% of the cost of your phone. If you plan to upgrade earlier, you pay the difference between what you have spent so far and 50% of your old device’s value. 


Premium / Applecare Protection is included in your jump! Fees. This covers accidental damage, mechanical failure, and loss or theft of your device. There may be a deductible fee associated with the use of this protection.

The catch:

You must register to jump! Within 14 days of the purchase of your T-Mobile phone,.

You must exchange your device when you upgrade. Your phone must be in decent condition—no cracked screen, hardware malfunction, etc.

You must move on to a different model or have more memory than you already have.

Jump! Plus

This renovation of the program is simply a regular jump! With McAfee Security and Technical Support Help Desk Support Added. If you opt for more, you pay $12 to $15 a month above the payment or down payment of your device instead of $9 to $12.

Jump! On-demand

On-demand, that’s what it sounds like—this version allows you to upgrade your phone every other month if you wish and can afford it. It is advertised as free, but here are the catches:

You must be registered for an 18-month lease. This means that you will never have your device; T-Mobile retains your phone’s property and rights.

Premium smartphone protection insurance is not included. You will need to pay more if you want handset protection.

If there is excessive wear on your phone when you upgrade, you are on the hook for damage charges.

Prepaid plans are not eligible to jump! On-demand, which means it is mandatory to have a postpaid plan activated by T-Mobile.


Jump! On request seems like a good deal, and it is for people who still want the very recent device and take impeccable care of their phones. It’s not so significant for budget-minded people, however. Because you never own your device, it will merely come from the money you will never recover by selling your phone.

Entering this program requires an 18-month commitment. After this time, your options are to:


Pay the remaining installments on your device.

Return your device

Enter a PIP (purchase plan for purchase option), a nine-month payment arrangement to pay off your phone device.

T-Mobile iPhone Upgrade Program

T-Mobile has three programs to choose from. Depending on your phone purchase habits, you will find one more attractive than the other.


JUMP! T-Mobile’s most traditional upgrade programs, but that does not mean that it lacks clout. Any T-Mobile client on a postpaid plan (a postpaid plan is a standard plan that you pay monthly as opposed to a prepaid phone). With jump! You pay an initial deposit based on the phone model you buy (the most beautiful and best phones will cost you more) and your financial eligibility. After that, you pay releases through closed monthly payments on your phone bill.

What makes T-Mobile jump different from the typical rates and offers offered by other carriers? After paying 50% of your phone’s value, you are free to move on to a brand-new phone by trading in your old phone. Think of this program as a phone lease: you pay to use your device, not necessarily for the device. Once you have satisfied a fraction of the global financial commitment, you are free to negotiate your device for a newer device and repeat the process.

T-Mobile program trade

JUMP! On-demand

T-Mobile shows its attitude out of the box with this jump! On-demand program. However, it works in the same way as their standard jump! In the program, you receive a distinct advantage: you can upgrade your phone every 30 days with JUMP! On-demand leads to more monthly fees, but it will reimburse you for the luxury of having the newest, most prominent phone on the market, whether Apple or Android.

With jump! On request, you can experiment with smartphones. In one month, you can play safe with the newest iPhone. And another month, if you feel adventurous, go ahead and catch this weird phone, a unique Android, and give it a rotation.

How do the iPhone upgrade programs work?

T-Mobile upgrade programs are simple to use. They need a credit check if you are a new customer, or a postpaid phone plan via T-Mobile, and you must not have any debt on your account.

If they are satisfied with all the requirements, all you have to do is go to a T-Mobile store and ask questions about their upgrade programs. But first, weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each plan.

Jump!: Ideal for people who like to improve their phones each year. With jump! You pay a monthly rental price for your current phone, and you have the opportunity to move on to a new phone after 50% of this financial commitment, which is typically a year of payment.

JUMP! On-Demand: pay a rental price more important per month, but acquire the possibility to upgrade your phone every 30 days. It’s great for consumers who have money and want to have a new phone frequently.

Final Words

You can make your life as simple or as complicated as you wish. The upgrade to your phone is no different. However, it’s up to you to sit down and think about what is essential to do. To save money? Have new technology? Keep things as simple as possible.

Depending on your answer, you will find a different solution for your phone upgrade. There is no single solution to the consumer dilemma of upgrading your mobile phone. Just forget that any upgrade program you participate in is supposed to be a luxury for consumption; it is not a cost-saving measure by any means. It’s a way to enjoy the most recent and most significant product.

If you are the kind of person who likes to get a lot of use for their smartphone, you may want to consider buying it at the full price, getting it for 5 years, and exchanging it in a redemption program once it is long in the tooth. Redemption programs like ours are stressless and versatile. We can always have a new phone through constant exchanges, or we can be a way for you to get some money at the end of your smartphone’s life. It’s the consumer you want to be, and we’ll be there to help you.


What is the name of the T-Mobile program?

T-Mobile offers two separate upgrade programs for its customers. T-Mobile Jump! And T-Mobile jump! On-demand.

What are their costs?

The cost of the T-Mobile upgrade program varies depending on the phone you choose. A better phone will cost more.NewNewiPhonePricingTable

Should I exchange my phone every time?

Yes, as is typical of upgrading programs, you need to exchange your old phone to receive a new one. Think about the program by renting a car. You pay to use the vehicle; you do not pay to possess it.

How do I sign up to jump? On-demand?

According to T-Mobile, you cannot register for the online program. You must either go to a T-Mobile store or give them a call at 1-800-937-8997.

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