What Is an XVO File? | How to Open an XVO File?

RatDVD DVD-ripping applications use a rat DVD internal video file, which is known as an XVO file. The XVO file is nothing but a file extension that is accompanied by a lot of files like XML, IFO, and VSI files. All the files are included in an AV-TS folder. They are all zipped, and the zip is compressed in such a format that it can be easily recognized by the ratDVD software. In this article, you will be sharing a detailed description of what an XVO file is and how to open it very easily. Let’s come to the main topic without any further delay.

A Short Note On XVO File

RatDVD-Canada provides almost all the XVO files to RatDVD. If you want to encode a whole, completely functional DVD in a single file, you can do this with the help of ratDVD. A full-featured DVD-9 movie can be transformed into a highly compressed 1. X GB.RATDVD container file. All the features of the original DVD will be preserved in the new one.

How Will You Open an XVO File?

It is quite a difficult task to open an XVO file. A few operations are required before opening an XVO file. We must know some common and essential information about XVO files before we will try to open them. We all know that XVO files are video files that are made up of a RAT DVD file format. So, we will be unable to open files on their own in the ratDVD program if they do not exist in the RATDVD file format. So if you want to open an XVO file, you have to follow the simple steps that are given below:

  • The first thing that you have to do is compress the AV-TS folder and version.XML files that are outside the AV-TS folder together, and that should be in a zip-compressed file format.
  • Then you have to rename it from the.ZIP file to the.RATDVD file after the compressing is done.
  • Then you will be all set to open the. RATDVD file with the help of the RATDVD software decompressor.

What Will You Do If the File Is Still Not Opening?

If you are still unable to open your file despite following all the steps mentioned above, the problem might not be related to ratDVD. You might have gone through the file extension inaccurately, and that is why it is happening. Though there are two similar file extension letters in XVO files and VX files, the two are not related to each other. VX files are employed as compressed virtual device driver files by the Windows operating system. That is you are not allowed to open such a file with RatDVD. The same rules are followed for other companies like XOF, VXD, OVX, and XVCT. There is a zero at the end of the XVO files. This is very tricky because it matches with the letter O. You have to research the files very well before opening them.

How Will You Convert XVO Files to Other File Formats?

If you want to convert XVO files to other file formats it is just next to impossible for you only because these files are video files and they are only a part of the.RATDVD files. We do not think that there is any such requirement to convert XVO files. You are allowed to convert your files into. RATDVD file format. You can use the above-mentioned method to convert your files. RATDVD file format. As soon as the files are converted to. RATDVD file format you can convert yours. RATDVD files into DVD format. You will be able to convert the resulting VOB files into the file format to which you are accustomed like ISO, MP4, MKV, etc. file formats if you use the ratDVD software which comes up completely free of cost.

How Will You Fix XVO File Issues?

There are a lot of ways to fix XVO file issues. They are as follows:

  • You have to connect the proper program to the file extension. Then you have to pick open with option, and then choose another app option for which you have to right-click on any File. When you choose a different program you have to check always use this app to open *.XVO files box.
  • You need to install the latest version of the software that can open internal files as the latest XVO file format will only be supported only in the latest version of the software. That is why you have to visit the manufacturer’s website to check whether there is an update available for ratDVD just like RATDVD-Canada.
  • You have to get back the XVO files again and scan them with the help of Google’s virustotal.com to check whether the files are corrupted or virus-infected.


Do we need to pay any charges for using rat DVD software?

No, you do not need to pay any charges for using rat DVD software. It is completely free of cost.

What is an XVO file?

XVO file with an XVO file extension is a ratDVD internal video file that uses ratDVD DVD ripping software. A lot of files accompany XVO files. They are all zip-compressed in such a format that is easily recognizable by the ratDVD software.

Is it possible to convert an XVO file?

No, it is not possible to convert an XVO file.

To Sum Up

You have a complete guide about what is XVO file and the process of opening your files without any hassle. You have to keep in mind the fact that you will be unable to open the file if ratDVD is not related to it. Sometimes you may mistakes in interpreting the file extension. So you must check it well before you try to open the file by following the instructions given above.

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